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  1. I went to a latin club/bar once. We went on Cinco De Mayo and it was SO crowded! But, I ended up just watching people most of the time because I wasn't totally sure how to dance to the beat. I mean, I was only used to grooving to house and hip hop beats.


    I really enjoy when DJ's mix house and latin. Do you like Hex Hector?


    [edit] BTW, do you know what "Lapa Lapa" means? That was the name of the place we went to.

  2. It's been awhile since I've seen the Wave Swinger video. I don't have the URL. I'm sure someone has it on TPR. From what I heard, nobody died from that accident (even though the one person appears to get smashed).


    I also have video of this freefall accident in Asia. Unfortunately, a few people died from that nasty fall. The ride looked like a HUSS Shot 'N' Drop, but it was really designed by a college professor, then built in-house, and sold to a fairground. Come to think of it, I think the links for the Wave Swinger and freefall accidents were posted to TPR awhile back (?)

  3. Dance Valley, you say? Ferry Corsten is one of my favorite trance DJ's! His "Dance Valley Theme" was good, but I wasn't totally impressed with it. I like his remixes much more than his original pieces. I have a huge collection of his remixes on mp3! I think his remix of Apoptygma Berzerk's "Kathy's Song" is freakin' BRILLIANT!


    I used to be into Tiesto, but not really anymore. I've even sort of died down with my Ferry fanatacism. My current favorite is Valentin. His synth skills are amazing.


    This is kinda funny, but I just bought A*Teens: The ABBA Generation because (1) I love ABBA and (2) it's ABBA songs put to trance-y dance music. Haha. I bet everybody is like "Uh, eww" but I really like it!

  4. The first two pictures are of that spanish Preston/Barbieri Waveswinger that tipped over (and was caught on tape -- you all saw)


    Third picture was taken on the Cajun Cliffhanger at SFGAm. The floor raised up and ate half of someone's foot.


    Lastly, here is a link to a story about SFGAm, yet again. A worker was killed on the Crazy Mouse a week or less prior to opening:





  5. Well, regardless of reason, there are some B&M clones around the world. I'm not saying B&M "pushed" these designs on the parks, but there are still USA B&M's cloned on other continents.


    Oblivion = G5

    Batman = Great White = Lightning

    Raptor = Orochi


    I would think the parks and B&M work together. They come to B&M and request a ride, give them the space available, the spending range, etc. -- and then B&M may offer a custom or "clone" coaster as an option. Just my idea.

  6. Parks to visit:


    Wyandot Lake

    La Ronde

    Great Escape


    Maybe PCW ( I have to get on honor roll, or almost make it.)

    Maybe Kennywood (same reason as above)

    Probably SFNE

    You're not doing all those parks on one trip, are ya? I mean, unless you have a lot of money, time, and patience, this trip you've scheduled sounds unreasonable. Those parks are pretty far apart. Anyway, here's my take on the parks:


    SFGADv: I hate this park. It's always disgustingly crowded when I go, rides are closed, operations are less-than-stellar, etc. I didn't even go ride Kingda Ka this year because I didn't want to go to that park. Next year, I'm gonna have to go because of the new woodie. But, your mileage may vary.


    Wyandot Lake: Why? The only real ride of interest is a kiddie wood coaster. Is that worth the admission price? That's your decision.


    La Ronde: Personally, I always wanted to go up there, but that's the problem....it's very "up there". We were gonna go from PCW to La Ronde, but we decided it was too far away from the direction we were heading. I still would love to go one day, seeing as they have a neat collection of coasters and rides.


    The Great Escape: If you can this year, get to TGE! It's awesome. But, it looks like it's heading in the wrong direction. It's may well be the next dumpy Six Flags park. They took out the best section of their world-famous Comet, and they're supposed to be reprofiling more this winter! Plus, they're adding and SLC this winter. Small, Charm-Filled Park + SLC = Beginning of Trouble (IMO). But, yeah, get there. The park is gorgeous. The steel coasters are pretty standard, but theyre themed nicely.


    SFDL: Dude, I was ready to leave Darien after like 2 hours. I caught Superman on a sluggish day. Predator was great, in the front seat only. The SLC was rough, I skipped the Boomerang. Oh! Viper was cool! I loved that. The park was sorta blah and ugly. My vote? Skip it!


    PCW: A beautiful park that gets insanely crowded. All of the coasters are either clones or they just plain suck. The flat rides are good, however. Skip it, unless you wanna boost your coaster count.


