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  1. I voted no, because I do not own a Blu-Ray player. Also I don't plan on buying one anytime soon & am to cheap to but DVDs on Blu-Ray
  2. Nice update guys! That day at Universal seemed so long ago!
  3. ^Nice use of l0ck3rs ^^Thanks I'll probably ride the suspended one just for the heck of it. I had a feeling Intimidator would have l0ck3rs but I wasn't sure about the rest of the park.
  4. Yes Brent I got the Shockwave credit when I visited KD in 2006 & I don't plan on riding it again ^Thanks for the Ricochet tip I forgot about that one. I want to get the low capacity credits out of the way first & I don't plan on stealing a kid for the kiddie but I will still hit the other two If I can get on by myself. One more question, is there the L word policy for this park? A.K.A Locker policy?
  5. So next month I will be driving back to NJ from Orlando & will stop off at Carowinds! I currently have 294 credits & want to make Intimidator #300! So the first thing I plan on doing is Nighthawk followed by Cobra. After that I am lost on what to do until I can hit Intimidator. Any suggestions? BTW the next day I will be riding I305 as well That day will be simple since I have everything at KD but I305. All I will do is I305 once or twice & maybe Volcano & Dominator once then leave. Oh & the day I will be going to Carowinds is Saturday the 15th & I will be there from opening until I get everything done!
  6. Nice pics of Intimidator! I can't wait to hit this in August. I didn't no that it had a single rider line which will be a big help since I will be by myself driving back to NJ from Orlando. I've never been to this park so I want to hit this first since it is the newest coaster.
  7. I'm looking forward to my first trip to GADV in 2010 which will be on April 23rd since I'm down in Orlando now, I'm just coming up for the weekend. I'm bringing my roommate who has never been there before so hopefully we can get on everything easily. HE just has to be sad & pathetic since I already have Blackbeard & Road Runner
  8. After viewing the up coming launch schedule I should see the remaining shuttle's launch. I saw Discovery 2x (the first time was in 2001), Endeavour 1x, & Atlantis is the next scheduled launch which is on May 14, 2010 at 2:28 pm (thankfully it is in the afternoon I don't think I can handle another early morning launch) & I will once again be going! I wish I could have seen Challenger or Columbia but unfortunately they are no longer around. Am I missing any?
  9. So early this morning some friends from work & I decided to drive out to Titusville, Florida to witness one of the last shuttle launches! I saw the last shuttle launch of Endeavour back on February 8th now want to go to the final 4 launches (well now 3) of the space shuttle program since I live in Orlando which is about an hour and a half away. We left my apartment around 4:15 am & with the launch looking like a 80% chance of a go nothing was stopping us from going. We went to the same spot where we saw the last launch which was at a marina (I forget the name) right off of Cheney Highway. We parked a few blocks down to avoid traffic. The launch was right on schedule at about 6:21 am & it was incredible just like the last! Anyway enough talk. Here is the video! Smoke after the launch!
  10. Intimidator 305 at the Media event! April Fool's it was Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Orlando
  11. ^Well Jordan the CP does offer classes for you to take that do go with your major & you can get credits for them but I chose not to take classes because on my days off I want to relax & go to the parks rather than go to class. They also provide housing which are over priced compared to other apartments in the area (I pay $85 a week off my paycheck), however they include free internet, free basic cable, & a car wash area with free air for tires. I extended my program until August & will not be living in the CP housing if two of my current roommates extend as well & want to chip in for a cheaper apartment. I live in Patterson Court (which is the newest & nicest apartment) & have 3 bedrooms with a bathroom in each room, a kitchen area, & a family gathering area. There are 6 of us total. The CP also provides transportation to & from work but I drive my own car. I do not feel comfortable posting my work location on enthusiast sites but I am in attractions (not a roller coaster) & it is a lot of fun (although Jordan, you are my friend on facebook so you know where I work ). Working for Disney is AMAZING & I can't wait to hopefully move up with the company. Here is a video tour of my apartment in Patterson Court. FYI this was taken the second day of my program so it is not as clean now :
  12. My biggest moment was riding the wonderful Knoebel's Phoenix 40x in one day from 10 am-8 pm non-stop! Also some backstage stuff on my 3 TPR trips like the Behemoth photo shoot, Curse Of Dark Kastle behind the scenes, & Revenge Of The Mummy in Hollywood behind the scenes! Also when I worked at Clementon Park when the train stopped on the lift I got to walk up to the top which I thought was awesome because you can see Philly from the top!
