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  1. most recent 2008:voodoo(dorney) 2008:Farenheit(hershey) 2008:Dark Knight(gadv)
  2. Us showing off the herhsey all clear dispatch sign Me & Jay on the skyride at Hershey
  3. I would ride it, even though not to tall, could be interesting.
  4. Nice trip report. Man the park was really dead practically no one there.
  5. Yet another life gone due to a stupid hat.. Wonder how the kid who's hat it was feels about it..
  6. I cant wait to see it, hopefully going opening night to see it!
  7. 2 weeks 1 day till im out of Ct for a few days!!
  8. I'm O+. I've given blood a few times only reason i know that.
  9. Awesome pics.. I cant believe your niece walked up all those stairs.. I know i sure cant lol
  10. ^ no question!! have you tried the 3 new moutain dew flavors?
  11. Hershey, knoebles, & Dorney in like 3 weeks! So Excited!!!!
  12. I finally got to ride Voodoo yesterday!!!
  13. Awesome pictures of Dorney big Mike! Was there yesterday to ride Voodoo & this time it was open.. 12 times baby!
  14. yes. Have you ridden Farenheit yet?
  15. That is pretty cool, i would def. do that waterslide if i were to go there..
  16. No. Have you rode the dark knight yet?
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