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  1. i've got better contacts with the people that work there

    bcause i work there myself


    Nice to hear that since I know the most of the crew that works there.

    Rene is one of them and he also works with me on my site. Together we travel a lot to other parks included florida and acros Europe.

    Since i know him i also know Lianne and your boss Caroline where all the info comes from.

    Next time i get there i will look for you.

    So far off topic


    For those who do not know what the other ride will be :




    Then have a look at the wiegand wieflyer.

  2. And i am the closest person to toverland on whole of TPR, 5 miles


    Trust me i can get there faster then you think

    And i'm also in a good contact with the parks staf and press relations.

    So far there hasn't been a release for a layout however some people did released what the second attraction would be and thats a Wiegand inverted bobsled.

    I keep you informed as soon when i know more.

  3. Hey everybody!


    This thread is simple! Rather than having a million little threads about everything that goes on at Toverland, this thread is designed to consolidate it all into one user-friendly thread. Feel free to use it to post updates, trip reports, questions, comments, and of course, general discussion. For pictures and videos of the park as well as past updates, see TPR's Park Index Page.


    Official Park Website


    Below are some links to past updates from the park, you may be interested in. Enjoy!






    June 14th, 2006 - Troy announced (SEE BELOW)



    June 28th, 2008 - Troy opens



    March 16th, 2010 - Toverland to get swinging ship in 2011



    November 11th, 2011 - Mack spinning coaster announced for 2012



    June 12th, 2012 - Park to add €20 million 'Magische Vallei' expansion



    September 4th, 2014 - Toverland announces expansion, including a hotel.



    June 4th, 2016 - Toverland shares their future plans



    January 18th, 2017 - B&M Wing coaster to be added in 2018

    September 26th, 2017 - Toverland's new land, Avalon will contain Fenix (B&M Wing coaster) and a boat ride



    January 3rd, 2022 - Expedition Zork renewal project announced!



    The press department of Toverland just announced that the park will build a wooden rollercoaster for 2007.

    The layout is not released yet but some stats have been given:


    Constructor: Great Coasters International

    Hight: 32 meter

    Length: Langer als 700 meter

    Planned: Juni 2007

    Construction will be begin in december.


    This will be there 3th coaste next to Boosterbike and Boomerang.


  4. The wheel is not allowed to turn since the thing has been checked.

    What i understand so far is that in urgency there is not enough time to evacuate everybody on the wheel.

    Thereby its also a fact that it gets the capp. down so they just don't want to use it.

    I did it once when it opened but its not such a major part for that ride.

    They also looked for other options like a transport band to roll the boats up to the slide but that was also impossible.

    So far i suggest that you just forget it

  5. I've been there on 1-06-06 and i must say its a great coaster.

    However Nemesis is still better in my opinion.

    Off course I did take some pictures and also in the station.

    The pictures can be found here:




    And some wallpaper formats:








    PLease select save target as.

  6. ^Good question!

    Those are both standard sit down coasters. On an invert, the track is between the walkway and the train. Maybe...


    It will be particularly cool if that path is part of the queue.


    No its not a part of the queue but you will be able to walk trough it.

    The themed part of the park (africa) will have two parts to enter it.

    The first one is near the mine train entrace witch will guide you trough the loop.

    The other one begins with a bridge over the road between the park what brings you to the middle of the section near the small buildings.

    You could see www.phantasialand.de for a parkmap to understand what i mean.

  7. Seriously, if Vekoma can improve the smoothness of their rides this suspended launched looping coaster could be a massive hit, especially with little parks, if you use the link to that website you can also see the trains to this coaster and the restraints look very small compared to SLC's, so thats a good sign, I really hope they do this ride!


    They also has changed their restaints with smaller ones so your head is no more a basketbal.



  8. There's still a lot to be done, but at least they've begun painting now.

    Lots of new concrete as well, the buildings begin to take shape. Some points are so narrow, I still wonder how this is supposed to work without any legs chopped off.





    Jup I was there today and seems that someone else had placed the link to my pictures

    Anyway not much has changed but its still something that is great to see every day.

    The biggest changes are the main building that has some more paint and some more concrete on diffrent points of the construction site.

    The Chinese guys where still working hard to get the theming done.

    I think that next weekend there will be more parts under a roof (helix etc).

  9. And there is a undate again.

    When you have a close look then you see that the tunnel where the train will fly into als has been covered and closed with some wood.

    The inside has changed a bit with the lights and some steel parts for the gates to the boats.

    Anyway looks fine by me so far


    The tunnel is the entrace with the boat to the dark ride part.


    When entering the station you will walk behind the windows on the first floor of the houses.


    The side view

  10. It seems pretty reasonable if you're planning to just get the rides done and move on. The distance between places is fairly minimal out there as they're both pretty small countries. I'm heading out there this summer too for 5 days but taking it a bit slower, but i've already noticed that driving is nowhere near as big an issue as when i did Germany last summer. You should manage that okay.


    Also, 'captain' mentioned that Drievliet only takes an hour. Is there really that little to do there, or will I be able to drag the park out a bit more and make it last?


    Drievliet will take you a hour if your there for the coasters.

    Its not just dat the park isné small but the driving distance between Walibi and Drievliet taks also 1.5 hours.

    The park has 4 coasters but there is only one that is a bit smooth.

    The maurer spinning is the worst i've ever done so do not go to the park for that.

    If you like some flat rides like a enterprise, breakdance and afterburner then you've got some more time to spend over there.

    The whole park can be done in 2 hours.

