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  1. ^No, we passed/forgot. I kind of regret not riding it, but we've all been on it before. Though I must say, 'best non-coaster ride' is certainly a bit bold! One word: Python. That is all. Ha, I actually really like quite a few older Arrows... you just have to know how to ride them defensively! Thanks again for all the compliments everybody. Glad you all have enjoyed it.
  2. Texans don't like having anything negative said about their beloved state, and well, I don't like to sugar coat things.
  3. 192 high school state championships sounds more like Title Town West Virginia to me. It's impressive, but it's also limited to West Virginia. While it was a close decision for me, I have to give the nod to Boston over Gainesville. In this decade, their overall sports prowess has been unmatched; 3 Super Bowl wins, 2 World Series wins, 2 NCAA Men's Hockey national championships, 1 NBA championship, and 4 MLS Cup appearances. Overall, they have 17 NBA Championships, 7 World Series wins, 5 Stanley Cups, 3 Super Bowl wins, 3 NCAA Men's Hockey national championships, and a slew of championship appearances. Though I know a few cities could top Boston in overall history, I place more weight on recent history, so it's hard to pick any city over Boston.
  4. ^I've been campaigning for quite a while that they need to redo the Beast, Phantom's Revenge-style. Heck, it doesn't even matter that much to me if Intamin did it. I would be plenty satisfied if GCI did it. I'm talking about completely re-profiling the entire ride following the first drop until the second lift; make it so they can completely ax the trims, brake shed, and any straight track.
  5. This is such a flawed view, in my opinion. During Paramount's tenure over its parks, they built: -The 2nd B&M invert -The first LIM launched coasters (indoors at that) -The first launched and fastest inverted coaster (with heavy theming to boot) -The first flying coaster ever -The fastest accelerating coaster in the world -The first 200ft tall, and only looping wooden coaster in the world -The two tallest drop towers in North America -The first inverted shuttle coaster in North America -The first interactive coaster? Sure, many of these didn't turn out the greatest in the end or they don't pose much competition in their respective category today, but at least they had the huevos to do this stuff. Just about everything Kings Island built during Paramount's reign was cutting edge or pushed the envelope. Nobody was complaining at the time... except maybe PCW fans. So sure, it sucks that Kings Island doesn't have a stand out ride now, but back when Paramount was building this stuff, everybody was rushing to ride them. I can't be upset with them for trying to do great things, like Son of Beast. Anyway, I'm really sorry for assisting in the digression of this thread. I just had to say my peace about that. New times are upon us, and it looks like we will finally have our standout ride. Despite a little skepticism, I'm terribly excited for this ride. I don't really remember the last time I was this excited for the announcement of a coaster, actually.
  6. ^Whoops! Thanks! Here's the second Dare Devil Falls picture I meant to post. The second TT picture was just accidental double upload. Despite being a hot Saturday, we were able to walk right into the station for Dare Devil Falls. It's really tucked away in its own little space.