    Kennywood: KW is like my lovechild. I make the 4 hour drive each year cuz the park is so charming. It has one of my #1 steelies, three um, interesting woodies, a spinning mouse in the dark with killer theming, a bunch of flat rides, a 250 ft Giant Drop. It's just a bomb-ass park.


    SFNE: I actually really like this park (despite the fact that they f-ed up my #1 woodie!). It's themed great, there are lots of great coasters and rides. My only beef with SFNE is how it can get SO crowded!


    If you're up in that region, and you like woodies, you must hit Lake Compounce. Boulder Dash (especially at night!) is outrageous.


    Niiicolaaah said that you should go to MFI. I gotta disagree. The Silver Comet is pretty lame, IMO. The rest of the park is kept up, but it still feels like a dump to me. I thought it was a waste of time personally.


    Wow, sorry about the length of this post. I hope it helped!


    PS. Here are some pictures I took at TGE





  7. WaterViper wrote:

    Dude I am calm! I did not overreact in anyway! All I did was state the facts! Btw I believe you have overreacted right here. You could of been a bit more mature about it instead of getting all pissy and start to whine why no one wants your link up there. Well anyways think before you add a link like that again! Not that I am a moderator or anything but common sense does come into play here.

    Sorry, but I stopped bickering on the web awhile ago. I'm done.

  8. Thanks for your posts and pictures! I've wanted to go to Japan for so long, and I bet I won't get there for at least 5 years.


    I'm so interested in that stand up, Fuijin Raijin II, even though it's said to be.... not that comfortable . It has such a nifty layout.


    Orochi is crazy beautiful. That Daidarasaurus makes me laugh.


    [edit] typo fix

  9. I have always been into electronic and dance music. All I talked about the month before my 18th birthday was how I was gonna be clubbing every night, school or not. I went to some stupid club on my 18th birthday and it was horrible. Everybody is basically soaking with sweat, packed like sardines, attempting to dance. I tried a few raves, and they were just dumb. All the candy kids and their glow shit.


    I stick to the music, period. I'd would rather blast some 4/4 beats in my car - windows down - rather than trekking out to some nasty club.


    I stick to collecting, composing, and remixing the music.

  10. I can't even remember if I have posted in this thread. If I already have, my apologies.


    Mind Eraser at Six Flags America is my baby. It's POS, but I love it. I was on the first train out on May 20, 1995. I used to operate it. I have a Mind Eraser tattoo. I don't necessarily ride it a lot. I just love it like a mother loves her retarded child. So many memories. It's a total sentimental thing.

  11. tinkerbell:

    Fire drills always remind me of last year in 8th grade though, when someone set a trashcan on fire--that was funny.

    In 7th grade during gym class, I walked into the locker room and found this fellow student standing in a big trashcan peeing on his feet. That was funny.


    A couple years later, he brutally stabbed a girl to death behind the local Wendy's.

  12. Anyone remember the first (well second*) harnesses on Flight of Fear? They were so massive, you had to basically squeeze your head in between them. Softest restraints ever, and they were needed.


    *I say "second" because from what I heard ages ago, when the two FOF's opened, they had already retrofitted the restraints. The originals were rock hard, like Intamin Giant Drop restraints. I heard an employee say that when they sent out the first train, the train came back and the employees were in so much pain -- one was crying apparently? So, they quickly added all that padding before the coasters opened to the public.


    If you see the original promo shots, you can see the hard green restraints. The promo pictures are funny because the people on the train are screaming, but their hair is perfectly intact. I guess they took pictures of them screaming in the station (maybe screaming because they had to actually ride it? )

  13. CoasterCrazy writes:

    Since its a 4-D coaster I hope it's smoother than X, almost all the of the Intamin coasters that I have been on have been smooth!


    I think it's a common misconception that Intamins are smooth. I've been on a bunch that rattled like crazy. I've had one or two painful head-banging rides on Volcano (yep, Volcano), Colossus at Thorpe was not really smooth, even opening year. The Supermen hypercoasters occassionally shake. Many people complain that StormRunner hurts their necks. Kingda Ka in the back of the train, people have said it shakes so much, it feel's like it's going to bust apart. Etc.


    Not bashing Intamin here, I LOVE Intamin. But, I think some people have the wrong idea regarding how smooth all Intamins are. Also, I think a lot of the rougher Intamins are that way due to lack of or improper maintenance. With my bad Volcano rides, I suspect it was a fluke or something -- like I was near a bad wheel or whatever.


    PS. Does anyone else besides me like the term "Rocket Coaster" more than "Accelerator"? [/end nerd]

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