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  1. ^ Give Samuel Adams Hallertau Imperial Pilsner a try.
  2. ^ Sweet action! I've got some beers to post from last weekend as well as a few I've had throughout the last week or so. I'll also post some pictures of the hop progress, a little slower than I thought they'd grow, I'm not sure if I'll get many cones this year, but next year they should come in great! And here are the horizons in partial shade. As you can see they are still a bit bushy and don't have much in the way of vines reaching for anything yet. 'Til next time! A closeup of the centennial plant that is doing the best out of all 4. I actually coiled the longest vine around the wire today, I hope it holds and continues growing upwards. As promised some pictures of the hop progress. Here's the centennial variety, in full sun and growing a little quicker than the horizons. Now here's a beer I can get excited about. WOW! Everything was great about it, awesome look, awesome feel, and the flavor was out of this world. Great mild dark fruit flavor rounded out by caramel, dark chocolate, coffee and roasted malts. There's also a nice little tartness to it that adds a lot of character. The best Imperial Stout I've ever had, and it's a comfortable 8% ABV. And last but definitely not least, I had this guy on tuesday and it knocked my socks off. My last beer from the Heath trade, fittingly called Old Heathen. An Imperial Stout from Weyerbacher. You talkin to me? Well I'm the only one here, who the f*** do you think you're talkin to? More SN SH? Yeah, hey, gotta drink it while it's fresh! Lagunitas shows us its sweet side, and while there are still some nice hops here, it doesn't compare to Racer 5. How about a Lagunitas Imperial Red to wash that down? After having Alaskan IPA, and Union Jack recently I was sort of wondering what I'd think of Racer 5 after them. It's still top dog in my book, an amazing IPA. We drank on sunday too while watching Taxi Driver in my Uncle's garage. I hadn't seen Taxi Driver before and I liked it. Also has been a while since we've had a Racer 5! Nice grapefruit and citrus qualities piled on top of an okay malt backbone. A pretty good IPA albeit not one of my favorites. Last beer of the night, Mendocino's White Hawk IPA. Those dank hops still come through and the nice sweet red backbone is also there, held up nicely and glad I picked this one third. My uncle was like, how the heck do we follow those two whoppers up? And I was like, it's going to be tough. So I pulled out our last bottle of Prohibition Ale. And I like it for the awesome flavors it presents. Great coffee and chocolate as well as roasty toastyness. The oilyness of it feels real nice all the way through too, deserves its spot in the top 100. Another old favorite that we haven't had in a while. Samuel Smith's Impy Stout. My uncle likes it because it's low in ABV. It was nice leading with this beer this weekend, since it has subtle qualities that are interesting to pick up on. The overall theme is spicy hops but there's a lot more going on. Saturday we'll start off with another Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere. You guys can get this out east right? Mmmm, just like eating a pine tree. Next up Firestone's Union Jack, another first try for my uncle. He sure is getting some credits in tonight! I was pretty sure he'd love it, and I was right. We both give it a thumbs up! And he gets to try his first Dogfish Head tonight as well, the lucky dog! 90 Minute IPA. Wicked as usual, strong banana with some mild spice and interesting flavors that run the gamut from the perfect yeast strain. My uncle also thoroughly enjoyed it. Next up one of the best hefe's in the world, Weihenstephaner's Hefe Weissbier. This is a first time try for my uncle. I am a little frustrated with this doppelbock. I want to like it because it's local but it's just too darn sweet and lacking some complexity! Now at the uncle's, we'll open with some Sudwerk Doppelbock, this time he can't be buzzing too much to try it! Pretty good stuff too, nice malt backbone. The figs aren't overpowering and add just the right amount of flavor that blends in with the other dark fruits. I'd recommend trying this interesting brew. First up, I think from last thursday, I drank the Chosen Jew. Rejewvenator! Listed as an American Strong Ale at 7.8%, this guy is brewed with Figs!