  7. Except the Hummer "H1"s! Those things will always be bad ass in all of their insane gas-guzzling glory.
  8. UPDATE! Dollywood Part 2! But first, I'll address a few comments.... That is awesome! Thanks for sharing! Well, Tyler has a mangina. He seems to like every ball busting ride we ever go on. Case in point, Rip Tide at Knott's. It was a really tough call, Ross. Visionland was a top runner, but I had to go with Dollywood instead. Close though! Unfortunately, I will have to fail you with the mandatory pickle shot. In fact, I couldn't even tell you where the pickle is located! I've never really looked for it, actually. And let me just pre-apologize for the ass kickin' the Hilltoppers are going to receive come September! As Tyler mentioned, I don't really consider Virginia to be part of 'The South,' as much as the East Coast. It may have been part of the Confederacy, but it doesn't 'feel' Southern. The same goes for Kentucky. It may have some southern tendencies and characteristics, but it isn't part of 'The South,' as much as the Midwest. Anyway, thanks for all the comments and compliments! Enjoy the last set of pictures! Well, that does it for this TR. Thanks for reading everybody! WTF!?!?!?! We got some more Mystery Mine rides in, and my approval rating rose from "It's fun" to "Pretty darn good, but not amazing." And there is no harm in that. I wish more parks spent more coughcoughCedarFaircough... excuse me... I wish more parks more money on theming like this. It really adds so much to the overall effect. "Unstable Shaft- Get some wood and shore up the shaft!" Ah snap! It broke down for a while. Yoink! One last shot of Thunderhead. The MM queue provides some nice views of Timber Canyon. The sudden vertical drop coupled with the 90 degree turn made for a sweet 1-2 punch. It might not be a stellar coaster, but it is one of the coolest looking rides I've ever seen. Tyler sexes up his Vault Icee. Timber Tower toppling. A train goes through the big fan curve before flying through the station. This is one of those innocent looking, trademark GCI turns. You can't from looking at it, but the train goes through this turn, riders get launched out of their seat and then thrown to the side. It really amazes me how this coaster never seems to let up. Really, most GCIs feel that way. Some more Thunderhead action. You walk under Mystery Mine on the way back to Timber Canyon from River Battle. Robby pointed out how the supports are 'breaking.' Dollywood just makes it so easy! Two giant 'hooters' with a sign that says "will work for worms"? Somebody within the creative design committee has a sense of humor. My damage after actually riding the thing. Tyler is loving the devilish fun. I'm pretty sure we could have hung out there for a few hours just soaking riders. Robby does his part to ensure that the riders don't get off dry. In about three seconds, I will be reserving my spot in hell.. Seriously, the ride was fun, but it was a freakin' blast just standing on the sidelines and drilling people! There, you have the luxury of a fence to help shield you, because you WILL get soaked! Seeing how it was getting pretty hot, we decided to give River Battle a try. So awesome, yet so short. For a nearly 10 year old Arrow, it's pretty damn smooth though! This loop is so awkward, which makes it really awesome. It's like Arrow overcompensated for the wide base of the loop and the track twists too much as you go through the loop. It is a really cool effect! This dude had a bad day... Good ol' Blazing Fury. Just when you are saying "this isn't a coaster," it becomes a coaster. Some more of the impressive theming and atmosphere of the park. Somehow they managed to take a cheap, janky style Ferris wheel and not make it so janky. The majority of the park's flat rides are located in this section. I found myself forgetting this part of the park even existed, honestly. Well, we decided not to do the VeggieTales coaster because it had a little bit of a wait. But here's a shot for all of you diehard credit whores! Cheers! I was really impressed by the change in this section of the park! During my visit in 2006, the entire County Fair area was very open and just didn't seem to feel right. However, the trees have now grown out and the entire area is really nice. We hopped over to the County Fair section of the park since Tyler and Robby didn't have the VeggieTales credit. I had one big cinnamon joygasm! Holy crap was this stuff good, and well worth the $5! I had heard all about this cinnamon bread and had to try it... We ran into the Icee Bear! Given that Tyler, with his Vault Icee in hand, ran over and professed his love for the Icee Bear. I think they might have exchanged numbers. This has got to be one of my favorite shoot-the-chutes/flumes even though it doesn't get the riders terribly wet. Some more of that awesome theming... and it actually works! As I mentioned, the food is half the appeal of Dollywood! Nice little fountain in the park. Holy freakin' crap! Where's a machete when you need one? Do you realize how much relish could be made from a seven foot cucumber?
  9. You should always cite where you got something like pictures even if you acknowledge you didn't take them. It's just good policy and is a situation that will come up frequently as you go through school. Thanks for posting the pictures, though.
  10. EDIT: Noted! My bad. Nevertheless, I think The Alex is overreacting a bit. Sure, this is by no means good, but it's still not what I would call a catastrophe. It isn't even making headlines on most news sources.
