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  1. ^Or it will be eventually like regular dvd and go down to $20 a player.
  2. ^^^^Good call and ask POLITELY if you can sit in the front or back. It makes the ride quite better. And whatever don't be afraid to ask cause it is definitely worth it.
  3. ^ He got that right. Alot of Millennium relies on where you are sitting. I first rode the back and it seemed like we were just coasting over everything not really doing much but when we got the front it was completely different. The forces were much stronger and we actually got airtime.
  4. It is worth the wait but it does get to a point where its not. But, for sure the bruises on my shoulders were well worth it.
  5. I go back on the 4th for my last year of high school. And it seems like alot of the Canadian kids here go back on the 4th too.
  6. The longest I have waited was 1.45 hours for Maverick and Wow was it worth it.
  7. Naa I haven't really been following them but have seen them play a couple of games and I don't know I just liked them. I have seen a Geelong game and they punished whoever they were playing.
  8. I've just started following Austrailian Football since its been showing quite often here and at our school we basically play all the sports that you dont see around often in around here so we play Aussie Football quite a bit in our gym classes. My favourite AFL team is Adelaide.
  9. I am just wondering where the fries went. I thought they were cooking but she said no fries. Also the main part of the story is were the fries salvageable?
  10. Thinking back to it never. When was the last time you head banged to a song?
  11. ^^ hahahahaha Yeah this is very gross. I felt sick to my stomach when I heard this. Made me feel like dry heaving.
  12. "Tacos, I put all my money in Tacos!" before the Iron Shiek came out and...
  13. The first thing I thought of when I saw the last picture with the eagle was the Dramatic Prairie Dog.
  14. ^I like that Idea. Im glad I just quickly scanned through to find this gem. Thanks
  15. I was there on Jully 25th. And Almost everything you said was right. Actually this year was the first time I could only go on Predator (Death Sentence) once because it felt like I just got K.Oed on it. But I was more in the middle of the train. But looks like you had a good day. Thanks for the read
  16. AHL (hockey) - Hamilton Bulldogs CFL - Hamilton Ti-Cats NHL - Edmonton Oilers NFL - Detroit Lions NBA - Dont exactly follow MLB - Milwaukee Brewers
  17. I get my G2 in September. Than i'll be riding DIRTY!!
  18. ^hahahaha. Good Call. I came to this post and got head faked. Im actually looking forward to this TR.
  19. With the road being connected around it, it sort of reminds me of Myrtle Beach Pavilion. But thats a good looking coaster and the station looks fantastic.
  20. Did the lift even power on or was it just the weight being all at the front because it doesn't seem the left hill motor came on? and for some reason it seems like this ride is possessed.
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