  3. I have been really busy lately! Finalizing a new job offer as well as finishing up a huge website I've been working on with my dad for a long time. I also need to get a car so I can travel to work, looks like I'll be starting June 2nd... Anyhow, I still need to post the pictures from American Craft Beer Week, I tried to drink something each night from a craft brewery, and I succeeded. I'll also post the pictures from my Uncle's... We went to BevMo together for the first time in a while. Just as I remember it from when I had it in Vegas with my pal Ray. A strong malt backbone with high raw bitterness and a good balance of hop flavor. More new glassware! Oh... and yes, Dogfish Head has made it to California, HOORAY! They had 4 packs of this, Palo Santo Marron, and Midas Touch. This is my 2nd time having 90 minute IIPA. And I just don't know about this guy. Overall it has an A- on BA, but I don't think it deserves that, it's just too sweet. Doppelbocks are supposed to be sweet, I know I know, but it was close to sickly sweet, and didn't have the flavor complexities I had hoped for. I'll give it a B. Sudwerk's Doppelbock was actually in stock at BevMo this time! Which is the one six pack I decided I'd be willing to spring for from Sudwerk, located in Davis, CA. Still a solid and tasty well balanced porter, albeit not nearly as full flavored as I remember. My palate has clearly developed. Revisiting Black Butte Porter after a long hiatus. Let's see what I think of my former favorite beer now... A rather spicy tripel with heavy yeast flavor and a decent malt backbone. Refreshing yet somehow also high in ABV. Saturday we'd start with some more Petrus Golden Tripel. And it certainly deserves its accolades. A nice malt backbone with an assertive piney kick. One of the better single IPAs for sure. BevMo does indeed carry this regularly now. Firestone's Union Jack, something I'm quite sure Heath will want in our next trade. Sort of a stout and a half if you will. Pretty intense flavor but not quite at the imperial level. All flavors are there in good balance, chocolate, roasted barley, coffee, smoke, even hints of anise? After sending a bottle of this stuff to Heath, I got a little jealous since I hadn't tried it in a while and picked it up this week. Marin's San Quention Breakout Stout. Surprisingly it held up very well. Not quite as extreme as Stone XI, but has nice roasty toasty flavor with some chocolate and caramel before the citrus hops kick into play. We both liked it a lot! Now we'll see what poor beer has to follow that amazing beer... New to my Uncle and I, Drake's Expidition Ale, sort of a Stout/IPA hybrid like Stone XI. Very yummy. I was wondering how this would be since it was their first attempt at a Southern Hemisphere Harvest ale, but it worked out really well. The hop varieties are very different than the original Harvest Ale, with Pacific Hallertau, Moueka, and Southern Cross hops spicing things up a bit. Very fresh though, excellent! And I'm surprised I'm the first BACT member to review this 24oz behemoth. Sierra Nevada's Southern Hemisphere Harvest Fresh Hop Ale. Say that ten times fast! The hops are from New Zealand. Actually pretty refreshing this way. My uncle likes this beer quite a bit, though I find it a bit boring with a small off flavor. Over at the Uncles on Friday, we were trying to cool off with a Full Sail Amber into some frozen glasses. It got to 98 that day and never got below 80 until after midnight, crazy heat for May! Good stuff. The cherries and honey really come through, along with some spicy alcohol that is very warming. Not many typical malt or hop flavors shine through, but it was still pretty good. Thanks Heath. Troegs Mad Elf, courtesy Heath. And served in new glassware, hooray! A picture was necessary of this healthy yet delicious summer meal. And Joe's review was quite accurate. It's a well done barleywine, nothing flashy about it, but has well rounded flavor and all the usual flavors are here. Probably the best bang for your buck Barleywine out there at $2.99 a bomber. To quote Sean Penn as Jeff Spicoli: "Awww Gnarly Braw!" Looks like this bad boy was had by more than one BACT member during ACBW. Starts with a bready sweetness, melds into caramel and finishes with dark fruits with a side of hop bitterness. A wonderful mouthfeel brings it all together. A nice strong beer that has become somewhat of a staple for me, North Coast's 2007 Old Stock Ale. At 11.7% ABV, this beer doesn't mess around. It didn't taste oxidized though, and overall it delivered. Nice bready dark fruit backbone with chocolate and even a little coffee too. Background smoke flavor is there too. Great mouthfeel, not quite as good as Fred in my opinion but still great. First up we have the man called Adam. It's an Old Ale at 10%. It's also pretty old, I think about 2 years old, and smells oxidized.
  4. Ahh, I've been slackin a bit on getting the pictures posted from Tacoma. Not much more beer pictures from there really, but I'll throw them up now so I can catch up with my American Craft Beer Week celebration tomorrow. Here's a picture of Pyramid's Seattle Taproom at the Sea Tac Airport. I had an Alaskan Amber but didn't take a picture, the place had nothing special on tap unfortunately. Guess I should have gone to Rogue at Portland's airport after I landed on the beginning of the trip instead. Interesting stuff. Had all your typical porter flavors, and a nice intensity, with good mouthfeel. The only thing weird about it was this bready cake batter flavor that was also in the mix that made it a little bit overly sweet. Harmon Brewing's Puget Sound Porter. Something I've never heard of. And here's a picture of Puget Sound out the car window. Not bad for a moving pic eh? Blurry a bit but oh well! And I'd also try their IPA, which seemed to be in the british style and also just not very good. No hop notes besides some stale bitterness, and also perhaps too thin. I love me some good fish and chips, and these were no exception. They look pretty standard, and they were I suppose, but they were made with Halibut and the batter was cooked perfectly. Good fries too, I had great food on the trip. I'll start off with their porter, which tasted a lot like my porter. It was too thin, and the flavors were good, but a little on the less intense side. Beautiful entrance into the place, they left a lot of the structure of the firehouse intact, including the big bay garage doors. Engine House No. 9 Restaurant and Brewery in Tacoma, WA. It's in an old fire house that was built in 1906.