  11. No offense to James and his sources, but I have to believe that both of those names aren't quite right. Neither fits in with the animations and videos shown on KI's 'New For 2009' page. A Mustang wouldn't be in a box with predator-like eyes, nor would somebody be running from it in terror. And unless they plan on making it out to be some ginormous freak snake, a diamondback wouldn't really be in the woods, nor would somebody be running from it in terror or would it be shaking a crate with large thuds. I just can't buy either of those names given these details, plus the hype they are building. Seeing how the coding for the page says "Beast" and they are using the shaking crate concept yet again, it has to be something Beast oriented. Not only is it an extremely recognizable and glorified ride in the Ohio Valley, it would also give Kings Island a way to bring some glory back to the park and the "Beast" name after the miserable failure that has been Son of Beast. Just my thoughts. Who knows, maybe I will be eating my words in a few weeks.
  12. UPDATE 2! Dollywood: Part 1! It had been over two years since any of us had been to Dollywood, so we were all pretty excited about it. This park is seriously so awesome. The ride selection is nice, the coaster collection is awesome, the food is amazing, and the theming is top-notch. On top of all of that, the staff is always ridiculously nice and there are tons of unintentional sexual innuendos all over the park just begging to be called out. I just can't get enough of the atmosphere. We went on a Saturday, and despite the place being packed, the lines weren't even that bad, and there's a reason for that. People are content just coming to experience the atmosphere and awesome theming. There is so much to see and do besides the rides. Every time I go, I wish had budgeted $50 just for food alone. Anyway, as I said, the rides are great. Thunderhead is seriously one of the most complete coasters I've ever been on. From the ground, it looks like a twister, but in reality, it's a twister and airtime machine rolled into one. Those trademark GCI pops you into the air right before the train throws you to the side as it rips through a turn. The course is relentless and it feels like the train never loses speed. It really is one of the greatest coasters of our generation, in my opinion. Tennessee Tornado is always great. Riders in the back get thrown out of their seat as the train goes down the first drop, which is entire enclosed. The rest of the course is very short, but packs one hell of a punch. I can't get enough of the first loop. It is hard to explain to somebody who hasn't ridden it, but the slight twisting the track does while negotiating the loop is one of the most bizarre, but cool feelings. If only this thing was a little longer. It took me a few rides to warm up to Mystery Mine. I was a little let down at first because I had see so many experienced enthusiasts rank it in their top ten and I just couldn't see how that was possible. It was a fun ride, but very slow paced until the very end, though the theming is superb. However, as the day went on, I liked the ride more and more. There were so many aspects of the ride that I had no clue about... mainly just the some of the indoor portions. It was a really fun ride though and an excellent addition to the park. The twisting 95 degree drop followed by the double inline-twist-loop-thingamajig was awesome. As most of you know, the new attraction this year is River Battle, and from the surface, it looks quite lame. It is very open, slow, and just doesn't seem to have much of a purpose. However, by the end of the day, we all were in agreement that this ride was an excellent addition. It was just all-around fun. I think we could have stood on the sides blasting people on the boats with water guns for hours. It's a lot like being eight years old again and having the squirt gun war to end all squirt gun wars. It was seriously so much fun. I saw fifty year old men having a blast on the thing. It really seemed to be a hit among the entire crowd. Well, that's my breakdown of Dollywood. Enjoy the pics! The second picture update from Dollywood will be up sometime in the next 24 hours! 