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  1. Sorry about some of the bad grammer, I passed out seconds after I posted it and didn't bother to proof read my mistake. To clear up a few things.


    I didn't ride Batman, I got a phone call and my friend decided to ride while I was on the phone. I just sat on a bench and talked.


    We walked straight to X2 and while there were a lot of people in front of us, by the time the ride actually opened we were probably about the 10th train of the day. Every single time I go to SFMM X never opens on time. I think it has 2 times in the 60 times I have gone in the past few years. That is just bad in my books and irritating. I can see some of the coasters in the back of the park that don't have the immediate rush to get there, but not one of the main 3 that everyone runs too (X2, Goliath, Tatsu.) It was sitting on the top of the lift hill at 10:35 when we got into line so I believe it was a late block check, correct me if I am wrong though.


    The X2 crew was amazing and they worked through break downs extremely well. After my night ride the train that was in the station had yet to load because one of the cars was having a problem. 2 minutes later it was fixed and they dispatched the train in 2 minutes flat. I was shocked.


    As far as Tatsu goes, if it is not up to the same speed as the opening day crew was, it is not good enough in my eyes. Granted I know they had the best people operating it that day, but at least try to dispatch the trains quickly. By the time our train got back to the station, they hadn't even started checking the restraints.


    Hope that clears up a bit. The day was not all that bad at all, it was just the first two things of the day that made it bad. The heat didn't help either though.

  2. Just got back from the Mountain, such a long day, good things and bad things, but the bad DEFINITELY outweighs the good. It was hot, almost 100 and humid for Cali, like I don't think it has ever been that humid.


    We got to the park at 9:50 no realizing it opened at 10:30, worked out perfectly, but I was still a little upset the park opens so late. So we go straight to X2, they let us in line, but 15 minutes pass and no one is entering station yet. HAVE THE RIDES OPEN WHEN THE PARK OPENS! There is NO excuse why ANY ride can't be open when the park does especially when the park opens at 10:30! That is just a piss poor job in my books. X2 last row, I love this ride so much. The crew was a bit slow, the girl doing the rows was bad, but she looked new.


    Next we went to Tatsu. Line was not very long, but of course the "excellent" Tatsu crew made the line fly. 2 switchbacks, 45 mins. There were 2 trains, but they were running them as slow as one train. I was pretty upset by this point. It was my first Tatsu ride in about 8 months and I forgot how much I enjoyed it. Still another strike.


    Next was Deja Vu. BEST DEJA CREW I HAD EVER SEEN! They were dispatching rather quickly, no empty seats, we got front row, it was great. Following that was Colossus, ran pretty well, better than last time, and Goliath, which was running well with 2 train operation. Goliath has by far the best crew in the park, period.


    Left went to lunch came back and went on Revolution with new trains. Worse than others. I am a big guy, my friend who I was with is small, and I had never been beaten up on that ride so bad, then was Viper, jerky but fun. Sky Tower museum was next, first time ever up there, and I LOVED the museum, thought it was perfect. Then we hit Scream, CSI Live show, decent, and Batman Stunt show, decent. Then I got a phone call friend rode Batman while I was on phone. We went to Goliath for night ride and the crew was amazing still. No stacking at all, train hit break run when other train reached the lift hill, I loved it.


    Finally we went to X2, last ride of night, they had a few problems, it took us an hour 50 mins, but I don't ever mind waiting. We got off at 10:15 and left immediately. The effects were in full swing both times, at night its so much better, with the flames.


    Overall I was disappointed with Tatsu crew and X2 opening late, both HUGE problems in my book. They need to get Tatsu 3 train up again, or not stack, its bad.


    Thanks for reading!

  3. I hate it. It sucks. Where are the 8547594 loops with the 800 foot vertical lift with the 100* drop. What a terrible investment!


    Laser Snake Horse on Fire would have been better [End Sarcasm]


    The layout looks amazing, the trains, the logo, everything. Only concern I see is the MCBR. IF they kill the break, the second half will be real lackluster. The video shows barely slowing, but lets wait to see if it rings true.


    Good start to the 2009 coaster announcement season. Hopefully every other announcement gives this one justice.


    2010 will be the best of the "new age" B&M hyper coasters. I will just call it now. Best things come in threes.

  4. I think the queue will be where all the theming is located. At least I hope for no large cardboard cut outs of a Terminator pointing a gun at you as you go down the lift, USH RotM rip #1, or a helix with Sean Connor standing in the middle being held up by a support, THBS rip. Maybe make the ground look like a wasteland? I don't know, something interesting! Just no cheesy cardboard cut outs

  5. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


    The ending ruined what was going to be a 9.5/10 movie for me. You can figure it out about halfway through what is coming and its just sad and depressing that Spielberg had to ruin a great movie. Very noticeable CG part made it a little comedic, but still good until the end.



