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  1. Canobie Fan wrote:


    Like what? I would take Mantis, PCs Vortex, and Iron Wolf over BDK.


    We must be riding different BDK's. Here are some B&M's that are rougher than Dark Knight, IMO:


    PGA Vortex

    Iron Wolf



    SFoT's Batman

    My last ride on Kumba had unbearable headbanging

    Dominator has the same shaking as BDK


    Etc, etc, etc.

  2. Canobie Fan wrote:


    And then BDK in the back row is by far the worst B&M ever made.... It makes the SLC next to it seem FUN


    Oh please, Captain Exaggeration. Dark Knight is not that bad - even in the back row. There are quite a few B&M's that are just as rough, if not rougher.

  3. Kroger8 wrote:


    I think the problem with some of the so called "emo's" and "goth's" are that they are sad people, who's parents are/were not good parents, and didn't reward them, or do anything for them, and the other half of the emo/goth population have attention problems, and do not get enough attention from home, or their peers, or etc. If you cheered up and got some true friends who really liked you, and not just because your common trait is being sad all the time, or not getting enough attention, your life would be a lot better.


    Holy shit. Have you ever taken the time to get to know a "goth" or are you just blatantly stereotyping? In high school, I had friends who were goths, jocks, videogamers, piercing junkies, bookworms, etc. Each little group has different types of people. It's completely ignorant and arrogant to say that goths are sad people with bad parents. Way to wrongly judge people. It's just an F-ing subculture that some people enjoy. It's about the music and the look.


    As for everyone else saying that Twister II shouldn't be allowed to wear eyeliner: then nobody should be allowed to dye their hair or wear Abercrombie or wear K Swiss shoes. High school is about the only time in your life when one can experiment and try different styles. You can't walk into your job at an accounting firm with a pink mohawk. Let the friggin kids do their thing.

  4. At 3:30am, when iTunes put the CD up for sale, I purchased it 8). I'm a big dance music fan so I definitely like the direction of this album. Not all the songs are good, but it has a few great ones. My two favorites, thus far, are Isaac and Sorry. No surprises here, I acquired the album two weeks ago; but it was only 80 bit rate . I was pretty familiar with the songs when I bought it off iTunes. Good to have a better quality copy.

  5. Your mom is probably just worried. My freshman year, I dyed my hair black, started wearing dark clothes, and began listening to "goth music". My mom finally cornered me and asked "Kip, are you worshipping the devil?"


    Also, be very careful. High schools are like battle zones. I don't know anything about your school; but at mine, doing the "wrong thing" could get you beat down pretty quickly. It sucks, but that's the way it goes, I guess. Just be prepared to defend your freedom of style.


    Your mom is probably worried for your safety or that you're just headed in the wrong direction. Either way, you need to do what feels right.

  6. Cerberus wrote:


    So, personally I'm quite thankful for these 'cheap' option Vekoma coasters. It allows small parks to finally break into the big scene and attract the attention that'll allow them to expand further.


    There ya go. You hit the nail on the head. Parks know these SLC's and Boomerangs aren't the best quality, but they're cheaper and quicker than B&M's, yet they get the same attention and they have the same draw.


    Adventure World built Mind Eraser in 1995 and the park saw a 25% increase in attendance that season. That's an amazing accomplishment. You can thank Mind Eraser for Six Flags America and Superman and Batwing and so on.

  7. I think the layout is brilliant, but some of them were constructed poorly. That and train design is somewhat flawed. Most SLC's have a "special seat" -- where you can get a particularly smooth ride. SFA's is the very LAST row.


    The roughest SLC's I've ridden were SFA's Mind Eraser, PCW's Top Gun, and SFAW's Serial Thriller. El Condor and T2 are rough, but I like them a lot for some reason!

  8. I have become mildly obsessed with the Pussycat Dolls :shock:


    I think it's funny that there are six girls in the group, but only one of them really sings. The other five are just there to gyrate on stage and do occasional back-up vocals.

  9. Wes wrote:

    It's NOT a traditional horror movie, but Requiem For A Dream is probably the scariest, most disturbing movie I've ever seen. I own it on DVD, and I've never been able to bring myself to watch it again.


    andrea responded:

    ^why would that be a scary movie,it's about people getting addicted to drugs or is there more to it


    If you don't see the fright in addiction, you probably have never been addicted to anything. Consider yourself lucky.


    I own Requiem also, and I've never watched it a second time. Another good drug movie is Gia with Angelina Jolie.


    As for scary movies, I love 80's slasher flicks. They don't scare me in the least bit, but they're so fun! If I'm gonna get spooked by a movie, it's gonna be a psychological horror movie. I can always tell if a movie has gotten to me by whether or not I check the back seat of my car after the movie.


    I love buying horror series boxsets. I have the boxsets for Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday The 13th, and Sleepaway Camp. Hooray!




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