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  1. I think I've given up on Real World. I couldn't even watch the last couple seasons. It seems like all they did was go out drinking, have sex, and sleep late. It just wasn't entertaining at all.


    Although, that dude in Austin getting punched in the face was pretty entertaining.

  2. When I rode Flight of Fear one time, we launched and went up into the first loop. When we were almost completely upside down, the train stopped and rolled back. It was fun! Then they turned the lights on in the bowl, and physically pushed us back into the station.


    While this was an accident at PKD, the same exact thing happened on the same ride (Joker's Jinx), but that case was done intentionally. We were shooting the commercial, and I guess they wanted to save time, so they just launched us slow enough to roll back . We did that over and over. I skipped school that day to do the commercial shoot.

  3. pvcoasterguy writes:

    I love Six Flags Great America's top spin- it has a pretty good program. You do six flips in a row, very fast, which is pretty crazy. One of the best flat rides I've ever been on.


    That's strange because, according to a source, I heard that particular Top Spin was built many years ago and sat at the Huss plant until SFGAM bought it.


    Someone put a down payment down for the Top Spin, but never paid the rest, so it sat at the Huss plant for ages, until SFGAM came along. Before it came to SFGAM is was sitting outside pink and rusty.


    From what I've heard, the SFGAM Top Spin can physically only do 4 flips, due to some mechanical problems. So, if you got 6 flips, consider yourself lucky (in more ways that one )

  4. realize that Cedar Fair hasnt been doing all so well, I mean next year they're taking out the oldest building at one of their amusement parks (Dorney) to make a Subway, great move Cedar Fair, way to get rid of history

    Cedar Fair is a business. It's really quite simple: Subway = money, Crotchety Old Building = no money. Parks are there to make revenue, and corporations don't really care about nostalgia. Nostaligia works if you're in the PA mountains, but it doesn't fly well with companies like Cedar Fair.

  5. I think I've ridden all the B&M standups in the USA, except for the one at Carowinds.


    I would call a tie between Scorcher and Riddler. Both offer different styles, and both do it perfectly. Scorcher does what the early B&M standups do, but it does it gracefully.


    I really can't comment on Iron Wolf or PGA's Vortex, seeing as I haven't ridden them in about 10 years! Both were smooth and wonderful then, but I gotta trust the population when 99% of you all say that those two have gone straight to hell.


    Then we have the two Handicapped 'Tards: Chang and Mantis. There's so much wrong with these two coasters. It's almost offensive. I honestly hate both of them with a passion. Chang, Mantis, and SUF are at the very bottom of my B&M list -- well, actually, they're probably some of my least favorites of all time.

  6. What does it matter if EE has side-to-side motion? There are only lap bars. Next time you ride a Schwarzkopf with lap bars, notice how far your body/head is pushed around.


    Revolution and its laterals were fine until they put on shoulder bars. Unless Disney is planning to retrofit EE with OTSR's, I don't think there's anything to worry about.


    My $.02

  7. Meiso uses tires as a part of their braking system. The train hits the tires at the end of the ride (and theyre quite squeaky and loud!), the tires slow the train into the regular brakes. As far as I know, all or most Meisho coasters use these tires. Some Meisho coasters don't even have standard brakes, the tires do all the work.




    [edit] Here is a photo of a nicer-looking Meisho shuttle


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