1000 Awesome Points go to whoever is the first to guess why I had this picture taken. The second half of the pics will be up by tomorrow afternoon! Slightly pointless, but still kind of cool at the same time. Heck, given how out of control and fast paced this ride is, a piece of straight track is almost a breath of fresh air. A train full of happy riders get their pictures taken. And why shouldn't they be happy? They are riding a roller coaster on rolling couches. In case you forgot what we are riding. Alright, we've been depriving Thunderhead of our ridership for far too long. $1.99 Vault Icee refills put Tyler and Robby in very good moods. Despite its moderately intimidating appearance in pictures, it is very much a family ride if you ask me. And if you aren't lucky, you will get extremely wet! To my knowledge, Timber Tower is one of the few Huss Topple Towers in the country. Mmmm... did I mention that the food at Dollywood is pretty much an attraction itself? Sorry, I know I'm failing miserably in not sounding like a fanboy, but for good reason. Nice touch. That's what I'm talkin' about. EPIC FAIL. We went through the door, only to find another walkway that led from the main path with these signs. After asking a worker, we were told this was the Q-bot entrance. How in the hell would we have known that? Well there is the entrance, but where is the Q-bot entrance? It is really difficult to get a good picture of Tennessee Tornado. It's not terribly photogenic. However, it is terribly underrated. A bit on the short side, but oh so sweet. Either Arrow finally started to get their act together in their last few years of operation, or Dollywood just takes really good care of this ride because it is still really smooth. Even Dollywood? Boo! I spy some sexy lift hill action over beyond River Battle! Yes... that's a beaver... standing next to a "hole for rent" sign. I'm pretty sure Dollywood was trying to make this more entertaining for adults. Oh come on!!! Beavers on a log!? They are just begging me to become 14 years old again! They are making this too easy! River Battle, the attraction for 2008. More Mystery Mine action. Here are the quick little turns the cars make before heading to the vertical lift for the main drop. It's really unfortunate that the bigger chains aren't willing to invest as much money in theming as Dollywood did with Mystery Mine. It is a prime example of how much theming can enhance a ride. I enjoyed it, but was still a little letdown. That would change as we re-rode it later on! It's still not a top ten ride, but it was a lot of fun! The theming really made the ride. It received the Tyler Seal of Approval. He did right here. Did you just get laid? The end of the ride was pretty freakin' awesome. Not to mention, it was the smoothest part! Yes, it is going down now. We were all pretty excited to finally experience a Euro Fighter. With our handy dandy Q-bot, it was time to board by the time we even got to the ride! This was only my second Q-bot experience, and I have to say, I'm really warming up to them. Especially when they cost as little as Dollywood's do. Mystery Mine's test seat has a buzzer that goes off once the rider is capable of pulling the harness down past the highest safe position. It was pretty nifty, however we some people during the day who didn't realize that the buzzer meant you were fine, so they just sat there looking confused. This buzzard use to talk and interact with people that walked by. It would make fun of what you were wearing, who you were with, and stuff like that. Now its just gives a spiel about the Mystery Mine story line. I guess it's a fair trade off though! Terrorist!! If you ask me, the external theming is just about on par with many Disney attractions. Oh heck yes! I was really surprised by how quite the cars are. There it stands in the distance! As much as I want to hop on Thunderhead, we're gonna let it warm up for a while and go ahead and hit Mystery Mine. Ducks are pretty much the second coolest animal ever. This also shows how nice this park is. Things like this really build the atmosphere at the park. Even if bluegrass is not your type of music, it is really neat to see these guys playing live music. We're here! Heck yes! We draw near. ATTENTION EAST COAST TRIP PARTICIPANTS!!!! This is Tyler, aka CTU Agent. He has a knack for excessively sleeping on road trips. So be sure to pack adequate amounts of shaving cream or any other material that will bring entertainment at his expense! Yeah, our 50 cents bought us a solid half hour of comedic entertainment. We picked up this "newspaper" at a gas station outside of Knoxville. At first, we thought it was free given how janky looking it is.
