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  1. Not to be a dick, but in all of my experiences, Robb & Elissa have made it quite clear that they will gladly replace any DVD that doesn't work properly upon arrival. So, I guess I don't know what the point of this thread is. It seems like it would be better to just PM Robb or Elissa. Mods, I hope this doesn't come off as backseat moderating. I'm just stating general observations, experiences, and common sense.
  2. Nicole, those slides freakin' rock! Especially the really big ones! It's like having the slide ripped out from underneath you and safely dropping into a pool! I love those things. This was an awesome TR though. It's really cool to see so much of Wildwood, Morey's Piers, and more of what they are like. Well done.
  3. Dude, I just mooched off the freebies all day. My bro and I just kept hitting up the Kraft mac 'n' cheese and Hansen energy drink stands. The workers didn't really care since they were working for the man. That's the way to do. When I went, I got to Main State Left an hour and a half before Less Than Jake played. Everytime a band on the left stage finished, the crowd scooted to the right, so we eventually were very front and center for LTJ. The last band on Main Stage Right before LTJ was Simple Plan, and by their last song, the entire Left Stage crowd was giving Simple Plan the finger and chanting "L-T-J." It paid off 'cause the show was amazing, and out of the three guitar picks, set list, and can of water (yes, a can) that they throughout, I caught everything but one of the guitar picks. I'm pretty sure everybody hated me, but I really didn't care. And God bless Buddy for throwing that can of water. It was insanely hot and humid that day. Ha wow. Yeah, I had the same deal, only the lead singer of the Suicide Machines was actually dripping sweat all over me. It was fairly disgusting. Just... wow. People never cease to amaze/horrify me. Apparently, that is what the cool kids are doing these days. How's it goin', Brent? I'm sorry. How much gauze did you need for your bleeding ears? I saw The Academy Is... last summer and they quickly earned a spot in the Top 5 worst major bands I've ever seen live. Too late... douche bag. Awesome pics, dude. As I mentioned, I went to the Warped Tour in 2003 and said I wouldn't miss it again, but I haven't been back since. Glad you had a good time. I'm definitely jealous.
  4. Matt, you are a saint. You're from Chicago and U.S. Cellular/Comiskey is nowhere to be found on your list. Again, you have reached a new level of awesome for this comment.
  5. ^Yeah, that's one of the situations in which I don't mind seeing a stadium torn down in favor of a new one. I feel like every baseball team should have a stadium that was purposely built for baseball-only and is capable of being an open-air stadium. So yeah, I'm ready for Oakland, Minnesota, Florida, Tampa Bay, and any other team I might be forgetting to move.
  6. I may be talking out of my poop chute here, but I don't think we will see a Robocoaster on an actual coaster anytime soon. The electronics and technology that would have to be involved in such a project would cost a fortune. It would essentially require the entire track to be lined with sensors that tell the arms on each car what to do because they can't just give them one program that starts right out of the station. Coasters run at different lap times depending on what the weather/temperature/weight is like so they'd have to be able to adjust the program to compensate for this. Not to mention, look at the 4th dimension coasters... the seats are rigidly attached but the ride is still significantly rough (going by reports). A robocoaster "coaster" would have to be fairly mild to be enjoyable because the seats would be attached to a non-rigid robotic arm. I'm not saying it can't be done, but that it would cost an insane amount of money to orchestrate a project of that nature. Disney or Universal might be able to pull it off, but I sincerely doubt Merlin would fork out the cash. That would set a pretty high precedent within the company. I know that Kuka had a robocoaster arm set up on a coaster car at IAAPA a few years ago, but I have to think that was more of an attention-grabbing gimmick than anything. Again, maybe I'm totally wrong, but I just don't see it happening anytime soon. Heck, assuming this new land comes to fruition, I'll be excited if they just set up Robocoaster arms like what is shown in the artwork! Those things are freakin' awesome when set on the most intense program.
  7. ...Until they get brake-raped. On top of that, my main problems with B&M these days is that they are becoming increasingly predictable and the trains/restraints blow. I know some people are infatuated with the clamshell restraints, but I hate them with a passion. For me, they are far too bulky and restrictive. I'd much prefer to have an Intamin T-bar or old-Giovanola style lap bar rather than feeling like I have a dog laying on my lap. Nevertheless, I'm still glad the Kings Island is finally getting a hyper. I don't want to sound ungrateful like some people do when they don't get exactly what they want in a new coaster. No matter what, I'm still thrilled about it and am holding judgment until I ride it. I just wanted to let it be known that B&M hypers aren't perfect for everybody.
