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  1. Well, when it E-stops, the train will stop on the closest brake run, which is usually the MCBR. Once the brake releases, the train would have to make it back to the station without valleying. Thanks for the comments!
  2. The E-stop test is where the train is able to make it through the rest of the course after it has been emergency stopped (E-stopped) on the MCBR (mid course brake run). You don't really see it being done on a lot of amateur coasters, but to make it realistic, it needs to pass it.
  3. You know, where does the GP hear all of these nonsense rumors? It's really funny! ^^Sounds a bit RCT3ish. I've had one of my friends tell me that Millennium Force was Millennium 2000, and also when I was giving a presentation in class, one of the kids thought the concept for X was totally insane. Well, I guess the concept is (and so is the roughness!) I've also had friends think that when a park is taking down and old ride, they get confused and think it is a new coaster. When I was sitting on the break run on Raging Bull at SFGAm, the girls sitting next to me thought the drop definitely had to over 80 degrees. Funny!
  4. This is my fourth actual coaster in No-Limits, but only my third posted. It is just as the description says. It is just over 75 feet tall, and packs many exciting turns, plus a vertical loop! Enjoy Terminal Velocity: Over The Edge! (I originally had a MCBR and a heartline roll after it, the G's were off, and it didn't pass the E-stop test, so I decided to re-track the end. I think it is much better. If you would like to ride the old one, I will post it, just ask.) Terminal Velocity.nltrack Here you go!
  5. We could call this my second coaster. It is a mine train that does many exciting turns over small ponds and weaves through the trees. I did use autosupports for the wood structure (I'm not going to even attempt to custom support a wood structure ), but I think it is still a good ride. Those of you who haven't downloaded Nolimits 1.7, you might not be able to download this coaster because it contains objects from the updated version. Could someone please verify this? Anyways, here it is! Runaway Mine Train.nltrack Runaway Mine Train
  6. This is one of my first coasters in Nolimits, and is my first coaster with custom supports. Dizzy features three 90 degree banked turns, and many mind twisting helixes. I will be posting some other coasters after I finish custom supporting and smoothing them. I just got Nolimits on Christmas, and I am hooked! This coaster was completed in just about 2 days. Any comments are welcome! Enjoy! (The photos are too big, and I don't have the right re-sizing software to do it with, so only a download for now). Dizzyer.nltrack Download. (It says Dizzyer because I had a Dizzy, and I custom supported it with a different file name. Silly!) =D
  7. How do you put a Nolimits track up for download? I know how to take screens and post them, but how do you make it into a download?
  8. Actually, I just figured it out just playing with it. Thanks for your help, though!
  9. Alright. I'm pretty new to Nolimits, and I was just wondering how you would go about making an elevated station? When I start, I can never get the station off of ground level before the track is everywhere. So, could someone please help?
  10. (Boht people above me) I think you hit the nail right on the head! Great job, and thanks for settling this out! ^That layout makes a lot of senes, and I think it is pretty accurate.
  11. Well, I guess we'll just have to wait for some more pics to come out then. I don't think anybody has a complete idea as to the layout of the entire ride, but the pictures tell alot about the first half, and a little of the end. Looks like a cross between Griffon and Sheikra to me.
  12. No. (was snowing)! Have you ever heard of a fun game called Apples to Apples?
  13. Looks like the ride is coming along nicely, altough I don't see a spot for a watersplash feature. Maybe it doesn't have one or we just didn't see it yet? Anyway, this looks like it is going to be a crowd pleaser!
  14. Yeah, but I thought they were selling them at the parks right? Well, I checked the CP website, and they're not there. Maybe it wasn't released yet? Anyways, they look so awesome! Thanks!
  15. I just saw this while browsing through some IAAPA 2007 pictures. Anyone know what coaster the Intamin train is from? I'd be interested in buying it. They look awesome! www.rollercoasterpro.com/updates/iaapa07p1/60.shtml
  16. Thanks, I'll have to look into it more, because it looks pretty cool!
  17. I have a question. I would be interested into going to the IAAPA Expo one year, and I was wondering if you needed any special things to get in, or could the general public get in? Anyway, I did a search and nothing really came up. Thanks for your help! I appreciate it!
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