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  1. I think the entire set of the 3 DVDs is one of the better investments I have made in a while. I have the entire collection now and it's very enjoyable to see a park from the happier less 'statistical' points of view. There are many DVDs on the market that give you perfect POV with stats, but very few invovle the opinion on a terrible foreign woody or some strange TOGO. Robb you do an excellent job and I have tried to mimick your style, but I just can't pull it off yet. I was so sad when I thought '03 was going to be the last year. I hope you keep making more, because as long as you make them, I'll keep buying them and watching them!
  2. PS2 Best Feat: Song: Holic Game: MAX Score: AA Mode: Heavy Where: House Arcade Best Feat: Song: Dam Diriam Game: DDR Extreme Score: AA Mode: Heavy Where: Gameworks, Columbus, OH
  3. Flash Flash Revolution. I was bored in computer science class.
  4. Happy birthday Steve and Elissa. Sorry you aren't part of the trifecta. It is a holiday around here with my best friend's bday on the 16th, St. Patty's Day on the 17th and then my bday on the 18th. Hope you are feeling better. Zach "March birthdays are so awesome!" Harig
  5. I think it will make her "fell" better because that crazy avatar is gone! Sorry to hear you are sick for your birthday.
  6. Yes it is a bit disturbing. I would never want to look like that every time I posted.
  7. I finally realized that the coaster desiging thing was a bad idea when I talked to the dean of engineering at NU and he discussed how there are only a few openings and that is an extremely narrow field. All I know is that I want to be an engineer, possibly structural or biomedical.
  8. Yes I love Donkey on Shrek also. He is hilarious.
  9. No, I have an inside joke with blues clues so it's all good. Have you ever run a mile naked?
  10. If DDR music counts, then I am definitely guilty. Other than that I listen to techno remixes of the Tetris songs. Those are just straight up sweet!
  11. I was in a Marc's one day and had some impulse to by a $25 garden gnome. I dropped it off at friends houses and they were like, WTF?! It was really random.
  12. Wow you are one of the girls on this site other than Elissa! Welcome!
  13. Yes, it is really nice not having all the pop-ups, but more than that I like how laid back it is here and you don't have to worry about getting roasted for making an off the wall comment or starting a fun topic. It's all in moderators . . .
  14. What year are those pictures from? I grew up on that coaster. Weren't there two different color schemes on the trains? Gosh, that ride used to run so well. Hopefully the retrack gives it some more speed for the final turns. I don't mind a G-train when there aren't potholes, but the first half of RWB really gave that train a bad name. It was seriously night and day, the first half to the second half. Some people that talk crap about that ride obviously haven't marathoned in the front seat at night. The back is where is hurts the most. And to think that 2 seasons ago the heavy train actually *fell* through the lift hill and it was down for a few weeks.
  15. I think we'd all be willing to buy one and jump onto the bandwagon. I'm speaking for all the people that have never met you Robb.
  16. Awesome pictures. The only thing I like more than your pictures are your captions. Don't know why, but I'm still laughing at that random jacket.
  17. Okay I have a few videos but none of them are good enough quality to submit. They are all exported from Windows Movie Maker. I have a Mini DV camera but not the firewire and the program that captures the video isn't very good. No firewire port on my computer (at least I don't think so). You guys are the experts, any way you could help me? Because otherwise these aren't .AVI files but rather MPEG.
  18. I live rather close to CP and was frustrated that it took me 3 tries up there to get on it. It was a rush for me - I was nervous. I think it's probably the most intense coaster I've been on. I liked it more than Storm Runner just because the OTSR's on SR really chopped my neck.
  19. Jose, my cousin is the Head brother at Holy Cross (in South Bend across from Notre Dame) and I've been a huge fan of the Irish for years. I've applied there and I'm waiting to hear my status. I would love to make my home in South Bend. Ditto on the Mennonites. Zach 'I'm visitng South Bend next week' Harig
  20. An afterschool/before track bagel and strawberry cream cheese! Oh and of course a big glass of water.
  21. I'm a pretty serious Catholic. One thing I have learned through that religion is . . . don't try to date Mennonite girls. It just doesn't work. I'm an outcast, my town is all Mennonites and Amish.
  22. Max I ride Corkscrew and Double Loop religiously! I'm a regular at church and go Saturday if I'm going out to a park on Sunday. Count me in! Zach "I want to be the Second Member in CCE" Harig
  23. Coaster postcards,maps, and the calendar posters from CP. Still haven't found the 2005 one, let me know if anyone can help.
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