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  1. ^We'll see what happens... but, 1,500,000 on Dominator!
  2. No. Do you live within 30 miles of a themepark?
  3. Raging Bull or Viper, although we do have the origional Batman the Ride and the first ever B&M!
  4. No. C'mon! It's TPR! Did the chicken really cross the road?
  5. No way in heck! Have you ever used this symbol?
  6. No. Do you hate when your computer crashes on you?
  7. I just checked Screamscape and I heard that the last track piece on Led Zeppelin was installed last Thursday. Also, a crane working on Midnight Rider fell on to one of the track pieces pushing the opening day farther. More soon!
  8. Well, I'm not sure which one, but you'd need one of the expansion packs to get those coasters. The rest is Custom Scenery. As Vekoma Fan Boy said, you should really check out the top sticky in the forum. Good luck!
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