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  1. Awesome TR. I did not kow he had built a second coaster. They both look incredibly fun, but... ...that "swinging bench ride thing" makes me more than slightly nervous.
  2. wishing for a way to get the west coast. and as to the Terminator/Prowler comparison... ...they're both coasters - WHEEEEE!
  3. sorry for the late arrival on this one. This may not count or matter in the grand scheme of things, but I have seen footage out there of the old "Comet" roller coaster from the State Fair of Texas. It was a simple double out and back with NAD trains. The coaster was demolished years ago in the mid 80's, but the memories are still there for many. Would this be worth doing more digging?
  4. "...because it has lens flare." this day has officially become worth it.
  5. Many many thanks for posting this. MM is close to the top of my "must ride" list. But until that time, this will do great.
  6. I don't know about anyone else, but I'll take the two-day special admission for $15.
  7. The Looping Star coaster was also one of my first inversions. I rode it when was a "traveling coaster" also at the State Fair of Texas. My reference to BemmerBoy's question was in regards to the "Ranger" flat ride in the DL pics. In the early 80's it was called the "Looping Star" and was one of the featured rides at the State Fair a couple of years after the coaster by the same name. Those pics brought back some fun memories. Crazy thing is, I can remember the ride expierence exactly, for some reason we laughed hysterically every time we rode it. And aside form the different name, from the colors to the cages,it looks just like the one I remember riding. Thanks for the double-blast from the past.
  8. BeemerBoy, Good Call! The 1982 date confirmed it for me. The name for that ride (when I rode it at the Texas State Fair in the early 80's) was indeed the "Looping Star". I still have many good memories of that ride, even after 20+ years.
  9. hope this link works..not enough time ti figure out adding the video itself. Piraten 0nride (from youtube)
  10. I know this is referring back a few pages, and it may have already been discussed (don't want to dig that much right now)...but why is the HP skyline different in these two pictures?
  11. Okay, I finally got to ride this beauty last night with my kids, after helping my daughter move into an apartment in the Houston area (I live in Dallas), and all I can say is WOW! The BB has to be one of the best experiences on a wooden coaster I have ever had. My daughter and I had front seats rides both times and the second ride was better/faster than the first. (no complaints or contradictions from the peanut gallery is allowed. When we are together, we are front seat riders no matter the coaster, so did not ride anywhere else on the train: I will save that for another trip). I will never claim to be an expert or even seriously question why and how who makes what. Shimmies/shuffles? certainly, it's made of wood. Final braking a little unpredictable? yeah, oh well. All I know is that my kids (21 and 18) and I got off both our rides last night smiling and talking about how much fun we had on that coaster in the short time we were there. Unexpected bonus feature: there is this machine at the photo booth that gives you a ticket that has a web address on it to view you photo online if you choose not to buy one at that time. Got home this evening, logged on, found the pic quite easily...very cool. now that REALLY impressed me.
  12. my daughter and I went to SFOT's Fright Fest last weekend, so here's a few of our observations: First not only was it FF, but a chearleader competition,exihibition was going on. Texas Giant: Rode 3 times in the front seat at various times during the day - seems like the only sane place to ride now. Batman: was not essential to our day, but glad we didn't after hearing the "woopwoop" is still there. Mr Freeze: was down when we wanted to ride. Not sure what to make of the complaints of "entrance/exit confusion" refered to. we've never had any problems navigating that queue since it opened. JRS: multi-rides without leaving seats. Simple coaster but very fun for what it is. Runaway Mt: always fun..even more so with all the cheerleaders screaming. The Shows: Arania's Nightmare: basically the same fun show they have had for the last several years (great songs with over the top campy acting) - glad to see them tweak it with current pop culture references each year. Concert at the stage in Boomtown: meh - the highlight for us was that my daughter knew the drummer from school. Fright Fest in general: we were etremely disappointed in the low quantity of "characters" this time. We even came back after dinner specifically for the night time atmosphere and only counted about 7-8 "ghouls" walking around the entire park.
  13. Caption Contest: "Joystick?! Mine doesn't have a joysti..........oh."
  14. ZORBS! Thank you for allowing this poor Texan to be a "guest" on all your trips. For whatever reason, this Japan TR, more than most others, has made me smile/laugh alot in the last few days. Maybe one day I can afford the real thing.
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