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  1. LMAO!!!!!! "TWISTY!!!!!!!! TWISTY!!!!!!!V" "AND NOW ONTO THE ONLY 'SLIGHTLY BRAKED AIRTIME HILL ON THE RIDE!" Best vid ever. I wish I could go to this park and ride this!
  2. Now I know that ERT is pretty basic, but it was my first time on a TPR trip. I got 3 hours of ert on the Steel Eel at Sea World. Most amazing thing ever! 48 times in a row. Can I say !
  3. For me, I am afraid of ANY sized spider. Also I'm claustraphobic. I think it happened because when I was little, my brother thought it was funny to stuff my head between the couch cusions or squish it under a pillow.
  4. YESS!!!! I finallygot the moneysent out today! Should be there by..... Tuesday I think!
  5. When I was... 4 I think, we came to Gulf Shores to visit some friends. We went to that restaurant that is right next to it. I wanted to ride the coaster SOOOOO bad, but my arents wouldn't go over to buy tickets. Later though, we went to another "amusement park" that had a Sky Coaster, and little mini-swings, and a couple of other things. Do you know what this is?
  6. Great TR! I like the hippos fighting. Did you happen to see the bats? Those things are crazy looking. Anyway, thanks for posting! Keep it coming!
  7. Now what is Brainsurge exactly? It looks like the Squirell Cage Ride that flips around.
  8. Robb, I want to sign up. Do I sign up first then send in the payment? Or should I send in the money and wait for confirmation before signing up? Thanks, Jake
  9. Wait. So are you saying EVERY Seaworld park is on there??? BEASTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've only been on one trip with you guys, but let me tell you. It was far beyond anything expected. I made great friend(Roxy and Antonio) , met you guys, and ridden rides 47 times in a row. Thats hard to acomplish, let alone getting 58 PARKS to join in with a whole bunch of extra stuff added. I know if I was running this site, I wouldnt even be able to do one- ninetyninth of what you guys do. Y'ALL ROCK! Don't let jerky people bring you down! Its not your job to please everyone. Just do what you can do.
  10. The kid in the gray shirt on the steel eel, that was me! Cool. I had lots of fun here. My brother and I rode this, wait for it , 47 times in a row. 2 and a half hours of ERT! I had a blast it was great!
  11. I really like Calypso Quay, and the fact that it is fully functioning makes it even better. Also, I really like Dream World Indoor. I like the woody in the top left corner and the colors for the "indoor" section give it an almost "IAPPA" feel to it. You get what I'm saying?
  12. Well, Astro is my dog's name so there you have it!
  13. No, but now I do! Have you ever ridden a bungee slingshot?(Old Town)
  14. Thanks! Oh and do you know what version it would be under? Like the number?
  15. Okay, I went to Coasterforce and looked at the merging tutorial. I do every step exactly like it says, but when I hit apply in 8cars, it crashes 8cars and the merge doesn't happen. Can anyone help?
  16. Nope. I am only thirteen! Have you ever ridden a rollercoaster 47 times or more? (cause I have!)
  17. Yay I am in the report!!!!!! I'm the kid inthe Steel Eel Pics in the gray shirt!
  18. I tried to download it but it said missing a boat object thing. I don't remember what it was though. I thimk it said HCRB but I am not 100% sure.
  19. This is really cool!!! I just have one question. Is the paraglider parachute a CRF of just an art type of thing? I ask because in one of the pictures, the girl has her hands up.
  20. I am not changing anything because I tried hacking (after I posted this topic) and it took forever and didn't even work, so no point in that.
  21. Okay, Igot the 8 cars per trainer thing and now..... I can't find. What do I do???
  22. Oh... I'm sorry, I did the first time but my computer crashed so I had to make the post over again. I guess I forgot. Nin, where can I learn track merging? Thanks
  23. Okay, this is my first ride to put on TPR, so bear with me. It is a dive coaster that blasts through a live erupting volcano! It also has a splash down to cool off the heated train that has gone through the volcano. Enough talk, onto the pictures! SCR1.BMP A train at the top of the lift! SCR4.BMP A set of cars hanging out on the holding brake! SCR5.BMP A train entering the erupting volcano! SCR6.BMP The turnaround, and drop onto the lift behind it. SCR7.BMP A train flying through the splashdown! SCR8.BMP The helix. This is a slow part of the ride, so no major g's are created. SCR10.BMP The final brake run and the station. Thanks for viewing!
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