  8. Sadly, I've had poor luck with baseball games. I've only been to two ballparks. I've had tickets for games at others (Great American, Turner) or had strong intentions of going (The Jake... err... Progressive, Comis...err ...U.S. Cellular) but didn't make it for various reasons. The two I've been to get high marks though. Wrigley Field -I absolutely loved this place. I don't care how old and dilapidated it may be, history and character builds an incomparable atmosphere. I may be lacking a broad spectrum of first-hand experience, but I really think there are few places in the baseball world that provide an experience as great and unique as Wrigley. It's all about things like the ivy, the classic manual scoreboard, those great Chicago hot dogs, and the seventh inning stretch. $1 billion dollar stadiums don't buy that kind of character. Miller Park -This was the site of the first MLB game I ever went to and it definitely made quite the impression. They tailgating scene out in the parking lot prior to the game is a nice experience, and the stadium itself was much nicer than I ever would have imagined. While I'm still warming up/not terribly keen to the idea of retractable roof baseball stadiums, I still really enjoyed the place. My $5 seats up in Bernie's Terrace on the top level just beyond the left field post was worth every penny. Things like Bernie Brewer's club house and slide, the sausage races, and the awesome brats with 'stadium sauce' helps give the place some nice character. It really kills me what the Steinbrenners are doing to Yankee Stadium. I really don't understand how and why they would do such a thing. When they have $1 billion to spend, why couldn't they have just drastically renovated the current stadium? Or hell, I'm sure they could have done something to at least share/use a stadium while they rebuild Yankee Stadium on its current site. Instead they are throwing 85 years of baseball history out the window. Maybe I'm overreacting, but it really grinds my gears. I grew up around one of the greatest sports venues in the world in the form of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The place is 99 years old. 99! Sure, it is probably a horrible comparison given its size, but my point is that the place has features which really show how old it is while simultaneously having features that give it a new age feel. They have successful kept the history and character in tact while upgrading the facility to keep up with modern standards. I just can't understand why any owner of the Yankees wouldn't want to do something similar to preserve that history a little bit more. I know I will crap a hammer if the Cubs ever move to a "new Wrigley Field" or the Red Sox to a "new Fenway."
  9. That doesn't really make much sense. Like any coaster, they would adjust the size and concavity of the bottom of the drops so that the forces are comparable. Not to mention, B&M hyper trains are raised so high that they are pretty much floorless to anybody who isn't fairly tall, yet they don't have any problems.
  10. ^I completely agree. Seriously, during the four years the park was owned by Cedar Fair they removed two of the three most popular coasters (one that highly distinguished itself from anything at CP, and one that was nearly identical to a coaster at CP), removed the entire side of the park that separated Geauga from Cedar Point (Wildlife), and place CP billboards within the general area of the park. Now what did they "improve"? They gave Thunderhawk a new paint job, and added a ProSlide Tornado to the newly relocated water park (does the new location seem fishy to anybody else?). And after all of that, they had the huevos to say they didn't understand why people weren't coming to the park!?!?! Riiiight.... Nobody will ever be able to convince me that they didn't have ulterior motives. In my eyes, they took advantage of an opportunity to eliminate a competitor with a long-term vision of selling most of the land for a profit while saving a small amount to build a large water park. Maybe that makes me sound foolish, but I guess I don't really care. I'm bitter.
  11. If I didn't have classes and a job, I would actually think about it! Hell, at the very least, I 'd have a cool story to tell and a good reason to go back to the Twin Cities. Unfortunately, I have a classes... and a job. Nevertheless, I need to get back to Minnesota sometime soon.
  12. ^ Yeah, I have to agree that watching Randy Travis perform "Forever & Ever Amen" at the AMA's twenty years ago kind of kills the suspense.
  13. I'm glad Shapiro is using it as his model. Like I said, it was a really nice park. However, it's the operations that made it horrible. And as much as I love your stereotyping, I never once criticized Shapiro's plan. Had you actually paid attention, you would have also noticed that I praised two other parks in Texas. You can find the video for one of those parks earlier in this thread. Seriously dude, I'm sure there are plenty of monarchies in the world who would love having you as a resident, since you don't believe in saying anything negative about that great state of Texas. My "immature" rant was intended to be... you guessed it! Immature! After our horrible day at the park, one of us came up with the idea of ranting to the camera about the park, so I did it for comical relief. Granted, everything that was said was actually true, but it was said in a profane fashion for humor. So, in other words, your Don't-Mess-With-Texas opinions "came across as the ranting of someone who lacks maturity." -Scott the Immature, Ranting Douche Bag
  14. That has been worth the wait! Tyler, you summed up the entire day best when you said "I wanna be back at Magic Mountain." I still maintain that was the worst day I've ever had at a Six Flags park in my life. I gotta say, my rant at the end was a little better than I remember, though it sounds like I have a mouthful of spit half the time. Oh, and for the record for those who watch, Boomerang was lined out the entrance because nothing else was open, not because it was a busy day. Great video yet again, Tyler.
  15. I've had a similar issue before. Assuming you have a PC, the only thing I know to suggest is going to "start" and then "search" and run an "all files and folders" search for the the file name. For example, if you saved it as "Super Awesome Coaster", then run a search for that name and see if your PC can find the file. If that doesn't work, then I don't know what to tell you.
  16. I have to go with Hades, with Thunderbolt coming in second. The large drop of Hades' station followed by the surprising ejector air is just great. The most intense airtime of the ride is before you ever reach the lift hill!
