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  1. Yeah, Python is still sitting back there. They should put up Ultra Twister and Python next to Two-Face. That would be funny in a nerdy enthusiast sort of way.


    As for Ultra Twister opening this year (or even next) -- I would say, don't get excited until it's officially announced. There are many rumors afloat, so who knows... (But damn, I want it now! I want an Oompa Loompa NOW!)

  2. tdmamba wrote:

    There's nothing wrong with Mamba. The problem with it though is that it needs to stop being trimmed so heavy. It got better this year especially in cooler weather and at night time. It ran good under those conditions and I can understand Timber-Wolf. In fact Timberwolf is supposed to be getting retracked for this season.


    Mamba would skyrocket to my favorites list if they shut off the damn trim brake. But I mean, but what can WOF do?... supposedly, when they run it trimless, they go through wheels like water. As it is, the coaster is just unbalanced. Up until the mid-course brake run, it's fantastic (that second drop, wow!); but, the bunny hops running back are really boring when the trim is on.


    As for Timber Wolf getting retracked -- AWESOME! It was absolutely horrible in 2004. Let's just hope they get a good crew to work on it, and not the crew Wild Adventures used on Cheetah.

  3. TheGreatOne wrote:

    Mantis isn't a rough as people make it out to be. Most enthusiasts are wimps with no tolerance for pain.

    No, Mantis is bad. It's not "Go To The Hospital" rough, but it's very uncomfortable. And that makes me a wimp? Let me know if you want to compare pain stories.


    Mantis is bad because there is not much room for your head to move, thus it gets banged all around when riding. Also, the G's pull at your legs -- it feels like something is clawing at your calves.


    In a dream world, I would love to see B&M and CP replace the stand up trains with appropriately heightened floorless trains.

  4. Scaparri wrote:

    The ProSlide Tornado is the Vekoma Boomerang of water parks. They sell like crazy, look cool, and fit into a small space, but in reality, really aren't that good.

    I totally agree. The Tornado slides look fantastic but the best part of the experience is the big, steep drop into the main section. The actual funnel part is really uncomfortable. Way too turbulent for a waterslide.

  5. movieguy wrote:

    I've had it up to here with Six Flags letting this park go to rot. At least when the defunct Premier Parks INC owned DL, they had the friggin decency to at least give the place a couple of Veclonas, and the nightmare (Which is now in the Great Escape) which is more than Six Flags has EVER done.

    Actually, the only think defunct about Premier Parks is the name. Premier bought Six Flags and decided to go under the moniker "Six Flags" because of its high name recognition. Premier and Six Flags are/were the same people.

  6. coasterfreak101 wrote:

    and the Alpine Bobs (stupidest name for a ride in FRIGGIN GOTHAM CITY) are to go there

    When it opened, its official name was Penguin-something (Penguin's Polar Express, I think). They just never bothered to take the Alpine Bobs sign down. I think, not sure, but they might have officially re-dubbed the ride as "Alpine Bobs" when Penguin's Blizzard River opened across Gotham.


    I sort of got in trouble one day when they stuck me on Alpine Bobs operation. The ride had no music and Alpine Bobs must have music -- it's like American tradition! So, finally, after another little kid asked me to turn on the music, I said okay, and started singing really loudly over the microphone. I just happened to be singing Sisqo's "Thong Song" when my bosses walked by. Yeah, they were pissed.

  7. I dunno if Ultra Twister parts are on site yet, but several different people have stated that it's heading for Washington DC. I also heard that Ultra Twister's parts left SFAW a couple days ago. So who knows...


    I thought it'd be cool to stick Ultra Twister in Gotham between SROS and Batwing. They could call it "Poison Ivy's Twisted Terror" or something.


    As for 2005 -- I think that two new waterslides and some paint is a pretty weak "makeover". But that's just me.

  8. The trains on the Boomerang in Finland are the new Vekoma trains. Efteling's Python has the new Kumbak trains. The Kumbak trains looks awfully painful -- no head room. Any time there is only an inch of room between your ears and the harness, that's just not good.






    I wanna know why Efteling got rid of Python's relatively new, beautiful Vekoma trains?

  9. Last I heard, Serial Thriller was going in The Great Escape for '07, but they hadn't picked a spot yet. I can totally see TGE giving the SLC a simple, yet bold, theme (given their theming on, say, Canyon Blaster).


    And Derek makes a great point below:


    Derek wrote:

    LOL, yeah, clearly Great Escape is the closest park to Houston to be able to store some rides at.

    Same goes for Ultra Twister and SFA. Someone said it's going there simply for storage. Why on earth would they haul a coaster from Houston to Washington DC for storage? On top of that, why would they move Ultra Twister when they could have moved some rides that were in better shape -- Viper, Greezed, Batman The Escape. I can understand them relocating UT to SFA if they're intention is to operate it there, but why "store" such an old ratty coaster? I love the ride, but I will be the first to admit, it is sorta shitty. (But, hey, any coaster is welcomed at SFA by me. Shitty or not, we need something, we're going on a 5 year drought.)


    It seems like everything involved in this SFAW fiasco just makes no sense whatsoever.

  10. Desert Storm would be absolutely horrible if it had OTSR's. But it only has lap bars, so I don't have anything to complain about (unlike the Dragon at Adventureland in Iowa!). I really enjoyed Desert Storm and Patriot.


    I'm surprised these Hopkins coasters have held up as long as they have. They look to be built very poorly. Anyway, I hear Adventureland's Dragon only has a season or two left until they take it down.

  11. I hate when certain people on web boards think they are Mother Goose. They think they have the right to tell people what they can and can't post or they think it's their duty to correct spelling and stuff like that. YOU ARE NOT THE MODERATOR! Let the mods do their job.


    I also HATE the "rolling eyes" smiley. People use it way too much, and it just ends up making you look like a stuck-up smartass. I wish R&E would get rid of it, honestly.

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