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  1. Just an FYI, there are more in existence today: http://rcdb.com/id1259.htm http://rcdb.com/id1179.htm http://rcdb.com/id1114.htm http://rcdb.com/id1214.htm
  2. Already done... http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=17862
  3. I noticed that under Beech Bend, the link to the 2007 Midwest Trip photo update still directs to the forum update, rather than the official photo update like all the others. Just thought I'd point that out to you guys!
  4. Word on the streets is one of the Frozen Coke machines at SFOG stopped working yesterday. Pretty crazy $%.... look for the thread soon.
  5. Awesome pics so far, Big Mike! I'm totally jealous you got to climb up the Eiffel Tower. I didn't realize they still allowed people to take the stairs. I'm completely fascinated with Formule 1. I'm impressed with how much detail there is on all of the cars! From what I can see, they were all painted to resemble actual liveries of F1 teams at the time (Racing dork alert)! Looks like an interesting mouse though. Lookin' forward to future updates!
  6. This day in age though, people don't care about "intentions." I have no doubt Six Flags did not intend the commercials to come off as racist and I have no doubt that the accusers know this as well. However, intentions don't matter. If intentions were taken into perspective, many derogatory slurs that exist today would have a different, non-derogatory meaning. Accusations like the ones aimed at Six Flags are just the next level of this. It doesn't matter what the intentions are, people will find anything they to find offense and cause a scene out of little to nothing.
  7. If you do enough research, you will find that all of the coasters in RCT are either real or were real concepts by actual companies. The only exceptions that I know of would be some of the goofy train shells (like some of the animal trains). However, most of those aren't inconceivable.
  8. No offense dude, but are you just trying to draw attention to yourself? You're asking questions now that just seem to be pointless or easily answerable. I mean, you're going no matter what, right? So what does it matter to see a map of the park? Are you going to not go if it's a "pain" to walk around like BGE? Do you really need to know every single possible detail about the place before you go? Just go and have a good time. And if you want to see pictures of the park, just do a search on this site for "SFFT" or "Fiesta Texas" with the 'topic title only' option selected and you'll find more than enough Photo TRs showing off the park. Just go to the park and experience it, dude.
  9. Cool TR! It's always great to see these trip reports of international parks. I'm lost though. You really drove home the point that Thundercoaster sucks now, but you never really said why. How did GCI supposedly ruin it?
  10. Yeah, I was completely blown away by this. Scott was a two-time top fuel champion, and his family is to drag racing what the Andrettis are to American open wheel racing. It's a real tragedy. What really makes it sad is that this is an accident that never should have happened. The run-off area at Englishtown is way too short, and instead of having a lengthy sand trap, they have concrete wall. Yes, a CONCRETE WALL. Obviously, there is a major safety issue, because that concrete wall took Scott Kalitta from us. I can't believe that the NHRA would even run at a venue with such a flaw. It's just all really unfortunate and I'm still shocked by it all. R.I.P. Scott Kalitta
  11. This is pretty much the coolest TR to ever grace the Random boards. And as if the Celts/Lakers game in the Garden wasn't cool enough, you threw in the Habs/Bruins game. Unbelievable! This was back around the time I started to really get into the NBA. I still remember watching the news the night Reggie Lewis died. But man, to see Larry Legend in action... that had to be something. When I was a kid, my family took a day trip to French Lick with half the purpose being to see Larry Legend's hometown. Awesome TR, Scott! I'm definitely jealous. -Scott "When I was a kid, my classmates asked me if I was related to Robert" Parrish
  12. ^I'm not really sure what you mean, unless you are referring to Nascar and stock car racing. As far as Indycars go, there isn't really anything old fashioned about them, and for what they are doing, they are EXTREMELY safe. The cars go through insane amounts of safe testing and enhancements. That's why guys like Ryan Briscoe and Kenny Brack have survived the crashes they have. Devices like HANS and SAFER barriers were developed in America and almost instantly implemented into major open wheel racing here. Nascar, on the other hand, is a completely different story.
  13. I'm not sure anybody will ever top Patrick Carpentier in 1999. After crossing the finish line to give him the pole for the Champ Car race at Road America, he went into turn 1 and THIS happened:
  14. ^Yeah! Roll Tide!!!! Welcome to the forums!
  15. I didn't say it was extremely intense. I'm just saying that SKC was much weaker than the other floorless coasters, therefore, not as intense. No child abduction is necessary.