  13. UPDATE 1: So this past weekend, CTU Agent, BamaRob21, and myself decided to take a much needed break from summer classes and work and head to the two best damn parks in the South. Since none of us had been to Dollywood since Mystery Mine had opened, we decided it was finally time to see what the scoop was. The day before, however, we decided to hit up Lake Winnie with some peeps from TPR! I must first apologize. Unlike our day at Dollywood, I didn't take a whole lot of photos at Lake Winnie which I really regret, but it was a great day at a great park, and hopefully the pictures I did take reflect that! Scott (BeemerBoy), his wife Shannon, and Joe (ParkTrips) met up with us that night at the park and it was a blast. It was great to finally meet Scott and Shannon, and as always, was great to hang out with Joe. If only they could have come to Dollywood with us the next day! Enjoy the Lake Winnie pics! The first update from Dollywood will hopefully be up soon! The only three essential things in life: P.M.W. 4 Life. Word. Hey Lou! Look where we're at; Steak 'n' Shake! Sorry the picture is a little blurry. I still like the photo though. Sadly, it was about closing time, but we weren't done yet. There was still fun to be had. Stalker! Hey Tyler, do you know that "gullible" isn't in the dictionary? Lake Winnie is a really nice place to be at night. This park isn't terribly big, but I feel it is a must for any enthusiast who comes through the area. Insert cheesy, "cute couple" caption here. Thanks for coming out, guys! After we picked up a few VDs from the Boat Chute, we headed back over to see if the Fly-O-Plane op was back from his "20 minute" break. Joe, Shannon, and Scott wisely decided to sit this one out. This ride was insane, but brutal! There is a reason why there are only a few of these left in the world! It's sort of a "Really? In America?" type ride. Joe is all, "yeah, I'm totally gonna get some in the boat tunnel... but ladies, still apply within." "Hi ladies, I'm Robby. I am single and about to spend three minutes in a deep, dank tunnel. Apply within." Sorry, but I like the ride so I have to give it a little more love. I may be a former world champ, but 'former' does not equal 'washed up.' I once had a friend empty his stomach on me while on an Orbiter at a county fair. There is good reason for that. I highly recommend riding this insane ride BEFORE eating. Last time I was here, Fly-O-Plane was sitting in pieces, so I was quite excited to finally ride this thing. However, in the South, a second is actually three times longer than it is elsewhere in the country, so I had to wait a while before I can discover how awesomely bad this messed ride is. Some lift hill goodness from Cannonball. I have a major love-hate relationship with this thing. Freefalls are of the few attractions that still scare the hell out of me. How's your hearing, Scott? Oh yeah, Lake Winnie has a pretty fun wooden coaster as well. Here is the Watch-Twelve-People-Simultaneously-Crap-Their-Britches attraction. For those of you who have been on Shock Drop at Beech Bend, just multiply that by like three and you'll have Oh! Zone. This is Castle, the epic dark ride that takes you to the moon, where you almost get run over by a GMC truck. You can't make this crap up, people... After a little while, we met up with Scott (BeemerBoy), Shannon, and Joe (ParkTrips). PMW, ya'll. Big Bob, you make this too easy. The caption possibilities are endless... The park has some rockin' swings that we unfortunately ran out of time for. Mark me down as a fan. A little jarring? Yes, but still quite fun. Love it or hate it, you have to at least admit that these are some of the coolest looking mouse cars around. In hindsight, I should have waited until the car was empty instead of getting the creepy picture with the family staring at me, wondering why in the hell I'm taking their picture. First ride of the evening goes is Wild Lightnin', an L&T Wild Mouse of doom. Case in point.... an ice cream stand themed to look like a riverboat, and the paddle wheel actually spins! Ah yes... good ol' Lake Winnie. I don't care how delightfully redneck it may sometimes be, Lake Winnie has more charm than most corporate parks could ever dream of having. So who ripped off who? Just when you think Holiday World is in a rural setting, take a trip to Lake Winnie.