  5. ^ Fun Stuff Okay, the surprise destination of my trip will now be revealed! I got back last evening and did the whole mother's day thing after that. Was tired after that so I unpacked my bags and went to sleep earlyish last night. First of all I want to apologize to Justin for the thunder I am about to steal from him... But Justin, you are just too busy nowadays to be the first one to Portland Deschutes! Yes, I went to Portland with my Mom and Grandma to visit my Aunt and Uncle, Great Aunt, and Great Uncle. My Aunt and Uncle live up in a little town called Fife, WA. My Great Aunt and Great Uncle live in a little place called Pendleton, OR. The first thing I noticed when landing and getting my bags was the Toyota Prius Taxis they had picking people up at the airport. I thought to myself, yeah, I'm in Oregon... Too bad my camera was not in a more convenient spot for a picture there... Anyhow I am going to post the Portland ones now, which was the first part of the trip, from wednesday to friday. Their bling bling... This wall is like 40 feet tall with medals all the way up to the top, I couldn't back up to get them all in the picture though because of the lower level ceiling in the restaurant area. A picture of the brewery, but from behind the glass. Would have been cool to schedule a tour or something but I'll leave justin to do that... The fries were quite nice too. Here's my turkey sandwich, which was quite frankly amazing. Our server was awesome as well, the experience on the whole was an amazing one. The other sample of note was of course Mirror Mirror Barley-Wine. It's not your typical dark sweet fruit type of barleywine, it's more caramel and citrus based, probably because it's double strength mirror pond pale ale aged in used bourbon, pinot noir, and port oak barrels, then blended after aging. Two favorites to speak of, but all six were tremendous. This one is St. Tanith, which is what they had on their X-Tap. It's like a Belgian Strong Ale I suppose, but it's unlike anything I've had. Awesome malt backbone of sweet caramel accentuated by orange, spice, and oak from the oak aging. Also went down incredibly smooth for being 8.7% ABV. They give you this little form and a pen, and you write down which six you want. The wooden server has numbered etched into the bottom of each holder that correspond with each number on the paper, so you know what's what when it comes out and they can't screw up filling them and then forgetting which is which on the way to the table. A great idea. I just got a sampler since we didn't have as much time here as I would have liked. The way they do their samplers is pretty awesome though, the first smart way I've seen to do them yet. Stupid flash didn't go off because of the back-lighting, but I realized I had no other pictures of the huge windows in the place that were sort of left as is to show a bit of the history of what the place once was, an auto shop with car bays. A little gift area is set up when you walk in the door on your way to the reception desk area. I bought a glass. Plenty of stuff on that they don't bottle or I can't get in bottles down in CA. The bar area. Lotsa taps! Let's see what's on... The wall of interesting stuff hanging behind our table. A little scottish plaid area of the dining space. The place is gigantic. Tons of seating along with the brewery in back and a pretty big bar too. We got there right when it opened at 11 so I took some pictures before it got packed. This is a carving done by a famous chainsaw artist up here. Friday before we left to go up to Tacoma and stay at my Aunt and Uncle's house, we had lunch in Portland... at the awesome new Deschutes Brewery and Public House! Sorry Justin! The view from our table once we were seated. Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale? Sure, that's what I'll have! Yummy. The gang waiting for a table at the bar... Let's see what they have on tap. For dinner we stopped off at a little place off the road called Chicken n' Dumplins. Here's a picture from a little observatory on the way back from Multnomah falls that we stopped off at. This river is the Columbia, the largest in the region and the river that seperates Oregon from Washington. The lower falls. And the falls themselves, a big tall one, a bridge that lets you go up a ways, and a lower falls underneath the bridge. From Troutdale (Where McMenamins was) we left and visited the Multnomah Falls, about a half an hour drive from Troutdale. Here is the lodge housing the restaurant, and giftshop building. No brewery tour would be complete without a picture of hundreds of empty kegs. He also took me in their malt storage room and hop storage room, the hop storage room smelled like heaven... This picture didn't turn out so great but these are the huge fermenters, six