  17. A few years ago, my mom and I were offered extra timeshare points by a friend, so we took a spontaneous trip to Kissimmee. However, because we were still classified as "guests" and we wanted to buy discounted Universal tickets, we were required to take a tour of the resort. First, a few guides took us on a tour via golf cart through the entire resort and showed us all the different kinds of condos they have available. Afterwards, they took us back to their main office and sat us down with a sales representative who gave her best effort to get us to buy a timeshare with the resort. She initially tried to sucker us into signing an agreement by making it sound like it was just some sort of document stating that we had completed our tour. We caught the scam though, and she then began to drastically lower the annual membership price (by well over 50%) before finally giving up and letting us go purchase our tickets. The key was just to repeatedly tell her "no, thanks." When all was said in done, the process had taken nearly three hours.
  18. Yeah, I have to imagine that's probably it. I understand "no comment" is probably the most professional answer even if Serial Thriller isn't what is being installed, but I can't help but figure that's what it is, given his response. Let's just hope that he decides to purchase the newly designed SLC trains instead of keeping the present ones.
  19. I went home and to my bro's place outside of Cincinnati in search of a new car during the 4th of July weekend, and as always, I can't go to Cincinnati without making a beer run to Jungle Jim's in Fairfield. I always leaving wishing I had more money to splurge, but sadly, I'm a poor college student, so I left with only five bottles. Of the five, the only one that remains is one of my favorite beers, the St. Bernardus APT 12. Here are the other four I had... It was ok. I really didn't taste the honey flavor at all, so nothing really set it apart. I actually thought the overall flavor was considerably weak. Not something I'd get again. Besides the St. Bernardus, the last beer from my purchase was a Leinenkugel's Honey Weiss. I had been curious to try this for a while. "Just one more drop?" The last sip is so great, yet so depressing. I should have bought more than one! This is possibly my favorite stout! It has such a sweet, malty flavor that goes down so smooth. The coffee and chocolate notes really give this sweet stout an amazingly rich flavor that I can't get enough of. Next up, Left Hand's Milk Stout! I had a sip of this before and was quite impressed, so I went ahead and bought it to get full enjoyment out of it. Back in Alabama, the second beer from my selections was Allagash's Dubble Ale. This is the only picture I took, but I was slightly let down by it. This had an awfully strong coffee bite that almost tasted burnt. It wasn't a bad beer, but it was a little over powering. Not too shabby! I'm not a big hop guy, but I really enjoyed the balance of hops and malts in this one. I didn't completely notice the biscuity taste mentioned on the description, but my beer palate isn't fully trained yet. This was only my second beer from Brooklyn. The other was the Black Chocolate Stout, which didn't disappoint so I was looking forward to another beer from their line up. A substation in my brother's hometown caught fire, knocking out the power to half of the city on the 4th of July, so what better thing to do than enjoy a brew!? I opted for Brooklyn Brewery's Pennant Ale '55.
  20. ^ Yeah, when I worked on Millennium Force, I was sitting at the entrance one day (which is right next to the enormous Millennium Force sign) and somebody asked me what ride it was. Also while sitting at the MF entrance, I had somebody come up to me and ask me if MF was "that one" (pointing to Top Thrill Dragster). If you've ever been to the park or seen the pictures, you know why that is so strange and funny. Those were the times when I really had to refrain from giving the person a funny look and saying, "You're screwing with me, aren't you?"
  21. Well, after taking me 90,000 miles (bought it with 103,000) and across 25 states in four years, my '96 Honda Prelude bit the dust so it was time to get something else. In it's place, I got a '98 Plymouth Breeze. Despite being twice the size of my Honda, it actually gets better gas mileage. Granted, that means it has no power at all, but in today's economy, I will cope. While driving it back to Alabama, I got over 30 mpg on the highway with the A/C on. Plus, it has plenty of space for road trips and junk, so I'm really liking it. My new baby...
  22. Not counting Cedar Point (I worked there for a summer), then Six Flags Great America (15) edges SFKK (13) and Kings Island (12).
  23. I am rodney so are you talking about me? Dude, he made that post almost two years ago. Anyway, sure, I'd do it! Well, as long as it's on a decent coaster. Give me the freedom of Storm Runner!
  24. Tornadoes aren't nearly as common as his post make them seem. Yes, tornadoes occur, but the chances of a tornado touching down more than once in the same area in a short period of time is highly unlikely. Not to mention, not all tornadoes tear the living hell out of a town like in Twister. In the 21 years I lived in my hometown, a tornado touched down once within the city limits and my house was perfectly fine, despite being within a quarter mile of the pathway. Yeah, there are a lot of "tornado watches" (Conditions are favorable for a tornado) throughout the year as well as the occasional "tornado warning" (take cover because a potentially tornado has been reported near the area) but they really don't pose that much of a threat. Nowadays, it's the Wabash Valley Seismic Zone that you should be worried about. We had a 5.0 earthquake back in 2002 and a 5.4 quake this past April. Who knows when that 8 pointer is going to rock the state.
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