  14. Barry, did you move to Kentucky? That's where I was last attacked and told I was going to have my ass kicked.
  15. Well, no. We haven't had a single tropical "disturbance" since August 29. 2005. No tropical storms, no hurricanes, nada. This summer has been completely dead, and I'm fearing for all of the new out-of-towners who have come in to work as contractors/whatever. They don't know the routine like the locals do, and when something DOES come, they're in for an experience. I'm not saying New Orleans is now 100% hurricane-proof because we got boned by the worst of the worst, I'm saying that I see a trend of NOTHING COMING. I don't think the 16-year-old from Tennessee should tell me about my climate. I don't think a 16 year-old from Louisiana should be predicting natural disasters, or a lack thereof, in his own climate, either. I really doubt Mother Nature cares that you think hurricanes will stay away since you guys got slammed by a category 3 hurricane. South Florida got hit by a hurricane in August of 2004 and then got hit by FOUR MORE hurricanes in the next 14 months. I doubt anybody saw THAT coming. You may "see a trend of nothing happening" but your foresight really doesn't mean jack.
  16. If you are looking for a wide variety of coasters, then I really don't think you will find a better collection in the world (yep, I said it!) than what's at SFMM. They have just about every category covered: -4th Dimension (and vertical drop for that matter) -Invert -Floorless -Flyer -Stand-Up -Hyper -Traditional mega looper -Medium-sized traditional looper -Suspended -Inverted lift-shuttle -Wooden (and racing) -Mine Train -Launched Shuttle -Kiddie coaster -Terrain coasters AND non-terrain coasters. Not even CP or SFGAdv have that much variety in their coaster selections. So while the park does lack in the flat ride department at the moment, if coaster variety is what you are looking for then I really think SFMM is the way to go. I personally feel that many of their coasters rank near the top of their respective class class, at least as far as the U.S. is concerned. And to give credit for the improvements they've apparently been making, I visited the park for the first time this March and it was easily one of the best experiences I've had at a Six Flags park.
  17. And if you believe that, you're an uniformed White Sox fan. Real baseball fans know that ball was out of play, and Moises was NOT going to get to it anyway. Bartman (who I actually know), did what any other fan would of done. Alex Gonzalez booting a double pay ball was the turning point in that series. The media made it Bartman. Yep, and even if it had been catchable, I still don't see it as a big deal because, again, he did what any other fan would have done. I have to give serious credit to Bartman for turning down every single media interview or offer, and for refusing to leave Chicago. To me, that shows a lot of class.
  18. ^No kidding. Seriously, how many food stores provide maps? And if for some reason I ever get a hankering for some pork hooves, duck heads, or skates, I know where to go.
  19. ^^I can't stand the White Sox! Sure, there's an instilled disliking because I'm a Cubs fan, not to mention it's in the dirty southside and I kind of like life, but I especially can't stand them because such a large portion of their fanbase is comprised of fair-weather fans. Yeah, I know the Cubs are one of the biggest bandwagon teams in baseball, but that's saying something because we've more-or-less sucked for 100 years. It's not like we're the BoSox where suddenly half the country fell in love with the team because they caused Yankee Nation to collectively crap bricks and went on to win the World Series. That part, at least the World Series portion, will happen once October is over. My disliking of the White Sox turned to pure hatred in 2005 after they won the World Series. Why? Because prior to the 2005 World Series, White Sox fans (from what I had always seen) were practically non-existent. Hell, if you walked into a sports store, there would be twenty racks of Cubs gear and one rack of White Sox gear. Then after the World Series, poof! White Sox clothing shows up everywhere, people start driving around with "2005 World Series Champions" license plate frames on their cars, and people who have spent their entire life on the northside suddenly profess their love for the White Sox! Before you ask, I spent the first 22 years of my life in Central/Southern Indiana. Given that we don't have a nearby team, baseball fans usually pick between the Reds, the Cubs, or the Cards. My old man had family in Chicago and grew up a Cubs fan, so I grew up a Cubs fan. Not to mention, Cubs probably have more games aired on TV in Indiana than any other MLB team because of WGN. Anyway, I've gone off on a completely separate tangent from stadiums. I just felt the overwhelming urge to express my disliking for the White Sox. I hope you know that I'm not necessarily calling you a fair-weather fan! You like the Sox and that's fine! I won't question you! With that said, yes, Wrigley is a big bar (the two guys sitting next to me when I went must have spent nearly $75 on beer), but I'm not sure what changes have been prevented that would increase the entertainment. Heck, I personally feel the atmosphere in Wrigleyville prior to the game is an experience itself. Maybe I'm just biased. I try to keep an open mind though. I guess I just really enjoy the nostalgic feel and atmosphere that Wrigley gives. Yes! The same reason that the Busch family sold out to InBev!