of them total. The manager would explain that half of their beer for the entire chain comes out of this brewery, their main production facility. And the brew kettle which was being cleaned out by the Head Brewer who peeked his head out for the picture. Creepy! Time for the informal little show around I got at the brewery by the manager of the brewery. They were brewing as we walked through, so it was a little hectic, but my tour guide was great. Here's their Mash Tun. They grow their own grapes for their winery too. What, no love for the hops? They also have a little chip and putt 32 hole course and this putting green, too bad I didn't bring my clubs! We only stayed at McMenamins wednesday night, and I managed some more pictures early thursday, but I didn't get to go to as many of the different pubs as I had wanted. Like this one, The Pub Course. Housed in this building is a little pub, and a Distillery that was making whiskey when I went in, smelled divine... Later that night my mom and I went to see Semi Pro at the little theatre. They have tables in there so you can bring in food or drink while you watch. I was a little dissapointed with the movie, not up to the usual Will Ferrell quality, but I was hoping the beer sampler would save the experience! Bottom left to right, Ruby Ale, Bagdad, Hammerhead, Black Rabbit Porter, Terminator Stout, and Workingman's Red, their seasonal for spring. I was hoping the stout would be good too since they nailed the malt profile on their porter, but it was too mild, and too thin... Infact, besides the Porter, nothing really impressed me on the sampler... I'd have the Reuben for dinner. The meat was a little tough, but the toasted marble rye, cheese and saurkraut was good. I also like any place that allows you to choose salad for your side on a sandwich as opposed to french fries. I went with the Black Rabbit Porter, big surprise huh? This porter was TREMENDOUS. I think it's the best porter I have ever had, excellent flavor with a nice bitter coffee and chocolate flavor. Smoke and Roastyness is there too... Oh and the viscosity was PERFECT. Great mouthfeel. Their tap list... Later we'd have dinner at the Power Station Pub, their restaurant section is fairly big, and it's much cheaper than the Black Rabbit in the hotel area. The Little Red Shed had four taps, one bartender, and a maximum occupancy of ten people. On tap was Terminator Stout, Ruby Ale, IPA and Hammerhead Ale. I chose the IPA, and took it out to the fire, sipping it while enjoying the view and reading The Complete Joy of Homebrewing. Could there be a more perfect reading setting? By the way, the IPA was really good! Done more in the english style, but it was pulled off nicely. I took my book down there to sit at the picnic tables around this firepit and read a book while enjoying a beer outside. It was a bit chilly, probably low 50s, but the bartender kept the fire going strong by bringing out more wood every 10 minutes. After walking my Mom and Aunt over to the Spa so they could get their pedicures, I decided to check out the bar called The Little Red Shed visible from our room that opens around 4pm daily and had just started burning some wood out front. The view out the windows from the side of our room, with a little table. Not pictured on the left is another coffee table with a couch. The room was technically considered a suite, but we only paid something around $100 a night for it... No TVs in the room though, but who needs technology at a place like this! Our room was huge! Every room is different, and has its own name and story behind it. Some rooms have to share restrooms down the hall, but ours had our own. A side entry into the hotel and the fancy restaurant The Black Rabbit. Sweet all brick buildings with excellent gardening was pretty much the theme. The beautiful backside of the Power Station. This building used to house all of the electricity for the poor farm, but has been converted into a little movie theater and pub. Here's the Administrator's House, the Administrator of the poor farm would stay here back in the day. Not sure what goes on in here now, perhaps operations for the resort? The whole place is beautiful... I won't post all the pictures I took of the grounds because the post would be too long, but here is the little island roundabout thing in the front of the Hotel. The first destination is the largest McMenamins in the rather large chain. McMenamins Edgefield, a converted old poor farm into an alcohol making wonderland.
  6. I'm on my aunt's laptop! I don't have my camera adapter with me though so no pictures until I get back to Sunnyvale tomorrow evening. The order of seven deadly sin beers left to right as pictured is of course following the order of the murders in the movie Se7en. What's in the ****ing box???
