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  1. From the road right next to Leviathan's lift, it looks like it is taller.
  2. If I remember correctly, it should run on SPPN. Employees use the bus too and need to get to work. If it's not running you can take the subway to Downsview, jump on a short bus to York U, and then take the YRT 20 bus from there to the park. It's a PITA, but it works.
  3. Thinking about it, Atlantis would probably make a pretty awesome casino. Biggest problem would be that most casinios don't like that many windows, but looking out over the lake on one side and the city skyline on the other could make for some great atmosphere.
  4. Going to miss the Wilderness Adveutre Ride. One rumour going around is that a casino may be placed on the lands. What I really hope for is an upgraded water park that can become a bigger tourist draw and become THE summer place to visit. Wild Water Kingdom and Splash Works are too small to support the population of Toronto and the GTA.
  5. No, no, no. The world will end when every team in Toronto wins their respective championship. Or, when the Sun goes Red Giant on us and engulfs Earth in a fiery inferno. I'm betting on the second one happening first.
  6. So, if people are assigned seats based off the bids, does that mean that the lowest bid will be last seat of the third train? If that's the case, I might bid at the last minute just over what the lowest is.
  7. I wonder if that has to do with the annual Math and Physics Day the park holds every year. Last year I helped organize it since the park always asks the provincial body that overlooks engineering schools in Ontario to organize volunteers and judge the marble coaster contest. If it's on the same day, I may have to ask my friends organizing it this year for an invite.
  8. I wonder how long fast lane at CW will last. When Italian Job opened with a regular queue and a single rider line, people waiting in the regular queue kept complaining that it wasn't fair that other people got to ride faster and the park had to get rid of it. I can see the same thing happening here.
  9. With Rogers and Bell now owning the majorit share of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainmenet, I have higher hopes for a second Toronto team. Why wouldn't two of the biggest media outlets in Canada bring another team into the city? Especially if they owned the team or only allowed the team if they get exclusive broadcast and advertising rights? A second team in Toronto would be a huge cash draw. Quebec will get their team as soon as they get it together and get their new arena built. I never thought about Saskatchewan being able to handle a team, but I'm sure either Regina or Saskatoon would be on the same level of support as Winnipeg. A team in Vegas would just be bad. I doubt very many locals would go to see a game, so there goes your season ticket holder market, and with so much other stuff to do in Vegas that you can't find anywhere else, why would you take time out of your short visit there to see a sports game you can see back home? The past few times I've been there I keep telling myself I want to go see a 51's game (AAA team of the Blue Jays), but everytime I get to Vegas I never end up making the time because I'm enjoying myself too much with other things.
  10. ^^ I'm not doubting that it wasn't scary (Personally, I would have been pissing myself), but to compare it to the Titanic seems a little much. People on the Costa Concordia were able to swim to shore, had water around them that didn't cause instant hypothermia, and didn't have the ship completely disappear into the ocean.
  11. I've read a few stories that say survivors are stating what they went through was comparable to the Titanic. I realize it's horrible and all, but come on...the people on the Titanic couldn't exactly swim to shore for safety.
  12. For Sure: Dark Knight Rises Avengers Spider-Man Hunger Games MiB 3 Brave American Reunion Likely: Prometheus Chronicle Jack the Giant Killer Frankenweenie The Dictator Dr. Seuss' The Lorax The Raven Snow White & the Huntsman Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter Rock of Ages (Loved the play, and love Russell Brand) World War Z Three Stooges Less Likely: Titanic Doubtful: Battleship (or, should I say Transformers 4?)
  13. Memory foam slippers Non-iron pants for work Toiletries (Shaving supplies, Toothbrush, etc) Wonder by Robert Sawyer (3rd book in trilogy) Game of Thrones book Hangover 2 Blu Ray Captain America Blu Ray Batman Arkham City for PS3 Wile E. Coyote 'Super Genius' t-shirt Muppets Abbey Road t-shirt Bazinga t-shirt Season 1 of Arrested Development Tampa Bay Lightning Stamkos jersey Popcorn maker with seeds and 3 flavor shakers Cash, gift cards But, the best gift of all: Job offer from engineering company. My first actual career job!
  14. I saw Mary Poppins last night in Toronto and absolutely loved it. I forgot how many of the songs I used to love as a kid; especially Steppin Time and Lets go Fly a Kite. I also got tickets to see American Idiot at the end of the month in Toronto; I can't wait to see it, I love the album. One of the theatre companies in Toronto has an under 30 program that sells tickets for $35 to shows on specific days, so I was able to get the American Idiot tickets at about half of what they're worth for my seats. They're also bringing Beauty and the Beast back, so I'll e sure to grab those tickets as well.
  15. Woodstock is the park's third location. Niagara Falls has always been the new home of Canada's Wonderland...
  16. Hopfgarten, Austria - Was there on my recent tour of Europe. Did a 25k bike ride through the mountains and did some paragliding. Place was absolutely beautiful; I had a smile on my face the whole time. Florence, Italy - Go for the history, stay for the steak. Malta - So much history there; I love it...Plus, my family's from there, so that's another reason. Oktoberfest - 'nuf said. San Francisco, California - the sights, arcitecture, engineering, and seafood all add up to one awesome place to visit. Orlando, Florida - 'nuf said.
  17. Bottom of the page says "To submit a bid, click on the link below." I'm guessing the auction hasn't started yet because there is no link.
  18. Awesome stuff. I never knew that they had considered Milton as a potential location; I wonder what the park would have been like if it was built there. I'd imagine more room, since Milton has only really recently started to grow, but then again the park wouldn't have the entire GTA for visitors.
  19. I've said it many times and will say it many more: The NHL needs to get off their knees and stop stroking the Leafs' "ego" There are places where more than one sports team survives and Toronto would be the same if they added a second NHL team. Leafs will always have their faithfuls, but there are also plenty of other people in the area that would love to see a hockey game without paying an arm, leg, and first born son. I go to games in Ottawa or Detroit if I want to see a hockey game and even with travel costs, I pay less than a Leafs ticket. Markham is also a much better choice than Hamilton since it shouldn't take away too many people from the Buffalo games.
  20. Because he's the NHL poster boy. I don't agree with it either (the only good thing Crosby has ever done was score the gold medal goal against the USA in the Olympics), but it's how the NHL is giving the fans what they want. Imagine if Gretzky or Orr still played and were in the same situation; people would cry bloody murder if they weren't on the all star ballot.
  21. Because he's the NHL poster boy. I don't agree with it either, but it's how the NHL is giving the fans what they want. Imagine if Gretzky or Orr still played and were in the same situation; people would cry bloody murder if they weren't on the all star ballot.
  22. I saw Yellowcard about 2 weeks ago for their Toronto show at the Phoenix. I loved every second of it; the Phoenix is a really small concert theatre so we had a great view of the band and didn't even have to be in the pit. Their set list was just under 2 hours and encompassed songs from all of their albums. Can't wait to see them again next year!
  23. Too many statuses on FB saying the same thing about the Leafs being in first. Bah Humbug. The Jays usually get to first of their division and/or league at the start of their season as well. Just sayin...
  24. Trailer for Grand Theft Auto 5 has hit! http://www.comingsoon.net/news/gamenews.php?id=83877
  25. Guess your age and weight. It's the easiest to win when you have them guess your weight. I'll only play if I have a 2-for-1 coupon though and split the price with a friend. I also really enjoyed the BB gun shooting gallery at Oktoberfest, but I don't see those coming to North America anytime soon.
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