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  1. ^Fair enough. The game really was a decade late, but I guess the kid in me really liked playing Duke Nukem again. His "After 12 ------ years, it better be good" response to how he liked the game when you start off was pretty awesome.
  2. Which one? I've played a few TM missions with friends and its fantastic. If you meant Bioshock, I've been a huge fan since the first one came out.
  3. Beat Duke Nukem Forever last night; the final boss was pretty easy compared to some others in the game. Not sure what all the hate was about with the game; it was pretty much everything I expected from a DN game; lots of gore and the occasional wisecrack from Duke. Still got over 2 weeks until my birthday and Bioshock is in my hands, so I'll probably start the single player campaign on Twisted Metal or do some Multiplayer in BioShock 2.
  4. My girlfriend hinted that I'll be getting Bioshock Infinite (PS3) for my birthday so I better finish the other games she's bought me that I haven't finished yet. That being said I just beat the Octoking in Duke Nukem Forever after around 8 tries. The ocotobrains that attacked you while trying to attack the big guy were a serious pain. The rest of my backlog will go on hold once I get Bioshock.
  5. Not sure how it could be tested, but one that still comes up is Canada's Wonderland is moving to Niagara Falls. Maybe dig up the full page ad the park took out in local papers to say they were not going anywhere. Coaster trains can stop anywhere on the track (including inversions) because the brakes are on the train, not on the track.
  6. Went to Epcot for a few hours last week during my vacation. The new caramel shop in Germany is heaven; I could have spent a fortune in there and gladly would have taken the cavities that would come along with it. The new Test Track; seemed more like being inside the grid than being in a test car vehicles may have well been lightcycles. The customize your car thing is a cool feature, but when you get two kids in a car who both think that they're riding their own cars, trouble will brew. Case in point, I rode in a car with a family with two small boys, at the end of the ride the mother said to her one son "your car was really good" to which the other yelled that they were in his car, not his brother's.
  7. Got my tickets to see Book of Mormon the other day. It was probably the hardest thing I've ever got tickets for (and I've got tickets to some pretty high profile concerts). The link for tickets didn't go up at the time specified; the site would not load from the number of people trying, and the phones wouldn't even connect. I only ended up getting my tickets by changing the url for ticket orders of another show to what I guessed it would be for Book of Mormon and ended up getting in. After that it was trying to find a showing that had seats left since by that time most were already sold out of the 'cheaper' seats. They are being very strict with the tickets as well. Only 8 per person for the entire run; they said they're checking orders by name, e-mail, credit card used, billing address, and IP address; any one attempting to order more than 8 will have all their tickets cancelled and refunded without notice. They're also only selling tickets to residents of Canada, anyone with a billing address outside of Canada will not get their order processed. Either way; I got my 3 tickets and can't wait to go see it. Hopefully getting Aladdin tickets won't be as difficult.
  8. I was actually supposed to be there this week but had to change my dates to this upcoming week. Hopefully the crowds this week won't be as bad as they look in the pictures. Cant wait to finally visit the Harry Potter area.
  9. First Spezza with a back injury and now Karlsson with his Achilles tendon being torn off. Not good for the Sens
  10. Working through my backlog of PS3 games at the moment. Just beat Assassin's Creed 2 (got to 100% except for the DLC) Now working on Duke Nukem Forever. Also in the list: Dragon Age Origions Twisted Metal Uncharted 2 Infamous Bioshock Infinite (that will most likely move to the top of the list once I get it) It'll be easier to play more once my room mate moves out and I don't have to share the TV.
  11. It connects to WiFi and you can pick what team(s) you want it to go off for. You don't even need to be watching the game and you'll know every time your team scores. Apparently it goes off within a second of the goal, but I'm waiting to see actual video of it. I imagine bars are all over this thing.
  12. [youtu_be]http://youtu.be/-sDN8I2O8kk[/youtu_be] This one caused the budweiser.ca site to crash as pretty much every Canadian rushed to the site to buy one (they are currently sold out). At $150, they're a little out of my price range, but they would be pretty awesome to have.
  13. Here's what he said back in November when he didn't think he was going to be considered: Sounds like he knows that there are some dire consequences for messing up the Star Wars universe, and considering he sounds like a bigger Star Wars fan than Star Trek, I have faith that he knows what he's doing and won't mess this up.