  7. Hey all... So I'm leaving on a trip tomorrow (today) and want to rid myself of these pictures first, since I will have some new ones when I get back! Surprise location, don't want to spoil it for when I come home with pics. I'll be back Sunday. Here are the pics from last weekend. I am so tempted to toss a scoop of Breyer's Vanilla Ice Cream in there... Maybe I'll try that sometime, Stone has done it with their Smoked Porter, and with supposedly great results. And how could we possibly end the night without dessert? We'd have a chocolate milkshake... I mean, Big Bear Black Stout. It seemed really light in color but pretty high in the flavor department considering the light color. Not bad Sudwerk... Sudwerk's Maibock. My first Sudwerk offering. Good stuff, tastes like you'd expect a Belgian Golden Ale to. With that said, I was expecting some sort of variation from the style from Russian River that just wasn't here. Still, a well done belgian golden ale. I brought over a special treat to share with my uncle. Russian River's Damnation, a Belgian Golden Ale. Also pretty good for a light colored beer. Drake's knows how to get their malt backbones just perfect. Following with another light colored beer, Drake's Blonde. I thought it was alright. It's a light lager so I didn't expect much but it had some nice floral and grassy notes going on. My uncle hated it, as I had guessed he would. Saturday we'd start light again with a Sierra Nevada Summerfest. Great stuff, one of my favorite single IPAs... The last Alaskan IPA from the sixer, darn! I wasn't sure if I had tried this before. It knocked my socks off. My uncle was loving it too, this is one darn tasty imperial stout, with a great balance of all the flavors we've come to love in this style. Ryan O'Sullivans Imperial Stout. From Moylan's. Didn't care for it. It was kind of like a light brown ale with some honey comb, not much honey flavor which I thought would be a good thing, but the malt backbone just tastes dull. Big Sky's Summer Honey up next, my uncle picked up some summer seasonal package at World Market. I think the veggie raw hop flavor has mellowed a bit, other than the too-thin feel, it was tasting real nice. Now at the uncle's on friday we'd try Blank Slate Porter for the first time in about 3 weeks. But it surprised me, quite good. Some nice chocolate and coffee stout flavor with tart cherry playing nicely. Mouthfeel was a little on the heavy side with little carbonation. Thursday I had Bell's Cherry Stout, courtesy Heath. I wasn't sure about this one since I'm not a big fan of fruity beers...
  8. I too live at home at 24 years old. My mom's house that I grew up in, I live with my mom. She does get on my nerves sometimes but it is not bad at all, and the prices out here for apartments etc are horrendous. I pay my mom quite a bit of rent too, $900 a month because I think she would have sold the house already if I didn't live here. The $900 includes 1/2 cable 1/2 cell phone 1/2 power 1/2 water/garbage though, so it's not bad. I do look forward to landing a better job soon though and perhaps getting my own place.
  9. Awesome BTRs Derek, must have taken you a long time to write all that out and everything, we're thankful! Founders looks cool. Glad the stuff arrived okay! San Leandro is like 40 mins by car. I know that IPA isn't so bitter, but isn't the malt backbone and citrus highlights amazing? Okay so it has been a while since I've posted pictures, was gone all last weekend so I didn't go over to my uncle's to have beers. I do have a couple though that I've just been drinking on weeknights. Pretty good stuff, some nice hop bitterness, but it didn't quite have the sweet tropical fruits I smelled in the wonderful nose. A little dull on the malt complexity, but solid. And last night I had Avery's Hog Heaven Barleywine. What a beautiful pour, and it smells GREAT to boot, can't wait to taste... Oh also, only 9.2% ABV which I appreciate. It tastes pretty Imperial Russian Stout too. There is some twangyness there that would be uncommon in an IRS though, so maybe that's why they won't label it as one? Not sure, but it was very well rounded with equal balances of twang/chocolate/coffee/rum/raisin. Very nice. Port Brewing's Old Viscosity. They don't want style guidlines binding this beer, so they don't tell you what it is! They do tell you however that it is 10% ABV. Hmm, looks and smells like an IRS.
  10. ^^ Why didn't you go to DLD with Derek, Heath, and Kim? ^ Nice BTR!!! Woooo, glad to see some picture action coming out of the U.K. again! Looks like much fun was had by all.
  11. ^ I can't go sunday anyway, but thanks... I hope they take it to 'em tonight, let's watch the Steve Ott turtle-fest!