  13. I'm looking forward to hitting this on the move back to Jersey in August. It looks AMAZING!
  14. I worked at the park last year (as some of you already know) & I have no idea on what this new attraction will be. However I do no that the park is unfortunately NOT getting a new roller coaster anytime soon or a drop tower. I already knew Inverter was for sale but don't no what happened to it since August & now that I live in Orlando I will not be working at Clementon again but I still keep in contact with friends from work & they don't no anything about the new attraction yet either.
  15. Well after weeks of saying I was going to BGA today it finally happened! I got up bright & early on my day off & made the about an hour & 15 minute drive to Busch Gardens Africa with one of my friends from work. It was a beautiful day with a temperature at 77F & sunny & a clear sky. To make things better the park wasn't that crowded! We practically walked on everything & sat in the front for everything but the mouse! So this was the first time I've visited this park since 2005 & I was really looking forward to it. The last time I was here Sheikra had a floor & just opened, the park was still called Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, & Python was still around! We arrived at the park right at opening & since the section that leads to Sheikra didn't open until 30 minutes after the park does we did Gwazi Lion first in the front seat followed by Gwazi Tiger in the front seat as well. I really missed the feal of a woodie since I moved & the atmosphere of a good old theme park like what we mostly have up North so I was really excited to be here. We then headed over to Sheikra which was a walk on & rode it 2x in a row 4x today! We continued to make the loop around the park riding Kumba 2x today, Scorpion 1x, Cheetah Chase 1x, & Montu 3x getting 13 coaster laps in total for today! Montu is definitely my favorite coaster of the park. I snapped a few pics of the new Sesame Street area which opens on Saturday (missed it by 4 days, oh well). I am going to wait for that section of the park to open before I make my 2010 BGA video but I did get a lot of good footage. Enjoy the pics! After about an hour & 15 min drive we made it to BGA! Since the rest of the park wasn't open just yet we hit Gwazi first! Yay Sheikra! This ride is awesome! Not better than the mighty Griffon in my opinion but one of my Florida favorites! Kumba was one of my favorites as a kid back in the day & still is. Rode it 3x today! Reminds me of Dorney's now relocated Laser which I miss. Just your standard mouse. Lunch time! Montu is my favorite Florida coaster! Sorry Manta I forgot how AMAZING this thing is! Back to Sheikra! Ok one more time for 4x today! Elephants! Some Sesame pics! I spy a soon to be credit! Another pic! and another! Missed it by 4 days. Oh well I'll be back after Spring Break season in a few weeks. We ended our day on Muntu in the front seat! Thanks for reading!
  16. Just joined! I'm looking forward to getting my package soon & I ordered 1 large shirt
  17. Robb can you purchase the membership with a credit or debit card? I only see check/money order or paypal & I don't have a paypal account or checks at the moment.
  18. I have a question about the season pass discount books. I got my 2010 season pass last October but never got the book because they did not have them yet. Can I just pick it up when I come up to visit at the end of April? Also can I use the discounts from the book the day I get it for example Bring A Friend Free? One of my roommates & I are flying up (I live in Orlando now) for a weekend in April & I just want to know if I can use that to get him in or not.
  19. My 2010 season already started in January since I moved to Orlando! First Park=Universal Studios Florida First Coaster=Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit! First New Credit=Wacky Worm at Old Town First New Park=Six Flags Over Georgia TBA
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