  6. -First thing you do to your dorm is put up the Cedar Point Souvenir Map on your wall, not caring what your roommate what you have never met says (guilty)

    -If you are on a first date and you ask if they like coasters and if they say no, you immediately grab the nearest waiter and ask for the bill

    -You cry for days when you realize your favorite coaster shirt has a hole in it, but then realize it just became vintage

    -When applying for college the first thing you consider is which park is closest and if the school is worth going to for the park

    -You know the entire lay out of a coaster before it opens, so when you are on it opening day you know everything about it, from lift hill speed to where the maximum G's are at

    -You get clinically depressed when you show up to a park and realize your favorite coaster is shut down with a broken lift hill motor and will open the next day

    -You are known by everyone as "That roller coaster guy"

    -If someone calls a B&M invert a suspended coaster you get extremely upset and correct them instantly

    -You call someone an idiot for not liking coasters

    -You marathon a coaster, in hopes of getting most rides in a day on it

    -You hear the letters B&M and instantly are in the conversation

    -Call your friend a moron because they say "The Boomerang" is a great coaster

    -Correct people on the name of coasters when they say "The" before the name of a coaster

    -Get phone calls asking if SFMM is really closing down from people you have not talked to in years because they know you will know

    -Compare everything to a roller coaster, especially a relationship

    -You remember the exact day and time you rode your favorite coaster

    -Hate the roller coaster shows that rate the top ten steel coasters because it isn't your personal top ten


    I am just gonna stop there.

  7. I plan on making my first trip to KI next summer, will actually have money for once, and any B&M hyper is better than no B&M Hyper. For some odd reason, I think the name will somehow incorporate "Beast" in it. I mean it IS Cedar Fair, we can't expect anything too creative from them. As long as it has speed, height, forces, and is built by B&M, I am a happy camper.


    Corny name ideas:

    Beast Slayer

    Beast Reborn

    Grandson of Beast, we F'd up big time with SoB, so here is the third generation, enjoy.

  8. I think the Tatsu campout was a great idea and it was so much fun. I'm sad to say that this doesn't sound like it will be as fun as the Tatsu campout. I still encourage people to go because who the hell slept that night anyway at the Tatsu campout. Plus, only opening the coaster 1 hour before the park opens? Hell, open it at 6am like they did Tatsu because I still remember some of the amazing shots I got with the sun rising in the background as Tatsu does it's thing.


    I think this is a smart move by Six Flags to let people in early but I think it would have been a better move if they ran it like they did with the Tatsu campout and opened it at 6am.


    I'm afraid that opening it 1 hour before the park puts it at too much risk of if it had a problem, by the time they got it fixed the park would be open.


    Jimmy "Not going but have fun everyone that does" Bo


    First Tatsu ride was at 4:17 a.m. I was on front row, I remember. Does that make me a nerd?

  9. I am excited about the 3-Point Challenge game. I worked the one they have at Knott's Berry Farm for the first summer it was there, and I can tell you it is a blast working it, if you have fun while doing. Guests loved it when I had fun, so hopefully the employees they have working it will enjoy it as much as I did.


    Wiggles World in 2009 is kind of disappointing, mainly because I see it as a dying fad. Other than that, it seems like I have been very wrong about Shapiro.

  10. Alright here is my idea of how to change it. First, Robb, I have been an Angels season ticket holder for 5 years now, going on 6, parking at most, during World Series was $22. There are small lots all around the stadium that are cheaper, but thats besides the point.


    First thing I would do is work on staff friendliness. I have not been to the park since December, so I am not sure how much it has changed but it still needs to improve.


    Parking should be $10 at most still, I dont care if NFL cames are $30, it should be less.


    Season Prices should be raised. $100 for basic, $130 for premium. Each go up $30 with parking.


    Regular tickets should be cheaper. A park like SFMM needs to compete with KBF and DLR, it needs to offer cheaper tickets, to attract families.


    Water Parks need to be same admission price if it were like SFMM and SFHH, then it is justified having $65 tickets easily.


    Flat rides for the family. Drop Towers, Huss Giant Frisbee's work, as well as bumper cars, Ferris Wheel's, and small other flats. Flat's are more time consuming than coasters, and give a nice break.


    An interactive dark ride. Not Disney level, but not corny. Something everyone can easily enjoy.


    Nightly parades, fireworks, shows all year around. Switch them up during the offseason but give the guests something to look forward to at night.


    Lower the prices to eat in the park to still expensive but not unbearable, its terrible to see a meal of a cheeseburger, small fry and small drink be $11.


    Misters!! Shade! Queue entertainment! All more money, but it will increase guest satisfaction.


    Thats all I could really think of right now.

  11. What do you think the likelihood of getting the third train back in operation would be? That would make waiting times so much better, well if the same lazy staff works it, nothing will change.


    I am excited for this, but at the same time a bit upset knowing it will be closed when I go back home from school in December, and the likelihood of it being open when they say is pretty unlikely, come on, its Six Flags, timeliness is not there strong point!


    If Deja does leave, what will go back there? Just another empty walking space?

  12. Aflac: The Ride-What happens when you get hurt and you miss work without Aflac? TOGO

    Penguinator-Water Coaster

    Spartan II 117-This would have to be main coaster at Halo park, I can dream...

    Sylar-Slices your head off, SLC?

    El Gordito Chalupa- Ya I have no idea what it could be besides for an awesome ride!


    In all serious though Optimus Prime or Megatron would be pretty tight rides.

  13. Personally, I love this coaster, its going to be awesome. It looks like one of the best coasters to come out in years. I don't care if you think its unoriginal but the helix will be enjoyable. I think the trains are awesome as well and quite unique. The hammerhead turn will give back row riders an amazing experience, the "wing seats" will be even better.


    I think this will be coaster 1 of 2 with these trains, the second, being another CF park, will have floorless trains just like this. I think B&M is setting up the same type of think they did with ShieKra and Griffon. They can advertise it once, and then 2 seasons later rip the floor out and do it again. I can also assume that the second would be either 5 feet taller or 5 feet shorter and have a little bit different layout, maybe an extra airtime hill or something. But what do I know.

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