  12. ^^^ That game was sweet. ^ Might be tempted? We demand a BTR! (Beer Trip Report)
  13. It has been a while since I have posted. I hope everything is well with everyone... Nice to hear from the U.K. but where are the pictures of your last beer fest? Congrats to your Flyers Heath... Here's to hoping they meet the Sharks in the finals. I'll catch up on some pictures now... A really good german style pilsener. Pilseners aren't usually my thing but it had great floral qualities and a nice clean crisp backbone. Tasted bright, clean, and refreshing. May have tasted better as the Sharks won... As you can see, I'm attempting a playoff beard but I suck at beard growing. I finally found the stuff! Picked up a sixer at Whole Foods, deciding it would be a good beer to enjoy during Game 7. Trumer Pils, from Berkeley, CA. AWESOME stuff here. Kind of like a spicy dubbel. Great dark fruit complexities with some pepper, even hints of banana and chocolate though. The yeast strain imparts just enough flavor without being overdone like many other Belgians. This is up there with Sanctification for me. Tremendous. Sunday night I had some Salvation, from Russian River. It's a Belgian Strong Dark Ale. 9% ABV. Great dark fruit flavors that go down easy, actually quite refreshing on cool spring night. This is my uncle's new readily available favorite I think. 1554 Enlightened Black Ale. From New Belgium... Really good job too. Nice winter warmer dark malt flavor paired with just the right amount of spice. Reminds me of Jubelale, just a little spicier/thinner. Then we'd move on to Snow Cap, Pyramid's Winter Seasonal. Harbin is actually owned by Anheuser Busch now, and yeah, it pretty much tastes like Bud Light... We give this beer a D. On saturday we broke open our first chinese beer. A next door neighbor went on a trip there and brought back two different brews, unfortunately both are Macro Lagers... My uncle liked it quite a bit but complained that he wanted to be able to get up the next day, so he poured most of his portion into my glass, works for me! Great rum raisin flavors with some chocolate and molasses. There is a roasty/coffee flavor missing though I feel. Still awesome stuff. Still friday and we're buzzing so we decided to go with a lower strength beer to end the night... Syke. It's Stone's Imperial Russian Stout, but one I've kept since '07 so it's a little over a year old! Great stuff out of Moylan's as always. Great roasty toasty flavor with a side of dry coffee bitterness. Next up came Moylan's Dragoons Dry Irish Stout. I had this guy to myself on St. Patrick's Day, so my uncle picked one up to share. Surprisingly as good as I remember it. Nice sweet caramel and toffee flavors with a sweet floral kick and some nice citrus/grassy hops. The next thing on the menu was a beer I haven't had since last year. Hoptown Brewing's Paint the Town Red. They shut down their place in Pleasanton and are now brewing in Sudwerk's facility in Davis. Yeah, we all know this beer kicks ass already so I'll spare the details. At my uncle's we prepared to get ruinated on friday night. I'd have a baked potato at 2am the same night to satisfy my hunger. Not one of my favorite quadrupel's. Too much alcohol character and not quite enough in the way of dark fruit complexities. Still, it was pretty good. The Lost Abbey's Judgement Day. A quadrupel weighing in at 10.5% ABV brewed with raisins.
  14. Going to go with Kirk Hammett, but Jeff Beck is pretty awesome too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOje5eecMMI
  15. Start with Riddler's like 10 times in a row... Then Batman... Those rides are so empty in the morning.
  16. I've been trying all kinds or Root Beers from the local BevMo. Boylans is good, but Dad's Old Fashioned is still my favorite. Virgil's was also quite good, really complex with some interesting things used. (like anise) Virgil's claims to be from the UK, so I'd be very surprised if you can't get it at a specialty shop... Here's the website... http://www.virgils.com/index.html By the way, root beers like that which include many spices are probably not the best for Root Beer floats. If you're interested in making your own root beer, this place might be a good way to start: http://www.leeners.com/rootbeer.html
  17. ^ LOL, sounds like somebody needs to take a trip to Portsmouth. Edit: Well at least when you turn 21 that is... Edit #2: FedEx just tried to deliver the two Russian River packages when I was on the can and I barely missed them. They require a signature and I called to see if they could call the driver and tell him to re-attempt since I'm sure he only got a few blocks away, but they said they won't re-attempt after 1pm, and they can't reach the FedEx Ground drivers... Oh well... They'll try again tomorrow. Heath, I'm going to need that FedEx Billing number soon!
  18. ^^ Glad you liked Alaskan IPA Heath, it is really sexy indeed. ^ Racer X? You lucky dog!