  20. Oh great Title Fairy, Though my title (which I requested word-for-word many moons ago) is relevant to my avatar, I've grown tired of it and feel it is a bit lame. With that said, if you can find time within your busy schedule, I wouldn't mind a new one. I give you full freedom to grant me whatever title you wish. Thank you. EDIT: I guess I got what I asked for didn't I? Fair enough, most excellent title fairy.
  21. Honestly, without a car or lots of money, you're probably out of luck. Seeing how you are in Chicago, SFGAm is probably a reasonable possibility, but it might take a while to actually get there. I'm sure some of the Chicago locals might know more, but off the top of my mind, I'd say your best bet would be to take the Metra green line up to Waukegan and take a taxi from there (5-10 miles maybe?). I'd say you're probably completely sunk on Michigan's Adventure. Sorry, but it's in the middle of nowhere and, to my knowledge, there is no good way to get there from Chicago. Cincinnati, there is slight hope if you want to spend tons of money. There's a bus line called Megabus that has fairly cheap bus fare from Chicago to Cincinnati, but it takes you to downtown Cincinnati and Kings Island is considerably far from downtown. Public transportation is awful in the U.S. outside major cities (NYC and Chicago are the only decent ones that come to mind) and so it is quite expensive and inconvenient. You could get to Cincinnati for a reasonable price, but a taxi ride from downtown to Mason is sure to cost loads. But even if you can get there, you'll still probably need to pay for two nights in a hotel room because the bus ride will probably take close to seven hours and I'm sure a taxi (or any other form of public transportation) from Downtown Cinci to Mason will take 30 minutes to an hour. Sorry, I'm sure this probably isn't what you want to hear. Best of luck, though.
  22. When Vekoma says "mega coaster," they aren't referring to a hyper-style coaster. "Mega" is the term that Vekoma gives to any of their major looping coasters, as you can see on their official site.
  23. Where are you getting your facts, son? I have never, anywhere, read that Iron Wolf was an Intamin designed by B&M. For one, from what I've read, B&M was founded in the late 80's and it wasn't Intamin they worked for, but Giovanola who subcontracted through Intamin. Secondly, even Six Flags lists the manufacturer of the ride as B&M and I'm sure they'd know better than anybody. If you have a reliable source to back this up, then by all means, please share 'cause I'm curious.
  24. I'm glad we see eye to eye on this one! They still managed to play a great set in their 30 minute time slot. I actually burned a CD of all the songs in the set list order after the show, just because I'm an LTJ nerd like that. Yeah, apparently they opened the FOB show I saw in Chicago last year. However, I was completely unaware, barely cared, and they had already played by the time I showed up... just in time for Paul Wall. Oh joy... There are a few Cobra Starship songs I kind of like, but for the most part, it's all too electronic for me. I liked the lead singer's old band, Midtown, a lot better. They weren't anything terribly special, but played some good, fun rock. Touche! So I guess I probably shouldn't even mention how I got to go back to the tour bus area after the Warped Tour and meet some of the bands, should I? EDIT: Why the hell did Jack's Mannequin close with "La La Lie"? That's a horrible closer! It's a fine song, but a horrible closer!
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