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  1. I will be coming on Sunday and the park said the coaster will be running!
  2. Whoops I thought it was this Saturday but if Renegade isn't ready by Saturday be plans to open on Sunday than I will be there. I would call the park to make sure it is ready.
  3. I plan to be there but I hope Renegade is ready this weekend. I hope it will be a good ride! I think it will blow everything out of the water at VF.
  4. Whoops I messed up on my vote. Was talking to my best friend on the phone and accidently picked "fun" when I wanted to say "wicked cool fun". When talking to one of the designers on the phone a few months ago he say ride in the back seat and you will be blown away on the first drop so I'm expecting an awesome ride in the back seat. But it still won't beat Voyage. Despite that I think Renegade will be a top tier ride. I am assuming if Renegade lives up to its hype or expectation that if it is not a top 10 ride for sure than somehting went wrong. I'm holding myb reath that Renegade will definate make top ten if not top five. I'm expecting it to hit my top 5!
  5. I know that it is downhill but if Voyage was an Intamin woodie instead of a TGG woodie using El Toro type trains would it still be slower because of increased friction? I've seen several woodies (Not the Intamin type) with longer track than El Toro or Colossos but with shorter lifts. Examples includes Voyage, Mean Streak, Hades, Texas Giant & Shivering Timbers. This is not to bash Intamin woodies since they sound like awesome rides. For example El Toro has more hills than High Roller at VF so it is not that short but you'd think they could make the layout longer with the height they put in the ride so my question is does the Intamin trains have more friction than a PTC or GCI MF train? Intamin woodies seems to be very forceful world class rides and I'd like to see a park in FL get one maybe that new park the Miami Zoo is trying to build.
  6. So what is the latest new on hte $200 adventure theme park with roller coasters. From what I understand the zoo has to aquire some land from the county or coast guard or something like that? Any idea when the big park would open?
  7. So does the Intamin woodies really loses much more energy than traditional woodies because of the polyurthene(sp?) wheels? I mean El Toro is a couple feet taller than Voyage yet has a track length that is 2000 feet shorter than Voyage. But Voyage is still going at least 50 mph in the very last tunnel!! I also notice that Colossos @ Heide Park has only around 4500 feet and even that slows down at the very end. So how much height is needed on a Intamin woodie with 7500-8000 feet of track to keep the extreme sustained airtime on El Toro thoughout such a long ride (1.5 mile)? Would 1 or 2 bench cars work better at keeping the energy up?
  8. I posted this on Coasterbuzz and Jeff closed because it is a wishlist: I think CP should build a large woodie on the beach behind Wicked Twister. GCI or Intamin seems like the most likely choice or they could remove Mean Streak and put a quality woodie there. Also within a few year (5-10 years) Magnum should retire, sell it to a smaller park and be replaced by a 250-299 foot tall out & back B&M hyper coaster with about 6500 feet of track and with at least 30+ seconds of airtime to get the steelie airtime record.
  9. May favorites On wood coasters: PTC Buzzbars Steel coasters: B&M clamshells Can't stand springless racheting lapbars or one without enough padding. All Arrow restainst lapbars and horsecollars sucks you know what really badly!!
  10. My favorite thing on the planet besides my girlfriend!!! World's GREATEST ride!! And that is a FACT!!!
  11. That is because Bush is buddies with the oil company and the healthcare industry so he's all for companies (Bleep)ing people over!
  12. But David Gilmour is pissing me off by playing such a short tour. I live near Minneapolis and he won't come near my area. Chicago is the closest show! Fat lazy bastard. I hope Roger Waters makes a return to Minnespolis when he plays the USA this fall. I saw him on his last tour and he will do the entire DSOTM album.
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