  19. I guess I have been slacking a bit too so I need to post my recent beers from the last five days. My uncle went over to World Market before this past weekend and picked up some stuff that we've never tried, though most of it is stuff pretty easy to get, but I just haven't sprung for the six packs. World Market is the only store in the area I know of that lets you build your own sixer though, so he took full advantage of that. Long post incoming, lookout! Reminded me more of a bock with more alcohol. The weird part was the extra deep down flavors of a good doppelbock weren't there. However, the mouthfeel was really syrupy, which doesn't seem to make sense since the heavy flavor wasn't there. It was almost cloyingly sweet too. It was drinkable though and I'd say overall it was okay. I'd wash that down with a Consecrator Doppelbock, from Bell's via Kegatron aka Rugged One aka Heath. 8% ABV. Last night I decided to make cheesesteaks for dinner for my mom and I. I had never tried them before, but I had just seen Bobby Flay's Throwdown Cheesesteak episode on the Food Network. They came out really good! Thinly sliced ribeye steaks with provolone, onions and green bell peppers. I was afraid this was going to be as hoppy as Bigfoot, but I'm glad it wasn't. I like how the malt character plays with the high ABV so much in these things that I need that flavor to be in the forefront in a barleywine. It was pretty well balanced here. It was still quite hoppy for a barleywine, but the citrus hops played nicer with the malt character. Maybe my 2nd favorite barleywine. Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine Style Ale. Picked up a few bombers of this when my BevMo had it for a very limited time. Pretty extreme stuff. Nice hoppy character from Lagunitas with a sweet malt backbone that seems more amber than red in flavor. Lagunitas Imperial Red. Another new to me beer I've not yet had because it only seems to come in six packs. Thank god for World Market! Awesome stuff. Big hoppy presence especially in the aroma and the great malt backbones Rogue is known for throughout the industry. Rogue's Dry Hopped St. Rogue Red Ale. I've had the regular before, which I liked quite a bit. I had a six pack of this from my first BevMo trip after I got home from college last May, and it was my first barleywine ever then. It was cloyingly sweet then but I grew to like it. I was wondering what I'd think one year and twenty or so barleywines later. I was extremely happy to be just as impressed with this beer as when I first tried it. HUGE interesting malt character, very chewy and oily, almost no hop presence. I think this is my favorite barleywine. My uncle always seems annoyed when I bring over barleywines, cause he always says "I want to be able to get up in the morning Kev!" But, I couldn't resist as I found this six pack of Old Foghorn at the local liquor store in the back of the cooler for $7.99. Yes, you read that right, they must not have known what they had! Not many hops here. With all the hoppy reds I've been drinking I forgot what a tried and true malty red tastes like. Overally pretty good. Moylan's Danny's Irish Style Red Ale. 6.5% ABV, my uncle found it at the liquor store down the street, which is the first Moylan's we've seen there... I think we might be able to suggest they get something like Hopsickle! Wow, I was expecting a sort of Hop Ottin flavor out of this, just stronger, but it was different. They used different amounts of different hop varieties, much more pine than normal from Anderson Valley which I liked, but citrus and grapefruit are there too. Well balanced hop character and a good malt backbone made for a nice beer to end the night. So we decided we'd end friday with a more flavorful beer. Anderson Valley's 20th Anniversary Imperial IPA. Never saw this around these parts either, glad I was able to find it at Monument in Concord. Somewhere in the okay-good range. A little bit too light in flavor perhaps for a Winter Ale. E.J. Phair's Winter Ale. The first bottled E.J. Phair offering I've seen around the south bay. Of course, every beer described in that calendar is made out to be some robust superhero, so I wasn't expecting much. However... It delivered on ALL fronts. Why is there not more hype about this beer? WOW. It is somewhere in between a porter and an imperial porter. Excellent malt profile with chocolate, coffee, licorice and good hop flavor. And here's a beer I've never seen in these parts. MacTarnahan's Blackwatch Porter! I first read about this beer in my beer a day calendar, and the description excited me. I was curious to see how this might hold up since it has been a while since I tried it the first time. Still my favorite pale ale to date. Excellent balance and subtle hop nuances. I bought a six pack of this one before, but my uncle hadn't tried it. It's North Coast's Red Seal Ale. I wasn't impressed. The beer tasted like butterscotch and wet cardboard. It was definitely different, I'll give it that, but, a rare miss from an otherwise solid company. Next up would be something we just forgot to get during the winter season. Anderson Valley's Winter Solstice. It's a winter warmer at 6.9%. It was halfway decent, but seemed a little bit uninspired and watered down. Shipyard Export. A 5% American Pale Ale.
  20. Wow, this was unexpected! Must have been the Bubba Face Porter that gave Derek the stones to pop the question Congratulations! I hope to drink a Raspberry offering soon in honor of Derek's bride to be. The cool part about both Kim and Nicole is that you don't have to worry about your friends all of the sudden dissapearing from coasters and beer because of relationship obligations, since they are both good friends and awesome coaster and beer fans as well! P.S. BlackBerryGoodness: Where do you live at? San Francisco? I'm in Sunnyvale. I do hope to try Trumer Pils soon, please post more and include pictures!
