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  1. My favorite coaster is Millennium Force "Nuff said.
  2. It looks like a rocket coaster mixed with a 4d and the layout sounds alot like Storm Runner except no inversions. Sounds like fun.
  3. Okay,here is a more modest coaster, This is a GCI-esque twister called Acid Rain. Check it out. [WoodenRC]Acid Rain .trk
  4. Before I get started making my insane coasters(RCT3 which I am truly amazing), I need help shooting pictures in RCT3. What are the hot keys? Thanks
  5. Here is a gigacoaster that will impress everybody. I did this coaster in coaster designer mode so pick any kind of theming you like. [Giga]Mach 1 (2).trk
  6. I would never,ride a manual coaster a la European park style.... Also,the monkey bars in Farup Sommerland.....(yes,I am chicken)
  7. Best Endings. Nitro- Fun painless airtime Millennium Force-great coaster,all around and the overbanked turn over the quene really tops it off nicely and gives a preview for people still in line Magnum-Same as Nitro but a bigger scale 8) Boulderdash-the floater airtime along the lake and the trees is so cool. Worst Endings... Viper(defunct one) after the non-airtime hill,we get a steep turn into the station? Wicked Twister-at least spin a bit on the last cycle Hypersonic XLC-great launch,but come on, a minnuscle hill filled with brakes?
  8. I'll join. I got an awesome Gravity Group-esque airtime machine I can work on. Anyone got any good names? (3 hours later). Okay,this is an RCT3 coaster. I don't know if it will play on RCT2. Anyway,it's a Gravity Group-esque coaster. It's called Robb's Sugar Rush. s Sugar Rush .dat
  9. I was always curious how people get POVs on coaster,because it looks so cool. But I am an insignificant speck in this universe so why bother for me.
  10. That is evil. I am the master of evil terrain drops and airtime. I remember making a 650 foot drop on a strata... Damn,it was ultraextreme .
  11. I use both,but it's more fun to use the Sandbox. Anyone forgot (cough,cough, playing with terrain drops,cough,cough). That's how I managed to accomplish a 163 foot drop and 88 mph wooden coaster with only a 95 foot lift hill. 8) Scenary is also a bonus,plus it's nice to see the peeps like my wild coasters.
  12. Or kiddieland home of really crappy credits1 Like an SLC-in-training,a 400 foot(long) Vekoma Rollorskator and a 150 foot long circle coaster.
  13. Awesome. I see a great future for some rides. Vertical Velocity condoms and Millennium Force vibrators,lol .
  14. That was the best ITL show I heard and I been listening since the very begining. New Zealand is a third world coaster country,I guess. Anyway,I hope "Big Brother" Steven keeps the show way it is. 8)
  15. I would vote for airtime, and airtime. I love the thrill of flying out of my seat at high speeds. Yeah,I love Boulderdash.
  16. I will probably pool a bunch of investors and fake them into contacting Intamin to build my rollercoaster .
  17. I am most excited for Holiday World's The Voyage. That looks like a monster woodie! Combine Hades and Shivering Timbers with Boulderdash like parts with Raven tunnels and you get the most coaster possible!
  18. Yeah, Joyland is a great park for $1.6 Million! I hope Cedar Fair buys it and refurbishes it. We can always dream right? I don't think anyone will buy Clementon unless they are a local coaster enthusiast with $15 Million to spare(I am a NJ person,but I don't have $15 Mill).
  19. When I was in Ohio 2 weeks ago(CP and Cuyahoga Valley NP) I became annoyed with the Pennsylvania Turnpike. First of all, every 10 miles is a construction zone all thorough Pennsylvania! Plus you get the privelledge of paying $20 for toll and getting a crappy road in return. In GAdv last week, waiting for Nitro(3 HOURS!!!) What the hell happened to multitrain operation? I swear that the wait for Nitro in it's inaguaral season was at most an hour! (20 minutes usually) And why in the hell did they open up Kingda Ka at 8pm?! And what's with the fact that you need to get a ticket to ride? Well, it's nice that you're taking steps against line cutting but it's easier just to hire secruity! (or reassign secruity!)
  20. How about taking a short side trip to Canobie Lake? Yankee Cannonball is a great classic Shmeck! Even that alone will make the trip to Canobie Lake worthwhile! Also, how can you forget Canobie Lake's classic flat rides?
  21. Coasterbuzz, fill myself with the latest news in the industry, and ARNR which makes fun of that news!
  22. I just aimed aimlessly. I think I found you from CoasterForce but I don't remember how! It's been years and years since I began my beautiful relationship with your website. Seriously though, it's a great site.
  23. When I was a seven, Robb Alvey didn't exist in my world.
  24. Croatia really looks like a nice country! How I hate being stuck in this crappy state in America! (Though we do have SFGAdv) Anyway, I'm glad you liked Croatia!
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