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  1. It will be interesting to see just which “select” rides will be open during the winterfest, and the impact or barriers temperatures will have on these decisions.

    Been a long time since I worked at the park but, I remember being told that most coasters can't run under a certain temperature, which will be above or average winter temperatures.

    I'd expect to see the two carousels running along with since select slower/medium level flats.

  2. By the scratch card numbers:

    4000 - track length in feet

    24 - passengers per train

    3 - acres the new land will use

    50 - lift angle (can't find stats but, best guess based off of POV and word search)

    75 - top speed in mph

    220 - max height in feet

    197 - world record breaking inversion height in feet

    9 - total inversions

    120 - ride time in seconds (POV is 110 seconds but probably doesn't take final brake run into affect)

  3. Where did you here this Chemical, there is nothing on the internet about any kind of threat?

    It is all over the news, here's the CTV and CBC links, but you can also find info on other news sites and social media.



  4. It is only this year that you hear people in line calling it Polar Vortex, and I am saying that if the new coaster was painted red, it would not fit in the new theme, so why leave Vortex red?

    How can you say it doesn't fit the new theme if we don't know what the new theme is (or, even if it's getting one).

    Personally, if it is getting a new name/theme, I'm still betting on the Chilkoot Trail Aerial Tramway theme.

  5. 2. Look at this thread from last year and it was moving at a snails pace.... so this development is moving the thread a lot more while very few people are actually providing development content


    Because last year they were adding 2 small-medium flat rides and this year they're starting construction early on what could be a huge coaster.

    Equal updates or not, one of those things will bring more traffic and discussion to a thread than the other.


    As for me, I usually only come to this site during breaks at work and either have YouTube blocked or don't want to load 10+ min videos on my phone. Pictures of highlights from the videos would be a nice teaser to the video and might drive more people to watch.

  6. Been a long time since I've posted but I'm going to throw out the idea that the Chilkoot Trail teasers aren't for the new ride but for Vortex's new name/theme.

    Chilkoot Trail passes over the Chilkoot Pass at it's peak and there used to be a number of aerial tramways that delivered supplies and Prospectors over the trail. With Vortex being a suspended coaster that travels over the peak of Wonder Mountain and the new Canadian themes going into the area, I think its a pretty good possibility.

  7. The Toronto Exhibit was a stand alone thing not affiliated with any fair. I went last year when it was held at the Design Exchange (this year it was held at the TIFF Lightbox).

    You had to order your tickets online (they were free) for a specified time and that's when you'd get to go. Once you showed up at your time though, there was still at least an hour wait depending what time you got there. They also had rush tickets available, but the line for that was usually nuts.

  8. Get tickets for that as soon as they become available.

    If it's anything like the Toronto one (which, I assume it is), tickets go insanely fast. Even with a ticket, I still had to wait over an hour to get inside, plus another 30 half hour at the end to get a picture on the Iron Throne. They do have rush tickets available, but the line for that is always long, and then you'll be waiting in the same lines as people with tickets.

  9. My money is on Prince Oberyn. He has no love for the Lannister's. I didn't catch why though or if it was mentioned at all. But he did mention that "the lannister's are not the only ones to repay their debts"

    It was mentioned when Tyrion met Oberyn at the brothel.

    Back during the regin of Mad King Aerys, his son, Prince Rhaegar, was married to Oberyn's sister, Elia. During a tournament at Harrenhall, Rhaegar chose Lyanna Stark (Ned's sister) as his queen of love and beauty, and eventually ran away with her (whether it was consensual is up for debate; but most think it was). This pissed off Robert Baratheon, as he was betrothed to Lyanna, which started his rebellion. Robert eventually killed Rhaegar in single battle at the ruby ford on the Trident.

    During this time, Elia was hiding at the Red Keep in King's Landing when Tywin and his men sacked the city. Tywin commanded Gregor Clegane (The Mountain) to kill Elia and her children so they could not claim the throne. Gregor and his men raped and murdered Elia then killed her children so brutally that they had to be wrapped in red Lannister cloaks to hide all the blood.

    So, you can see, Oberyn has every right to be pissed at the Lannisters.


    Short version: Tywin Lannister gave the orders to murder Oberyn's sister and her children.

  10. With how long it takes GRRM to write the books, the show will beat the books to the ending.

    But, I don't think there will be a different ending between the books and the show. The books will just have 100% more detail than the show.

  11. I still wish the Ontario government would have given management and operation control of Ontario Place to a company like Legoland or Nickelodeon. Would kept it a viable tourist destination in downtown Toronto with many rides and infrastructure already in place.


    This still sounds like it could be exciting and I'm interested to see what it could look like. I'd love something like Calypso down this way.

  12. Got presale access to Book of Mormom in Toronto so I picked up some tickets to take my parents to see it.

    Girlfriend and I are also really excited about Wicked coming back, and Newsies has also been announced.

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