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  1. ^ About the EVO's, I have heard that happen to a lot of people.


    At least you had a gravity hopper. I remember one time going to field and my eggy decided to stop working so I had to pull off the classic shake and shoot.


    And 16 on 2 sounds like it would be awesome.

  2. Good looking glades.^


    I have been skiing for about 9 years now. I have really tried doing alot more new stuff this year along the lines of park and glades and pow riding. And all I can say is it was my best year of skiing. I have been interested in taking snowboard lessons but never end up doing it as skiing never gets old.


    Places I have been too:

    Blue Mountain, Collingwood - One of the better places in Ontario

    Hidden Valley, Huntsville - Ok I guess

    Whiteface, Lake Placid - Not bad but I see why people call it Iceface

    Smuggs, Vermont - Best place I have skied


    Too many more to name off.

  3. I have always loved gym class. Probably cause I love playing sports but the gym program my school has we focus on sports from other countries.


    But, this year last semester I had a gym class and its called Small Group Focus and basically its regular gym like playing floor hockey, dodgeball etc but the deal with it is your at school one week doing gym than go somewhere else the next week to play billiards, tennis, darts, curling, golfing and bowling. Heck sometimes we went just tobogganing. It was an amazing class.

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