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  1. That you can help your self in Europe is because almost every european does speak english Thats the luxery that American and English people do have over here..... I can speak Dutch German and English but thats because we have to since they are our neighbours. Isn't it so that you American also learn Spanish at school ?
  2. thanks for your response but i do believe a bit in this site. They still do give a good indication of when the schools have springbreak so the big crowds should be less I hope. Are there any day's like asked before that may result in a less crowd day?
  3. edit: foud it again http://www.tripsmarter.com/panamacity/springbreak/sbcalendar.htm I couldn't edit my post so thats why a new post.
  4. Well i did found a site a month ago witch told me that the major schools have springbreak in march and the first week of april. i can't find it back anymore but thats what i can remember. So hopefully it will not be that bussy in that day's..... Does it make any diffrent if we go to a park on a mid day or in the weekends ? Thanks so far. Anton (counting down) van den Akker
  5. Hi there, I'm looking forward to our trip in april when we will hit Florida fot the first time. I did california and vegas in 2003 so this will be my second trip to the USA. Lik e others i'm hoping not to have to much crowds (springbreak). Is there anyone who can confirm me how the crowds will be in the major parks during 7 april till 23 april ? The parks that we will visite are: Disney MGM Disney Animal Kingdom Disney Epcot Disney Magic Kingdom Disney Blizzard Beach Disney Typhoon lagoon Universal Studios Universal IOA Seaworld Busch Gardens Tampa Our Villa is in Kissismee from where we also will be able to visite the skytower and G force in Oldtown. For what day's can you recomend me to go to each park with the less crowds as possible ? Do you have any things that I should know ? My planning so far would be difficult so if there is any help p.s sorry about my lousy american....
  6. I do own a website with some parkmaps. But there are only european maps on it. I hope you like them so please no deeplinking. klick me
  7. What a great vid of my home park I will be there again on 18 december. It seems that rob doesn't like this park witch i can understand if you seek thrill and stuf like that. However for the dutch (like me) this park has more than just a few attractions. This park has been here for many years and everyone here knows the park for a long time. The fairy's and the "Anton Pieck" designs are evreywhere. Its just the familiy feeling that i get in the park each time i get there. If you need any more info about this park than just let me know and i will help you out. Anton "Thanks for the vid " van den Akker
  8. Hi there again. Today the group went to movieworld germany and toverland in the Netherlands. I live close to Toverland so thats where i meet them again. They arived in this small park in the afternoon and where pretty suprised about the park. They will tell you all about it. I made some pictures and some small vids with my photocamera in this few hours. Some of the group went on the Survival track wich was a real challange for them. Most people would laugh but its a big thing to walk it to the end. In place of put my pictures online a made a small vid (WMV) with some pictures etc. If there is someone who can help me out with my traffic please put the vid online then. Till my traffic can handle it a leave the vid online. Its in winrarr format so you must download it (40 Mb) Enjoy http://www.turbolaaf.nl/temp/tl.rar
  9. Nice report Rob And the woody has Gerstlauer trains (german) these give a great seat. I've been here last year and loved it also a lot. How about the vekoma junior Rob? Also they have a nice rapid with some ok theming around it. I'm looking forward to hear what you think from bon bon land since it was te strangest park i've ever seen. Enjoy 8)
  10. He already have been there.....if you want some just ad me on msn and I will give you some. And for me Goliath isn't that great also......Rob and I discussed about it but I still love Goliath in sfmm a lot more.
  11. Hi there my first post and also one of the people that was joining rob and the others in walibi world. (the one in the egf shirt on the last group pic.) Anyway it was for me a short meet over there sinds I went to a other park first. But it have been fun to meet you people and discuss about the good and bad goliath. When Rob and the group left i went on with Tom sinds he wished to spend the rest of the day in the park. some pictures:
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