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  1. Glad to see Dixie Landin getting some love. As my home park, I love it. Wish there was more room for more awesome rides as Blue Bayou seems to get all the good stuff. Love the waterpark too.
  2. Very excited!! As a resident of South Louisiana and Blue Bayou being only an hour away, I'm really glad they are adding slides that will put them on the map and get more people to the park. Very glad to see this place grow. Been following their Facebook page since they announced the new addition.
  3. Blue Bayou has confirmed via Facebook that they will be adding a new slide for 2012. A Quadruple Aqua Loop! Follow their link to see the news.https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=271601892886255&set=a.210229709023474.52198.200868959959549&type=1&theater
  4. I'm goin Friday with a friend and have a question: Is there a spot for us to be dropped off and not have to pay $18-$20 to park?
  5. Now there is a teenage girl that has come out saying that last week she went to Dixie Landin and she rode the ride in question. She is my neighbor and this is her story. They couldn't lock the restraint. The operator told her not to worry about it. She asked, "What if it opens?" the operator said the forces would keep her in her seat. She said she wanted it locked before the ride started. They had trouble. They finally got it locked. She called the park and they said the rides doesn't go until all the harnesses are locked! I think Blue bayou/Dixie landin have a huge problem on their hands.
  6. Very sad day for the family and a really great family park. i have ridden this ride at least 40 times! they r really good at checking the restraints. maybe they didnt click it enough. dixie landin needs the business. it is a great park with great rides!! they dont need this kind of attention. very very sad day for the family and the park indeed!!
  7. One of the restraunt's in Far Far Away section, should be a Burger King because if you watch Shrek 2, they have one in Far Far Away. I think it would be funny if they did that. If I remember correctly, there is even a Starbucks.
  8. I went on July 11th and they have completely cleared the land for the campground and they had marks on the ground for the camper slots. Blue Bayou is still amazing! Conja is one of the best slides out there! Voodoo is also amazing(the water in the slide is warm! its different). Azuka(tornado slide) is fun too! Dixie Landin is fun! Although I didn't see any land clearing for the proposed land for the expansion. Ragin Cajun is smooth, but the lift is soooooo slow! It took 5 minutes. Hot Shot is a GREAT tower ride. EXTREME is one of the worst ride ever. Its EXTREMEly jerky and leaves bruises and hardly spins. Its has a GREAT array of flat rides! EVERYONE should go to the little waterpark/themepark in Louisiana!
  9. I cant wait to hear more about the expansion! The only question I have is how people get from the park to the new section? I passed by the park last week and behind the main parking lot, they cleared out the trees! Maybe for the campground? I would love have a wood coaster that has a lot of dips and tight curves. I'm goin to the park on July 11 when Metro Station is playing! I can't wait!
  10. If you want some pictures of Blue Bayou then check out Screamscape because they just added a trip report with pictures of both parks!
  11. I live an hour away from the park,in Lafayette< and I go at least 3 or 4 times a year! The park amazing! It is one of the only parks I've been to and have been able to finish and ride everything I wanted to do and more! On the plus side every Saturday night over the summer there is someone good playing on the stage! Ragin Cajun is VERY smooth!
  12. This might seem like a werid question but i am farely new to rct3. How do you take pictures of your park?
  13. ^i think i see spongebob and pactrick in a roller coaster car(the roller coaster at glove world)because i think i see a glove by patrick! goin down the volcano.
  14. does someone know where (if any) i can find a pixar custom scenery set. For the movies: Cars, Toy Story (1+2), Finding Nemo, and Bugs Life! -thanks
  15. Maybe it will be themed to a bayou or mardi gras?
  16. If you follow the link below you will see that a small theme park in baton rouge, Dixie Landin, will have a new ride for 2008 and it looks to be the Sidewinder from the now closed Wild West World. Dixie Landin Recieved a spinning roller coaster last year and the water park right next to it, Blue Bayou, got a proslide Bowl slide VOODOO! http://bluebayou.com/whats_new.php
  17. can you make a download for them because i think they are amazing and i would like to put them in my parks! thanks -dixiestud15
  18. what site did you get the banners ,in the front with the 50 on them, from?
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