  14. I've now seen: Mystere (2nd row, had my head taped to the guy next to me when we both tried to turn around and see what the clown was doing a row behind us) Viva Elvis Zumanity La Reve (not Cirque, but close enough. Would love to see it again though; we saw it the day we flew in during the later showing so I started dozing off from jet lag)
  15. Book of Mormon tickets go on sale for Toronto next month so I'll be picking up a pair for that. It was also announced that Disney's Aladdin will have it's world premier in Toronto at the end of the year/early 2014 before heading to Broadway. Cannot even explain how excited I am for that one. Source.
  16. The one cruise I went on stopped in Freeport. When we noticed we were just in a commercial shipping dock, we just decided we'd stay on the ship and take advantage of the water slides while there were less people. I think we got off the boat for around an hour to look around the market set up outside. Didn't feel like taking a taxi to a beach. Also, shouldn't it take more than 50 people to construct a "mega" water park?
  17. Countries: Australia/New Zealand (even moreso now that I have several friends there) Japan Cambodia Vietnam Thailand Maldives Brazil Costa Rica Czech Republic Spain Portugal Rest of Canada (Only been to two other provinces) Egypt Greece Dubai Events/Things to do: Polar bear tours in Churchill Glacier Express in Switzerland Game 7 of a championship game (MLB or NHL) Do again: European Tour Malta (yes, part of Europe, but just want a strictly Malta trip) These are just off the top of my head; I could go on for awhile if I think harder.
  18. I have a CIBC dividend dollar VISA that's completely paid off and gives me money back depending on my balances. I rarely use this card now. I also have a BMO Air Miles card that I use for everything now to collect Air Miles points. I paid an entire year of engineering tuition on this once to get a ton of them (I had the money to pay that off right away). I'm thinking of giving card churning a try now to get some free flight points. I don't want to go crazy like other's I've read about doing 5-6 cards at a time, but maybe 1-2 to see how it goes.
  19. I've browsed, but never donated. The ones I do see that I would probably donate to have usually met their goal (and gone way above) and are sold out of the backer gifts. I've also looked on Indiegogo, same premise, but it seems to be more for causes than products. It's where money was raised for the bus monitor in New York that was harassed by the students and where the Oatmeal is currently raising funds to build a Tesla museum.
  20. A lot of my friends swear by Five Guys, but I've yet to go there. Someone once posted a picture of their receipt on Facebook and I think that's been one reason I haven't gone yet. There's still something about McDonalds for me though; I rarely go there anymore, but when I do, I just love the taste of a Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, or double cheeseburger. In-n-Out is one of my favourite burger places whenever I visit my dad out in California. Maybe it's just the fact that I only get to eat there once or twice a year, but I love it. There's a ton of burger places opening up in Toronto now; the one with the biggest buzz is Burger Priest. I'm still dying to try that, especially after getting a look at the secret menu.
  21. I've been looking for a reason to get back into park building. This workbench just may do the trick.
  22. I was there this past weekend as well. Annual tradition to rent a cabin at Lighthouse Point with a group of friends. Got there later than planned Friday (9pm) but still got on all the coasters and a few haunted houses. We had no idea PointFest was going on the Saturday when we booked the cabin so we were not expecting such heavy crowds (other years we've gone the crowds were heavy, but not this bad. We figured most would clear out for the concert, or at least the headliners, but unfortunately, most stayed in the park). I was really impressed with the new Wax Museum haunted house; especially the strobe light room; it was pretty difficult to distinguish which were props and which were real people. It was especially creepy hearing them whisper to you when you got close enough. All in all, I was happy with my only trip to CP this year. Only disappointment was not being able to make MF my last ride of the year.
  23. Looks amazing. Figures I'm planning my trip to Australia for May.
  24. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/story/2012/08/24/toronto-marineland-ospca-inspection.html Of course everything will look fine and dandy when you invite them in for an inspection. The SPCA and CAZA need to do surprise inspections in both the off, and operating, seasons.
  25. Not sure if it's been mentioned, but Abyss at Atlantis Bahamas was crazy. I'm pretty sure I felt my self lift off the slide at one point. Plus, just ending in an underground grotto with huge aquariums all around is a pretty sweet way to end a slide.
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