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  1. I know you want country music, but I hear Powder Keg and immediately think of Powerman 5000! Try one of their songs if you want something really hardcore and full of power.
  2. I love B&M for their smoothness, but there are so many "mega" coasters that Intamin have made that are pefect for my liking in every sense. I love airtime. S:RoS at SFNE is an airtime machine and I could ride that ride forever and never get sick of it. I'm sure that GeForce is awesome too, but sadly I haven't ever been overseas so I don't know how good it is. The other S:RoS's are also really good too, and MF and TTD are great coasters also. B&M though, their zero-g rolls are amazing and easily my favorite coaster element. I go back and forth on these companies, but usually it's based upon the one I got off last.
  3. CEDAR POINT! Opening day, I'm sure its' going to be packed. I'll try to get on maXair and all the coasters. I have been craving a coaster for a while.
  4. Medium for me. Start with the shirts and if the design is liked then I agree that other items would be cool too. I don't care how dorky or nerdy it is, I'm buying one and wearing it proudly!
  5. I belong to a labor union at 18 years old and they suck my money out of my pocket. Sure I make $6/ hour but after taxes and union dues I'm down to about $4.66. I'm my company's biatch!
  6. . . . "so much love. . . yet so much information" -Focker
  7. Our star attraction! The Hartville Flea Market and Hartville Kitchen. Homestyle Amish cooking and crafts. Wow... Hartville Ohio, where the population of cows outnumber the people 2:1.
  8. I live in a very Amish town... This says it all.
  9. Thanks for the great pics! I too would be in that odd line. However, I think I would leave my patch jacket at home and refrain from staring.
  10. Wow sounds like we have some of the cheapest prices out here in OH. How about we set up a business and sell it to you Californians for about 2.20 a gallon. We'd make a little profit and you guys would save a lot of money.
  11. I'm still yet to meet anyone that has been on this coaster. http://www.rcdb.com/id1783.htm It is in some park in the middle of the woods. You have to walk really far just to get to it and not many people know about it. It's just a random town park with 25 cent rides.
  12. Long distance runner on the cross-country and long distance track team. I also played soccer for 11 years.
  13. I try to run as much as possible but its harder now because school and work have made me overly busy as of late, but in the Fall and winter I was running 6 times a week, almost 45 miles altogether. I'm a hardcore long distance runner so I actually have the reverse problem - I'm ridiculously skinny and weak so I need to start lifting weights or something. I went for a nice 6 miler yesterday for the first time in a while. Also, I play DDR for about 2 hours at a time - does that count?
  14. Sounds like an awesome idea. Definitely something we need to bring to my school. We had to have a day of silence before so we could understand what other people with disabilities go through being impaired in some way or another and I did it the whole day and it was quite a challenge. I think things like this are great and I wish it really came to my small town in Ohio.
  15. Age: 18 Middle Name: Robert Pet Peeve: slackers, smokers, hateful and spoiled people Color of your bathroom: blue and yellow Best Movies of ALL time: Indiana Jones, Fight Club, Meet the Parents, Air Force One Best Song of ALL time: Sandstorm - DaRude Best TV Shows: ER, Apprentice, CSI, 24 Favorite Bands/Artists: Dashboard Confessional, Taking Back Sunday, DaRude, Saves the Day, Yellowcard, Starting Line, Aqua, Toybox Favorite Ride at Disney Parks: Alien Encounter Favorite Ride at Paramount Parks : Beast Favorite Ride at Six Flags Parks : S:RoS SFNE style Favorite Park : Cedar Point Yummiest Ice Cream: Chocolate Buckeye If you could eat lunch with one person, who would it be: My friend Matt Morning Person or Night Person: Night person Pets: Cat named Sammy and fish named Poisson (fish in french) Favorite Color: Green Where you would go for fun (not an amusement park): to sleep Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi Opinion about Peanut Butter and Jelly: I like it, it just gets old every day in my lunch at school Best Vacation Spot: Sandusky, OH Cook or Go Out: Go Out Beach, Desert, or Mountains: Mountains, Magic Mountains Favorite Game: Zelda, a Link to the Past or DDR Celebrity Crush of All Time: hmm.... DDR Freak: I have played for 6 hours straight, does that count? Car: '95 Green Dodge Spirit
  16. It's a shame I'm on the other coast of the US. Sounds like location is a big problem for everyone. Let's throw a TPR get together Midwest style! I'm in Ohio, how many people do we have out here?
  17. I knew so many people at SFWoA because I went there about 30 times early in the season that when they were running low on employees and had a "bring a friend to work and operate coasters without training day" they immediately thought of me. I worked there for 3 months after that. I still know all those ride ops and it was an awesome experience.
  18. I cannot believe I forgot Sandstorm and Dark Black Forest - add those to my favorite list also!
  19. I'm in and out of the house enjoying they weather and throwing the frisbee.
  20. Kick the Can Cartoon Heroes Speed Over Beethoven Dam Diriam Holic Era 321 Stars Absolute Music (Sorry I couldn't just pick one) I play on Heavy.
  21. I don't know, which one does the "wraparound" immelman?
  22. Oh no! Don't forget Dominator! Glad to see so many people have given that coaster such a good review. I am not as well ridden on the Floorless coasters so I didn't know it ranked quite that high.
  23. Stock boy and bagger at a grocery store.
  24. Look on ebay for Cedar Point and they always seem to have a calendar poster on there. I have 7 of those hanging in my room and like them a lot. I also have a PKI one I got from a friend. Definitely check eBay and the CP website if you want a CP poster.
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