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  1. Normally, I see roll back dogs where the chain dogs are. Or, if the roll back dogs are further back from where the chain dogs are, then I would usually see the roll back "rail" on the track start further back, so that when the chain dog engages with the lift, the roll back dogs engages with the rail. As for roll back dogs being spring loaded, this is not true in some cases. Arrow/Vekoma trains don't have spring loaded roll-back dogs. The dogs are large and heavy, so that helps keep them down. Also, PTC's trains don't have spring loaded roll-back dogs as well (Knoebel's Phoenix).
  2. Actually, I posted on RRC a while ago what makes a cable "snap". I've ridden the flyers for 20 years, (yeesh, saying that makes me sound old..) and even ran Knoebel's flyers for a few years... Here's the technical information revolving around a cable snap on the Flyers: You have a tub suspended between two sweeps via steel wire rope cables. The tub is centered between those two sweeps. One cable goes slack when you go off-center between the sweeps. For example- if your tub moves towards the front (leading) sweep, the front cable goes slack. If your tub moves towards the rear (trailing) sweep, your rear cable goes slack. During the ride, the sweeps move at a constant speed, but your tub will change speeds in relation to the sweeps. If your tub moves faster, your front cable will go slack. If your tub moves slower, your rear cable will go slack. Also, the opposite (non-slack) cable will always be pulling on your tub. Now, I do not condone cable snapping. Doing so damages the ride somewhat, and causes parts to wear out faster. Not only to mention the aceleration of metal fatiguing on the support components of the ride. Yes, when I ride the flyers, my cable do go slack, but I modulate the sail just right that the speed changes are more gradual, causing the cable to "snap" gently, rather than a hard snap, generating loud noises. I'm all about going higher with minimal cable snaps so the ride can be around longer for many generations to enjoy.
  3. Let's see.. first credits... High Speed Thrill Coaster at Knoebels.. the unleashed version!
  4. I saw the video. I was disappointed. Hope it will take a programming tweak to get it to run longer, or even backwards!
  5. I once got exit passes from Rhino Rally at BGA when the water feature broke down and we actually followed the detour sign back to the station.
  6. It was posted on that newsgroup that an article was written about Knoebel's in-house coaster designer- John Fetterman. There's also a few other tidbits, including the comparison between a wooden Flying Turns and a Mack Steel bobsled ride. It also confirms the fact why you will never see a true wooden coaster at a Disney park and how Knoebels might have a hand in saving wood coasters from excinction! Here's the link to the article: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/13693175/
  7. I was looking at the local newspaper of the flood photos, and they have a few from Knoebels: http://www.nifocus.com/phpAlbum/main.php?cmd=imageview&var1=Photos%2FFlood+Photos+June+2006%2FPark1.jpg&var2=1 The next one is even more sickening...
  8. Knoebels has posted an update on their site- They are planning to reopen parts of the park Friday June 30th in the afternoon, and hope to have the majority of the park open by Saturday July 1st. The pool will take a bit longer before it can reopen. According to the webcams for the Flying Turns Project, it seems nice and dry.. Check Knoebel's website ( www.knoebels.com ) for updates.
  9. I think there's a tree near the handstamp building that has the markers showing the flood heights. I think the one in 2002(?) was worse than the one in 1972 and 1976. The '72 flood had a big impact because it happened during the summer and they had to close the park to clean up. This flood would be reminiscent of the 1972 flood. The 1972 flood was what caused the haunted house to be born. I think the Flying Turns won't be affected because that section of the park is on higher ground.
  10. It's a Huss Booster. I remember someone mentioned what park it was at here some time ago. It was mentioned that it opened last year.
  11. Maybe we'll see one at Knoebels soon! (as soon as they finish their Flying Turns)
  12. Yup.. I used to do that. When one boat would get stuck on the far end like where the girl is landing now, we would get a running start , leap from one side and then land on the boat from the other side. And that was at the far corner near the Old Smokey bridge! Lots of fun..
