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  1. I follow celebrities, news organizations and bloggers on Twitter therefore I don't get enough interaction with people on that site so I loose interest rather quickly. Posting and liking gets boring if there is no interaction. I am amusing myself then and that defeats the purpose of Social Media. Facebook and Instagram are my two preferred outlets on the internet. I share pictures I take with my phone on Instagram and use Facebook to communicate with friends and family. I comment frequently when a topic of interest shows up on my news feed and or watch videos. I am most likely to see or respond to your post on Facebook. Interaction is key I enjoy talking about and sharing coaster stories and facts. If nobody participates in the conversation or doesn't comment back on a comment you take the social out of the media. It becomes burdensome to maintain several outlets so I stick with my favs.
  2. I use my phone for everything including posting and liking content. I check Facebook regularly and usually post their first. Instagram I like to edit my photos and re-post them there. Twitter I use on the fly or when I am in a park. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter You Tube for viewing videos Rarely use the others. Most likely to share and like a post on Facebook.
  3. As a former park manager and employee for Cedar Fair and Premier parks. Enthusiasts are best for generating interest in their parks and Rides. As an employee their excitement can be energizing and really make your day. Yet large groups can disrupt the flow and expect VIP treatment, more than you can provide. That is the main reason why they like to have coaster events; keep the enthusiasts contained, controlled and content. As a manager the park has a vision and they may get some feedback from you but ideally when selecting a new attraction it is a very complex process. Permits, bids, deadlines, surveys, statistics: all investment in the parks future. What they are planning now you will not see for maybe five years. A park needs on going public excitement if it is going to survive.
  4. I am on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram several times a day. Will watch You Tube videos as you post rides I am interested in. Comment regularly on Facebook posts. Retweet things of interest. I follow TPR on all the outlets and view them as they spark my interest.
  5. Here is my link but I just get code.....where is my image, so much for being witty. http://m.quickmeme.com/meme/3u1vbk/
  6. Some classic wood, Phoenix at Knoebels. I hope Irene does not ruin my coaster ridding in Va next week. I did not go to Florida because late summer is hurricane season, so mother nature decides to pound the hell out of th east coast. That's my luck.
  7. The trains arrived yesterday May 27th for Sky Rocket and testing will start next week. An estimated opening date of June 17th and should be available for ERT during Coaster Con.
  8. Long time Millennium Fan, got trumped by Diamondback last year. Now the Intimidator's VA and NC are going to challenge Diamondback for #1 in 2010. Who will win the coaster war B & M or Intamin ?
  9. Yeah Amazing POV, especially the Backwards POV... Can't wait to ride Renegade this summer
  10. Beware of the Ikura The Hello Kitty store in Tokyo also rocks Dinning in Japan is like a box of chocolates you never know what you are going to get until you try - or have some local friends to steer you in the right direction. Ikura
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