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  1. To really enjoy a roller coaster I need to have a full stomach (solid and liquid): no "empty feeling" during the ride and no headaches afterwards.
  2. Wow, nice pictures. Never knew Hoorn had such a big fair, I should go there some day! Though I've seen (and done) all the rides at the fairs of Groningen and Assen (at least: the big ones...): a little cheaper... Do you also have a kart track in Hoorn at the fair?
  3. Well, not much tips, but watch out. It could be a busy day: a large part of the Netherlands will be on holiday! We always like to use the German highways and of course we like theme parks! Just start with Silverstar, especially front row can be a long wait later on the day. And also Poseidon can be very busy: be early!
  4. Don't forget Neuschwannstein Castle (or "Schloss Neuschwannstein") (Schwangau, near München...?): it's the first real Disney castle! Disney was inspired by that castle/palace (that is what they say, I don't know if it's true) (you asked other things than parks/coasters to get your heart pumping?) Maybe there's even a German fair somewhere when you're there (just look on the internet). And of course: no foreigner could go to Europe without seeing Amsterdam! There are enough places there to get "your heart pumping"! Also Rome, Vienna, Prague, Paris, etc. are beautiful cit
  5. Much is already said. I won't repeat it. Just one thing: one big landmark in the history of amusement parks is missing in your paper: Bakken (Denmark) opened in the year 1583 as the world's oldest (=first) amusement park. (Source: www.rcdb.com). Good luck!
  6. True and I second what texcoaster said. But I already did Germany multiple times and there are so much more parks in the world! So I only visit parks which build a new ride. And it's also true about speed on the "autobahn", but unfortunately the dutch insurance doesn't pay out when you are driving faster than 130 km/h and you're in some kind of accident... Not that I had experience with such a situation...
  7. I think it's time for me to plan a mini Germany trip!
  8. Next to medication (I would only recommend that as a last solution) I also recommend: - eat enough - drink enough - be rested - take it easy Good luck and have fun!
  9. Perhaps: - Phantasialand (I'll be going there next saturday) - Europapark - Heidepark They all have a winter opening: check the internet sites!
  10. It's quite a decent translation. We dutch would understand it. You're learning fast! I would translate it this way: "Een sprookje of niet, het lijkt alsof de geiten het heel erg druk hebben" I must say it's hard to translate...
  11. I only read this kind of information on the Efteling site. Never seen such a calendar on any other site. Sometimes some parks have tips on when to go to the park or how to go through the park on busy days at the FAQ. Maybe the Efteling should also put this information in English. The goats, LOL, are a part of a fairy tale.
  12. The big one in 2008 will be Japan. Though we're visiting 4 or 5 parks. It's more "Japan" we're going for... Also will I pay Germany a visit for the smaller parks and Denmark for the new rides. And of course Disneyland Paris with my girlfriend (one of the few amusement parks she likes). And some parks here and there across Europe, whenever I have time and can get a friend or my father to ride with!
  13. ^Sorry for another response. I need to clear something up. I'm glad the topic helped you! Have fun! You're right, there's almost nothing in the literature. The article I have, is: "roller coaster fatalities, United States, 1994-2004" by A.R. Pelletier and J Gilchrist in Injury Prevention 2005; 11: 309-12 18 people fromt he 40 died from medical conditions that might have been caused or exacerbated by riding a roller coaster. I'm very curious about the study you read... Was it also tested on people who had cardiovascular problems...? Propbably not, because then they woul
  14. Most of the time it's lack of food and water, tiredness, etc. For example: if a pilot wants to fly on a F16, he/she not only need to be healthy medically speaking, he/she needs to be physical healthy that moment: rested, enough food, feel good, etc. Of course there aren't as many forces on a roller coaster as on a F16, but still: you don't wear a pressure suit on a coaster! Inverteds are the heaviest, I think, because you don't have a floor you can press your legs on, also psychologically the inverteds are the worst: there aren't many points around you can fixate upon (it's all moving: you get
  15. Great photo TR! I really like the pictures, especially the ones on the Tornado! Too bad the park also has a Zamperla... Did you also see the barrel-organ at Särkänniemi? Made in the Netherlands! I really like the Scandinavian parks, also the atmosphere is great. But I must add that we also had extremely good weather at that time.
  16. My last ride of this year probably is: Robin Hood at Walibi World 4 november at night.
  17. Next year will be a little more relaxed... - Japan trip - Germany small parks trip - Denmark trip And probably I'll do a lot dutch and german parks again.
  18. I was at the park last saturday and monday. Halloween is great! The park too! And Baco was only running on saturday the whole day (and maybe sunday?). So the guess that it will only be open on weekends is right, I think. Monday they said the ride would open, but it didn't. They just kept diving and doing things at the concrete bases in the water.
  19. Hmmm... Shit happens... First the "Vliegende Hollander", now "Furius Baco". What is it with coasters these days! Still going to PA, but I will miss this ride!
  20. Nice TR and nice video's! But I have to disappoint you about the e-motion coaster: there is also one in Amsterdam (Amsterdam Dungeon).
  21. I rode it once in december 2006. Apart from the people who were with me on the ride, I didn't like it (the other people made the ride more enjoyable). Too rough... If teeth weren't so strong, I wouldn't have them anymore after the ride. But I think it must have been a great ride when it was well maintained, etc. I hope it was better than the Pegasus at Efteling (though the Pegasus gets some more credits, because it's a great kiddie woodie). Right now I like the Pegasus more.
  22. That is an advantage of the pre-drop and you're explaining it well! I personally don't like the pre-drop. I think it's some kind of signature from B&M. Just give me a nice drop all the way down: a pre-drop makes my head hurt against the seats and restraints. Silverstar doesn't have one either and that's one of the best B&M drops I know (apart from the vertical drop, of course).
  23. Heide Park is a great park: have fun there! The best time to go is during weekdays and not in a holiday. I don't know exactly the German holidays, but I think you know your own holidyas! Of course there's the dutch holiday you should keep in mind: the last two weeks of october. But not many of us will go there during those holidays... But you'll never know! Top 6 rides: - Colossus - Scream - Desert Race - Pinball machines at the playhall at colossus - The waterrides are great and you'll get wet! - THe bobsled is great too Have fun!
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