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  1. Hey I live 5 minutes from the park (six Flags). You should plan to go on a Monday because it isn't very crowded. Be carful on the Poltiergiest. The brakes at the end don't completly so it could hurt on the little curve right after the brakes. Rattler can be very painful if you don't sit right. The curve after the first drop is very tight and intense. The food is pretty good if you like $12.00 for a half pizza and 4 cheese sticks. Have fun!!!!!!!!! Oh and the flash pass is okay but I think you canonly use it once on that ride. Now have fun.

  2. Ok, You know that trip questionerre,it says which trip you are intrested in?


    Well I was interested in the Texas Trip but will only be allowed to go to Sea World and Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Would I have to pay 600 to 800 dollars?

  3. I would choose McDonalds because I haven't eaten BK since I was three.


    I like McDonalds chiken nuggets but I hardley eat at fast food restraunts.

    I know how bad it CANbe for you. I only eat fast food if thats the only thing every one wants.

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