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  1. 24 is one of the best shows ever. Anyone else big on it?
  2. Max, how much money do you have to put in the collection basket to join the Catholic Coaster Enthusiasts? Or do you have work bingo a certain number of times? I'd love to join!
  3. Mostly just here in the Midwest and East Coast . . . GL/SFWoA CP PKI Wyandot Lake WDW Tuscora Park (1 kiddie coaster - small Ohio park) SFDL SFGAm Kennywood Hershey Knoebels Dorney SFNE SFGAdv Let me know if anyone else has been to Tuscora Park - most people have never ever heard of it. It's one of those parks if you are a credit whore you would love to see. It's just a little community park with a ferris wheel, carousel and kiddie coaster. Everything used to be a quarter.
  4. I don't really know if I'm an "Enthusiast" yet as I've never been to a club event or even belong to a club. I have, however been to over 10 parks and over 100 coasters. I guess that will be my qualification. I have also made some really corny videos. It all started my 7th grade year when Millennium Force was being built over the winter. I saw a picture somewhere and I had loved coasters for a while, but this really intrigued me. Soon I learned the stats and followed the construction. I had never been to CP, but begged my parents and we went that summer. Ever since then I've had a season pass to the park in Aurora OH and CP.
  5. I have something with the Supermans . . . S:UE I rode 35 times straight. This past summer it was dead at SFNE and I got 32 rides on S:RoS. Those were some amazing night rerides. Better than any ERT I can ever imagine.
  6. I am 17 (almost 18) and started riding when I was 5 years old. My coaster life debuted on the Corkscrew. It seems like there are a lot of teenagers on here. I'd love to talk to any other people my age, so someone please drop me an IM or PM.
  7. Out of the coasters I have been on, I think that S:RoS at SFNE tops the steel list, hands down. For wood, I would have to say that Phoenix or Viper at SFGAm.
  8. I do have to admit that I'm in a very good location for parks. Cedar Point can be done in a day, although that drive home at 3 in the morning does kind of suck. Although, I wish I was a little closer to SFNE. PKI isn't that far either. SFDL can be done in a day, along with SFKK and Holiday World isn't that far either.
  9. I have best friend on my computer. I'm not sure how, but I'll be willing to send it to you. Also, my favorite song is Sandstorm by Darude. Besides techno though, I like Taking Back Sunday and Dashboard Confessional.
  10. Elissa, everyone gets stuck on Villain! That ride probably gets stuck on that hill once a week - it's ridiculous. I've been stuck on Villain, Batman Knight Flight on the MCBR and the best was S:RoS on the lift for 15 minutes. Other than coasters, I sat at the top of a Intamin First Generation Free fall for about a half hour and a mechanic had to come up to figure some stuff out. SFWoA was so full that day that the X-Flight line was over two hours, so we got free exit passes. Some times it pays off to get stuck!
  11. I think it's a tossup between Viper at SFGAdv and SOB. Anyone want to come to PKI and have the world's largest bonfire?
  12. Hello everyone. My name is Zach and I live in the middle of 2 cornfields in Ohio. It really is as bad as everyone makes it out to be. The most unpredictable weather ever! My favorite coaster is S:RoS at SFNE. My favorite park is CP or SFGAm. If anyone would like to know anything about GL, let me know. I'm there WAY too much. I'd love to make more coaster friends so feel free to leave me a message. Zach, who misses SFWoA
  13. The Hell Song - Sum 41 Influenced because of a certain DVD.
  14. Geauga Lake - 45 minutes Cedar Point - 2 hours Kennywood - 2 hours
  15. Hoping to finally get to HW this summer. I think I'll probably get to my usuals quite a few times (CP, GL and PKI). Probably another Knoebels, Hershey, Dorney and SFNE trip.
  16. Hello all, first post - been reading here for a little while. My last coaster ride was GL closing day when I got Dominated.
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