    If you would like to combine this with a other park then i suggest you to take a smaller park near the coast like Duinrell.

    Toverland is just to far away for driving over there just for the afternoon.

    A second option is combine Slagharen and Hellendoorn both 2 smaller parks but verry near to each other.

    Hope i helped you a bit.

    Anton van den Akker

  11. your planning:

    Day1: Ariving and Amsterdam Dungeon.

    Day2: Walibi world / Toverland

    Spending the night in Amsterdam


    Day3: Drievliet / Efteling

    Day4: Bobbejaanland / Walibi Belgium

    Spending the night in Belgium


    Thats a bit difficult to combine these parks in such a few days.


    My advice:

    Day 2 only Walibi world

    then travel over to direction of the Efteling and Toverland.

    Take a Hotel near the Efteling for this night and use the next day for the efteling.

    Travel further to Toverland and use a Hotel near Toverland.


    Next day (day3) you should spend the morning for Toverland (will take you in about a few hours to see the park).

    Then near afternoon drive over to Belgium (its a easy drive for about 1.5 hour) and visite the rest of the afternoon Bobbejaanland.

    In the evening you should travel to Walibi Belgium to a hotel over there.


    The next day (day4) will be used for Walibi Belgium to Enjoy.


    The crowds on the road are bussy during some times but you will travel in the evenings when you take my advice and then the roads aren't that full.


    On this way you will not see Drievliet but that park is not really something to look after

    If there is anything that i can help you with then just let me know by email or PM.

    Even MSN is possible

  12. Like promised our schedule:



    7 april vrijdag: Leave NL at 11:00 hour - arive orlando at 17.40 hour

    8 april zaterdag:Relaxing day

    9 april zondag:Seaworld

    10 april maandag: Disney Animal Kingdom

    11 april dinsdag: Universal islands of adventure

    12 april woensdag: Disney Epcot

    13 april donderdag: Disney magic kingdom

    14 april vrijdag: Disney Blizzard Beach

    15 april zaterdag: Space centre + daytona beach

    16 april zondag: not planned for a park

    17 april maandag: Disney MGM

    18 april dinsdag: Disney Typhoon lagoon

    19 april woensdag: Busch Gardens Tampa

    20 april donderdag:Universal Studios

    21 april vrijdag: not planned for a park

    22 april zaterdag: going home - leave at 13.21 hour

    23 april zondag: arive NL at 9.35 hour


    Old town will be done after a day of swimming so thats not in the schedule yet.


    Any comments ?

  13. Without a copyright ... well I'd supply some but I don't want MY work to be used without my knowledge or without permission.


    The Copyright simply protects people's private work, although it can be removed.


    And thats why i ask people for their pictures


    But youre free to use my pictures on the way you like it.




    The pictures i'm looking for are for the information part of the new site that is being nuild @ the moment.

    Thanks so far.

    Anton"hoping on pictures" van den Akker

  14. The online use will be a website.

    I never place a © on my pictures because i hope that people enjoy them.

    So thats why i do not place any pictures with ©.

    Its still up to you yess but there is nobody so far that has send me a picture from a train or restaint.

    Even on other American sites they did not response to my request.

    A bit a shame I would say since the most European sites do like to help people out.

    If there is any picture that you would like to share with me about a train or what comes near that then please mail it to me.

    Its just a 2 minute job we really need some diffrent train types.

  15. Hi,


    I'm looking for some pictures from diffrent coaches for online use.

    I prefer pics from the seats and complete coaches without people.

    Like Riddlers Revange or X etc etc.

    They must be taken by your own and not have a © when possible.

    Is there anyone that can help me out ?

    Maybe you Rob ?

    Use my mail adres or this topic for placing regarding the pictures.

    Thanks so far,

    Anton "hoping on your support" van den Akker

  16. Thx again maliboomer for your reaction and input.

    Do not worry about the stress in our trip because we have 15 day's to do 10 parks and we have 2 day's to travel to and from the US.

    Between the 15 day's we also have planned some rest days to relax.

    My little group (4 persons) are all themepark diehards so thats not the problem.

    To adjust to your timezone would take one day but thats the day we will take a simple park.

    I've been in America before and its not that hard to adjust so....

    When my complete planning is done then i will put it up here so you can see it.

    Anton"thx so far"van den Akker

  17. Don't trust the site until you know what their vision of busy is. I think it would be about a 5/10 on the crowd scale, which is moderately crowded. Expect waits on the major rides of 40 mins and 15-20 on smaller attractions. If you haven't been before it's hard to anticipate. Getting out of Wishes or Illuminations will give you a mild shock the first time. Also, I think you're doing a bit too much for the time you have. Although it's seems like a huge amount, I'd cut out one of the water parks and Old Town, which is just lousy. It can be what turns a visit into a vacation.


    So where is your villa? There are a lot of nice locations around the 192 and Poinciana Blvd.


    Edit: Buy the Big Chunky 'Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World'. It's fantastic for first timers, and has a suprisingly large amount on Universal.


    Now thats a reaction thx

    For the parks we are doing: alvey hits 2 parks a day in europe so to much....i don´t think zo.

    This is a themepark related holiday and thats what we have planned.

    The villa is on waterviewloop in Haines city.

    Old town is something we will do in the evening so thats no problem.

    That it will be crowded is something i expect right now.....

    The waterparks are also a time for us to relax and not slide the whole day around

    What i really would like to know is what day's are the best for some of the parks with less crowds.

    I can believe that BGT is crowded on a saturday but what about on a weekly day like tursday ?

    Thx so far

    Anton" hoping on youre reaction" van den Akker

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