  16. While I know this one came first, we definitely have two of these threads: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=37858
  17. ^^All the reasons you just gave in favor of the Beast are sentimental, personal feelings that not everybody is going to have. On the flip side, I'm going to take my sentimental, personal feelings that not everybody is going to have and explain why it DOES suck. I grew up going to Kings Island, and the Beast was obviously one of the most intimidating rides around at the time. If a 3rd grader rode the Beast, they didn't need to 'show' anything at show-and-tell, they could just 'tell,' because they automatically were the stuff. I remember when I finally got the huevos to try the big, bad Beast at Kings Island, back when I was 11. It was 7,400 feet of terror as the train just sped feet off the ground through the woods, darting in and out of tunnels that looked too small to go through. I'll never forget the fear I experienced as the train raced off the second lift hill down that agonizingly long drop into the famous double helix, which I was sure would cause the train to rip off the track. It was amazing. Fast forward to 2001, I'm now 15 years old visiting my beloved home park with a close buddy, and I experience my first night ride on the Beast. To this day, it might be the most amazing experience I've ever had on a wooden coaster. Even with the trims in the brake shed, it was a lightning fast, unrelenting religious experience. Now, fast forward to the last time I rode it two years ago. I'm excited as my then-girlfriend is about to ride the Beast for the first time. As we start to plummet down the first drop, I'm suddenly flung forward. They had placed brakes on the first drop! They Mean Streaked the Beast! As the train rolled into the brake shed, the train practically came to a crawl, killing all momentum for the runaway train run to the second lift. I thought to myself, "at least the best part should be untouched." As the train began its descent off the lift, I felt the trims slow the train down. "You are kididing." Then it happened again... and again. The train rolled into the helix and I didn't even feel a hint of the terror I had felt in previous years, even as a seasoned coaster rider. The train crawled onto the brake run. I turned to my girlfriend and said, "They've raped it. That's NOT the Beast." My girlfriend, somebody who still gets scared on Raging Bull despite having ridden it countless times, looked at me and said, "Yeah, that wasn't bad at all!" The ride that was once so famously loved in all of the Ohio Valley was neutered. These feelings were echoed by many of my non-enthusiast friends. So while it is not a terrible ride, without the break-neck speed, it's just 7400 ft of boring flat, straight track. In comparison to what it was just ten years ago, yes, it sucks. Sucks like a champ.
  18. ^Yep! While I posted an argument in favor of those offended on the first page, I just simply meant that I can understand why, in today's world, there is a commotion over it. In the end though, people just need to lighten up. What's funny is if Six Flags constantly produced commercials and advertisements with nothing but white people, they'd get accused of being racist as well. Marketers have to be so careful these days. It's kind of sad really.
  19. ^I have to agree with him that SKC is overrated. It was one of the most disappointing coasters I've ever ridden, mainly because it was hyped so much for me. In the end, it turned out to be my least favorite floorless I've been on (SKC, Dominator, Scream, Kraken). The drop was cool, but the ride itself just wasn't very forceful and felt too drawn out. It really lacked the intensity that the other floorless coasters had. If they had made everything a little bit smaller, it would be a much better ride. Don't get me wrong, it's still a good ride and all, but don't expect anything really amazing, because you might set yourself up for disappointment like I did. On the other hand, you might find it amazing. There are obviously quite a few people out there who do. I just didn't see it.
  20. I have, but three requests: 1. Mini-Lite 2. Trees 3. Coca-Cola takeover That is all. Oh, and a gravy buffet would be a Thanksgiving bonus.
  21. I know the full-blown, front-page article in the Sunday Atlanta Journal-Constitution the other day certainly was a nice way to inform hundreds of thousands of readers. Maybe they should advertise even more? I like the specific 'Scott' reference. That's good to hear, though! Other than the billboards near MB, I haven't heard of any other advertising. I guess I really just expected to see a few commercials. I feel like that's the best way to let people know they exist, 'cause I'm sure several million of those 14 million visitors aren't from neighboring states.
  22. Mmmm Dogfish Head... This is a brewery I'd love to visit sometime. While I've only had a few Dogfish Head brews, they've all been great. And that food looks awesome! Thanks for the TR!
  23. Were they intended to be racist? No. Can I see why people might be upset? Yes. Honestly, the first time I saw it, I cringed. It seems like a really ballsy/risky/stupid advertising move by Six Flags, especially in today's world. It just furthers the stereotype that Asians speak poor English. I mean, ask yourself a few questions... 1. Do you find the ads funny? 2. If you do, would it be as funny if the guy spoke in more complete sentences without the Asian accent? Ultimately, if it's not more funny with the Asian accent, you have to ask why Six Flags would risk offending people with such a move. Again, I don't think it was intended to be racist, but people love getting bent out of shape about things these days, and this just seemed like an obvious one to me.
  24. Well, this just reminded me why I despise Cedar Fair as much as I do. Thanks for the P:TR! As sad as it is, it is definitely very interesting to see.
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