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  1. I never got to visit it, but pre-flood Bushkill Park seems like the kind of place that would have made this list. No coaster to speak of (outside of a vintage powered kiddie ride), but with Knoebels-y traits like a ring carousel, Lusse Auto Skooters, and classic rare attractions like a whip, Pretzel dark ride and even a funhouse with a functioning barrel! Pity it got wiped out in 2004.
  2. ^If Skyhawk proves successful at CW, it would not surprise me in the slightest to see more Sky Rollers pop up, at the very least, at the Cedar Fair parks that once had a Flight Trainer. Think about it... -Knotts had one called XK-1. Put one in Windseeker's old spot and call it XK-2. -Kings Island had one whose location is empty to this day. -California's Great America had one whose location is only occupied by a basketball game. -Kings Dominion had one, and while its former location is occupied, there are multiple spots in the park I could see it fitting in well. There may be others I'm missing, but I think you get the point. Given CF's current agenda of finding "vintage" flat rides for its parks, I can see these fitting in quite well as throwbacks to the Flight Trainers. As a ride experience variable by the rider's actions, I imagine the Sky Roller could be the next big thing to find its way into many of CF's parks, now that Flyers will (as of 2016) be present in each one.
  3. I'm most interested to see where the rides will be located in the park. As has been mentioned, I think it's a safe bet that the Wave Swinger will be replacing the Yo-Yo. I could also see one of them going in the old Black Widow/Cinema 180/arcade spot. Maybe the old Thunder Road station area for some of the others?
  4. ^I think Wildcat is fine just the way it is, but all the same I would welcome having an RMC within driving distance. Not to crap all over your idea, but they could also go with red and theme it after their licorice. Twizzler Twister maybe?
  5. That, and it's pretty much the same concept on a smaller scale. Just the main hill and a small airtime bump at the end.
  6. The one coaster I could see fitting in really well in NU would be a Vekoma junior suspended in the vein of Freedom Flyer at Fun Spot. You could easily adapt a layout to cross a large portion of the park like Orange Streak, and even though a full-size inverted coaster probably wouldn't fit anywhere in the park, other rides like Orkanen are proof that you can still do some interesting things with this model. It's also got a low height requirement and lacks shoulder harnesses, so it'd be a good fit for the ride selection present at the park already. As much as I'd hate to see the Atomic Collider leave, I could easily see an Air Race replacing it somewhere down the line.
  7. I absolutely howled when this came up a while back (Magic Mountain thread I think?) and it's glad to see someone else remembered it!
  8. It could also be a Zierer Starshape... Just throwing that out there...the arms and seating arrangements are nearly identical in spite of how different the two rides are.
  9. But there is already an indoor wooden roller coaster: http://www.themeparkreview.com/parks/photo.php?pageid=25&linkid=166 You got me there Hmm. Id bet that they would still find a way to find a record for an indoor woodie (like Valravn's 10 records ). Like largest indoor wooden coaster drop! Also that ride is so much like a dark ride even though its a coaster. The people who made it mustve thought: "Lets make a dark ride thats also a credit!" Give it another 10-15 years and with all of Prudential's whining and complaining Gold Striker at CGA will probably be an "indoor" coaster.
  10. That is actually ingenious. Wonder if the folks at the Stratosphere would consider it.
  11. ^Plus, I haven't been to Dorney since they added the new Cornstalkers, but I had been under the impression that said haunt was placed on some of the go-kart land, meaning it would have at least been partially removed already.
  12. Does anyone else think that this will be CGA's entry into the "Amusement Dark" series that currently has Guardian and Iron Reef, or do you think the park will eventually get an actual dark ride? It has been mentioned that every CF park may eventually get one, but I'd be a bit surprised if this was part of it.
  13. I've an idea for a Knotts-style boardwalk area at Cedar Point, but until Google Maps updates their satellite view to include GateKeeper, it's not something I could easily translate into an image online. Basically, I'd move the maintenance shop outside of GateKeeper, and build a midway between the dead-end by Hexed and the large open space next to Ocean Motion.
  14. Big Dipper at Blackpool Pleasure Beach got its layout extended in 1963 and thats the closest thing I could think that even comes close to it. Kennywood's Thunderbolt used to be a smaller coaster called the Pippin. It's certainly enjoyed far more success in this form than it ever could have in its original form. Maybe I'm tired or just not thinking (probably the latter), but I saw the subtext for the thread and initially thought it meant 10m of length rather than height. My first thought was "what's the point?" What they're actually doing makes a lot more sense and I wish them the best!
  15. So it's finally official! My thoughts... -Aside from the traditional sitdown, the Dive Machine is B&M's only offering I haven't been able to try yet. I am certainly looking forward to this one, since I doubt I'll be able to ride a different one before this one opens. -I love the GateKeeper/Banshee restraints, so count me as someone who loves the train design. -Add me to the party who is happy that Blue Streak's corner is no longer a dead end. The new Marina Entrance area looks great; the rendering does appear to show a new building after all...so that just leaves the Soak City entrance. -I'm guessing Dive Machines eat people up as much as any other B&M? That's not a lot of queue space...and if that means short lines...bring it on! -Just looking at the overview here... ...can I put in guesses for the empty spaces in the background? I know it's WAY too early to speculate on what Cedar Point will do after this, but for some reason, I can see a Sky Roller like the one Canada's Wonderland is getting in that spot to the left of the first drop. Also, that space behind the second immelmann looks like it has "future Haunt building site" written all over it.
  16. It truly is pitch black. Aside from the light from outside when you're on the bridge, there are only pin-sized LEDs so you can see going down the stairs and crossing the shaker boards...that's it.
  17. I would not be surprised at all to see a set of Flyers...with WOF and CW's announcements, this would leave Valleyfair as the only park in the Cedar Fair chain without one.
  18. Basically every coaster Hershey has that isn't Intamin or Great Bear. Comet, Sooperdooperlooper, Lightning Racer, etc. are all fantastic rides that tend to be overlooked by much of the enthusiast community simply because the big-name steel coasters (sometimes literally) overshadow them.
  19. They already have the round plane ride, A.J. I believe the fifth new ride is the one in the top left (Zamperla Flying Tiger).
  20. I feel like this is probably what is going to happen. After they redid the beach gate for Windseeker and the main gate for GateKeeper, this one seemed more dated than the one by Challenge Park (which I'm guessing will also probably get revamped at some point as well).
  21. In case anyone's having difficulties placing the layout on the plot of land... Here's a quick Photoshop of the overhead view of the coaster onto the Google Maps view of the area it will be built. This was the best I could get it to look in ~5 minutes, so bear with me.
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