  13. Knoebels doesn't have a Log Jammer- They simply call it "The Flume". You don't want to ride the Kiddie Boats- They're too small for you! Instead, ride the Motor Boats, right across from the Skooters. It goes right by the Satellite and Italian Trapeze (make sure you get some boobie shots here.. ) and then heads under the HSTC twice.. While boarding the Sky Slide, ask the operator to give you a good push.. You'll shoot out the bottom of the slide like a rocket! As for the looper- let's see you break the record that me and a operator got over Memorial Day weekend- 110 flips! Forget Tri-Taters. Get the fresh-cut french fries across from Power Surge. As for the Flying Turns construction, I took some on Monday and will post them online this weekend.
  14. ^- Actually.. Let me show you what I'll do to your nuts... Take a big sledgehammer and give them a really good whack.
  15. It can be a good move for the parks. Look what happened to Dorney Park. Canada Wonderland would finally get a hyper!
  16. Gee, Hercules, I know you're excited about El Toro, but you don't have to tell us 3 times!
  17. I would get a Schwartzkopf Doppel Looping Bahn with additional trackway curve! In other words, Colossus the Fire Dragon at Lagoon in Utah.
  18. I know about that. Read my post again. Blue0ctane is right. The other web-based BB system, vBulletin has that feature. I don't know if phpBB has the feature or can be added in via third party. It helps when there's a topic that has grown to 100 pages long and the last time I read it was somewhere around 75 pages and I don't want to do about 20 clicks until I finally get to the page where I left off. The "Go to first unread post" feature was something I couldn't live without!
  19. I noticed in another web-based BB that I participate in, they have the "show new posts" that you have as well. It will give me a list of topics that have new posts since the last time I visit. However, when I click on a topic is where the similarities end. The other web-based BB has another link at the top of the page that says "Go to first unread post" and will jump to the first post that I have not yet read. It is a very useful tool when there's a topic that's more than 1 page long! It will jump right to the new post where I left off the last time I read such topic. It would be a great feature to add to this board because there's many times where there's a topic I am following and it has grown to several pages long since when I last read it and I have to do the "click-on-the-last-page-and-work-backwards-until-I-find-the-post-I-last-read" dance..
  20. It might have been a connecting piece or a small piece that had a weak point that was tied into the function of the restraint. Does Vekoma's wooden train use ratcheting type or hydraulic type restraint?
  21. Actually, Orbiter was in a very bad location. When they redid the area that Psyclone and Sledgehammer is in, the way the paths work would have taken you past Orbiter, and the way Orbiter is located, you wouldn't even know it's there! You had to walk downhill to get to the Orbiter entrance, and there were shrubbery that blocked it's view from the midway. The only way I knew it was still there was when it was running a cycle. I pratically had to hunt for the entrance, because I was dead set on riding Sol Loco/Orbiter. It wasn't even listed on the map when I visited that day. It was like PCW swept it under the rug and hoped no one would notice. I'm sad to see it go, as it was very unique. It looks like it's going the way of the Intamin Sky Wheels.
  22. Actually, it's not going to be 500 feet. It will be 540 feet. Look at their past coasters: 205 feet, 310 feet, 420 feet... See the pattern? So their 500 foot coaster will be 540 feet, and then the 600 footer one will be 680 feet. Cedar Point will then skip right past 700 feet and go for 860 feet, then 1020 feet.
  23. Actually, there have been some looping coasters without up-stop wheels! One was the Flip Flap at Atlantic City, and the G forces were so high that it broke people's necks. I read in history books that a looping coaster was invented in France in the 1800's, and it wasn't until the 1970's when Arrow came out with the sucessful corkscrew coaster, as well as when Anton Schwartzkopf came out with the Revolution that still stands at Magic Mountain. Here's some links about the history of looping coasters: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loop_%28roller_coaster%29 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corkscrew_%28roller_coaster%29
  24. That coaster has been around for a couple of years. It was a manufacturer's attempt at making a portable version of the Gerstlauer Typhoon coaster. What's worse, it has magnetic brakes down most of the drop, only allowing the car to speed up so it will make it through the loop.
  25. You mean in this picture: http://www.rcdb.com/ig2662.htm?picture=59 ? And here: http://www.rcdb.com/ig3290.htm?picture=56 ? In the Sheikra picture, sections of the track orginally had them then they were removed later when it was determined that it wasn't needed. It looks like SFOG's Goliath didn't come with them originally and then were added on. You can see that the rods are bolted to the track ties in the Goliath picture.
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