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  1. If you are not watching, and in chat..... you don't know what you are missing!
  2. Great week of updates... can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!!!!! Lock me in for 2 duckies.... Thanks!!!!!
  3. Swamp Volcano..... A movie about the conga area @ Kings Dominion????
  4. Great update, and Happy Birthday Big Mike!!! Lock me in with 4 duckies!
  5. Happy Birthday Big Mike!!!! Wow!!! 1000 last week, now this!!!! Party time!
  6. Breakfast in bed...... and the kids are still cooking!!!!!
  7. Glad you liked it..... I didn't know of your 22032 connection, but I packed it with a newspaper from 85603 [bisbee] that was in my package from my 'rents... HappyMerry ChrisHanKwansivus!!! -K
  8. Got my Secret Santa box today!!!! The anticipation begins....... No zombies..... but some action!!! Can't wait to see the rest of them!!!
  9. Gifts ready, some wrapped, box addressed.... now get off my lazy tail and get to the post office with this lovely box of crap^h^h^hhristmas gifts!
  10. The dog ate the budget for this movie!!!! Join the chat for better commentary!
  11. I'm locked out right now, but that could be another computer in the house connected to the queue??? I made it to 6th in line last night, then Adobe Flash crashed!!!! ARGH!!!!!
  12. ^^^ I was just posting the same message!!!! Update on the line... They have posted that they are upping the line cap @ 5:00 PM EST, and the line will reset. Be quick to rejoin the line @ 5!!!!
  13. 13 hours.... the anticipation!!!! (no screenshot, my PC sucks!)
  14. Looks like everyone is having a good time at the International Association of Ape Paternity Anonymous... Their meetings seem to be better than they typical AA meetings!
  15. It was a dirty job, but it did give me something to do in the hour long "Status Meeting" this morning. Hope Dan enjoys all the email!
  16. If it is anything like what happened at the East Coast Bash, you will love it!
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