  21. ^^ I know Matt, but I still have to rub the Bell's in your face because it's just something necessary as a beer thread event! ^ I'm glad you guys enjoyed the porter. I was a little worried after you guys had all those other beers that it would be too mellow in flavor. I agree the body needs to be thicker but I'm not sure if I will be able to do much about that while I'm still brewing from extract. I will definitely ask about that the next time I'm at the LHBS. Also, I have been drinking beers on the weekday, just slacking on the posts! So, before the weekend beers, here is what I've been drinking earlier in the week. This was batch 69 which I think is pretty old. Some oxidization was present, mostly in the nose, but didn't detract much from the amazing flavors. Very complex and surprisingly drinkable, sweet tropical fruit flavors mix with some nice hop varieties. The result is a nice way to enjoy the night after a Sharks victory and a Nabokov shutout. Last night I tried another beer from Hair of the Dog and had my fingers crossed as I opened it in the sink. Hooray, Fred's no gusher! A big golden special ale at 10% Lovely! Reminds me a lot of another colorado favorite, Hercules DIPA from Great Divide. Great big malt backbone with excellent citrusy hops. Wednesday would bring another hoppy beer sent over from Heath. My first beer from Oskar Blues, as well as my first microbrew from a can. Gordon, a DIPA. A seriously good dubbel, the raisin flavor is there but not in excess, and it's very complex. A lovely offering from Tomme Arthur. Stupid yellow kitchen lights. What once was lost, is now found, on tuesday evening. That's one hoppy amber ale! Wowza, Speakeasy always bring that amazing dank hop taste with lots of pine and some grapefruit pith. Somehow, the malt backbone still contributes, really good! I love these hopped up reds! On monday I'd have something suitable to celebrate the 7th anniversary of the first day beer was legal with the repeal of prohibition. Speakeasy's Prohibition Ale, an amber at 6%
  22. How many points did spaceace end with? I ended with 136 in my pool.
  23. I should have entered, didn't see this until now but my bracket won my other pool that I am in. I had Kansas winning the whole shebang with Texas/Kansas/UNC/UCLA in the final four, Texas vs Kansas in championship.
  24. ^ Wow, both Hospitality Houses at each respective Busch Gardens were hit this weekend by the beer thread! I am very jealous I've been to BGE but I was only like 19, it was still an awesome park in my opinion. I've never been to BGA though, and I hear it's even better than BGE, at least as far as rides go? But maybe Griffon balanced them out a bit, I dunno! ^^ Hi Rick! Does your friend plan on getting any playoff tickets for the Sharks? I think they have the team to go for the cup this year. Also, did you watch Big Joe on TV drop the gloves in Dallas? He doesn't fight much, but I was happy he did, because he absolutely destroyed Steve Ott, who I abhor. Here's a link to the fight. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzYZ4CpO7Pg ^^^ Whatever happened to that bottle of Mikkeller Black Derek? I was at a friend's Bday party on saturday, so I only drank beer on Friday night over at my uncle's, but I've been having some stuff at home too that I will also post. The main reason I wanted to try it was because I was wondering about the simcoe variety itself, whereas I've only had it in a mixture before this. It's quite a spicy variety, which I did expect. This was pretty good, and the malt backbone is solid. Alcohol is present the whole way through. I'd give it a 7/10. I actually think if I were to use one single hop variety in an IPA this one might be last on my list. Adds nice spicy complexities when used with other hops that have more well rounded characteristics. Thanks for my first Weyerbacher Heath! And last night I had Weyerbacher's Double Simcoe IPA. My first brew from Weyerbacher and one that has been on my want list for a while. 9.0% ABV. Mmmm, that's great stuff indeed. It looks kind of scary though because there is a massive amount of sediment floating around, more than any other beer I've had. The flavors are nice and hoppy and complex. The malt backbone is still there though. And I saved the best for last, as I did not want to annihilate our palates before the other more mellow beers, my second bottle of Pizza Port's Hop 15, which I thought I would be trading, but apparently it's all mine, Muahahha! Ranked #62 on the Best of BA. My uncle absolutely loved it, which surprised me a bit. Recently I have started to figure out that he likes beers with a thin mouthfeel, but big flavor. This would fit under that category for sure, with awesome dark fruit flavors coming out and a refreshing feel to it. New Belgium's 1554 Black Ale. I had this in a bomber recently on my own, but my uncle hadn't tried it yet. It was acceptable, probably the most mellow ESB I've had to date, as it seemed a little watery at times, but did have that nice Maris Otter taste that I adore. We'd follow that up with a Red Hook ESB, which has somehow escaped the grasp of my Uncle and I until tonight. A good opener beer to start off the night with. The flavor didn't knock me off my feet or anything, but the balance was really nice. Continuing on to Friday, my uncle picked up a create your own six pack over at World Market, which is a pretty cool store. One of the six he picked up was Firestone's Double Barrel Ale. It's an amber ale that I've not yet tried. I was a little skeptical at first when I saw it was brewed with honey, since the honey flavor has overpowered other beers I've had, but this added just the perfect touch of honey sweetness that brings together the malt backbone with the pungeant piney hops. I LOVED this beer. Also, the alcohol doesn't really come through at all. A really amazing DIPA, and the 2nd best I've had (1st will remain with pliny) Thanks for the Bell's Heath! *Laughs at Matt* My first offering from Bell's, and from what I understand it's a good one. #27 on the Best of BA weighing in at 9.3%, Hopslam!
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