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  1. Correct easyjet and raynair are flying to Eindhoven. From Eindhoven its very easy to drive to toverland straight on on the freeway in about 40 minutes. A hotel is located next to the exit to Toverland. However there is a motel one exit before Toverland what could be cheaper but i forget the name. Ah well its easy to reach.
  2. I know its the mack logo since i come in Europapar mostly every year. I had contacts with the family mack for some information. The even brought me a nice Mack baseball cap. Anyway still no answer from the blog people so let us know what the mack plate is doing over there
  3. Great to hear you end with the Troy trains On this way you've practiced on 2 trains before that wich makes the last one the best I'm a installation designer myself so i know a bit what its like to put things together after doing a lot of drawings and engineering before that. It seems you heve a lot of fun with it. What i don't get is all the mack signs on the back ground ??? Is GCI also the spare part delivery for Mack ?
  4. Any idea when you people starting with that trains ? The ride should be open end of june so... What i expect is that the trains should be finished in may since they also have to be transported by boat to Europe. I'm just looking forward to my first ride in a millenium flyer next may in Beech Bend.
  5. Looks great so far Are you people also making the trains for Troy here in the Netherlands ?
  6. One major rumor would be tripsdrill. The other one could be one in the uk but where ???
  7. GCI already told us that it will be a smooth ride so don't expect any TDZ parts on this ride. Even the breaks will be magnetic so the ride will be a pleasure to ride in for the whole family. I;m looking forward to my GCI wich i will be doing @ beech bend on my upcomming trip before this things opens.
  8. I think they should send some for Gwazi as well! And i think you should read my press meeting with the GCI and Clair Haines during the toverland press meeting about troy. There is something interesting to read
  9. I've been there on the press meeting for the fans on saturday. Toverland did a great job by showing us the stuff en the presentation. We also got the change to ask the president of GCII some questions. It will be there biggest coaster build so far. There are 2 more potential cliƫnts in Europe but he did not tell wich one Also hi mentioned something i think the most in Tampa would like to hear When we walked outside on the construction area i told him about some of my trips to the US and my only GCI i've ridden so far. I told him that gwazi was a good ride but a bit to rough. Also i asked him why there are no Millenium trains on that coaster... The answer was: Not yet but maybe soon Clair is a fair and open person and i must say it was a pleasure to meet him. He takes the time for everyone with questions and offcourse a picture. To help you out: Edit: Tomorrow the corner next to the parking lot should be going up and the opening is planned on 23 june
  10. And up we go: For the other pics: http://www.toverland.info/
  11. I did made a list before from maps that i can swap. I even have made a topic on my own site to swap some. The last one that promised me to swap maps never reacted again I still would love to swap some maps so if you or anyone would like to then please ad me on msn or contact me by mail.(see my profile)
  12. Please leave him down since its a hard job seeing him doing that But keep in mind that you where screaming also like: this is the last thing ever Anyway the second time should be done in no time
  13. Would be great to meet up with you again I was there with your last meeting and made a small video of you elissa on the survival track that was fun. When you come over i'll sure try to make some time to join you. We expect to get hard hat tours as well so make sure to keep an eye on this one
  14. Uhm lets see: Winter opening in Europapark for 3 days in december Wuze Town with the winja's is open in Phantasialand from febr. till may. Toverland is open the whole year More then enough i supose
  15. Let me join you; Cedar point PKI Holidayworld Europapark (several days) Efteling Toverland Phantasialand Moviepark Germany Heidepark and some more......
  16. 1: they are building a dark ride in Atlantica style. 2: they have a huge capp. so don't worry to much 3: make sure to hit the popular rides first so start with Poseidon and the new youngstar coaster pegasus and then walk to the back and work forwards. Never start with silver star since almost everyone is doing that. In the afternoon the line is a lot shorter then in the morning or evening @ silverstar. The other coaster can be done in a half our wait and thats in the summer season
  17. First of all they have more then enough room and on the most pics you can see some of it. In the back you can see some forrest and they own the land till that line. And about the Survival parcours: they will not take it appart for more room or a coaster. Its just to popular and they still have more then enough room to expand
  18. Still a nice report to see even when i've seen it before on a other site. I really would love to do california screaming once.
  19. The controll tower is in the middle but that isn't high. Don;t know how you can fly by people in the middle then ??? My favorite program is the one i got yesterday again: Shot to the half of the tower, then slowly go down with the loud voice of the professor that tells you to look up. The when your down a loud noice is provided up in the tower and then your shot up in the tower to stick there a few seconds. And then the shot down with a small bungee after it to end the ride.
  20. For me it would be Mystery Castle in Phantasialand and Scream in Heidepark. (i live in Europe so ) I've done several intamin launch and shot down towers but thats just not it for me. Scream is a Intamin Gyrotower with a very exiting music and theming. It gets better and better when youre going up with some thrill building audio behind your seat. Mystery Castle is a one of a kind Intamin tower witch is enclosed in a castle tower. There is a creepy waiting qeue and some live actors thats scares the hell out of you when walking trough it. Once you get to the tower there are six benches that are mounted to the outside of the tower. This gives you a view to other riders when going up. The tower has several programs so make sure that you go there when its less crowds. The tower has audio as wel behind the seats and up in the tower. It can shoot you up but also can shoot you down so it depends on the program that you get.
  21. Spare parts of the trains have been ordered it seems but i don't know when it will be up and running again.
  22. So here comes the complete list: Netherlands (Holland) Toverland 2005 : 1 Walibi World : 5 (small map) Germany Centro Park 2005 : 1 Phantasialand 2005: 3 Panoramapark 2005 : 1 Europapark 2006 : 1 Europapark 2004 : 2 Tripsdrill 2004 : 2 Moviepark Germany 2005 : 2 Italy Gardaland 2005 : 2 Movie studios 2005 : 1 Aqua paradise 2005 : 1 Mirabilandia 2005 : 1 Spain Warner Bross madrid 2005 : 4 Parque de atracciones 2005 : 9 Parque de atracciones 2003 : 1 France: Parc Asterix 2004 : 1 (small) Belgium: Plopsaland 2006 : 1 Denmark: Legoland Billund 2004 : 1 England: Flamingoland 2005 : 1 Norway: Tusenfryd 2006 : 6 Sweden: Liseberg 2006 : 3 (small) Liseberg 2006 : 1 (normal) This list is a small piece of my collection what is a lot bigger but these are some that i have double. You can use my email to swap one of these for a american / canadian / austrailian or other non europe park map. I prefer maps from Cedar point, any six flags park and holidaypark but others should be welcome also exept florida maps. anton@turbolaaf.nl for more information.
  23. I think we can handle that more by email For now i will post my others over here so that others also can see if they wants some. I'm going to Heidepark next week so put that one also on the list.
  24. Phantasialand (newest) Europapark (Newest) Tusenfryd (Newest) Liseberg (Newest) Moviepark Germany (older) Phantasialand (older) Europapark (older) Toverland (Newest) Toverland (older) and a lot more. I will edit this post when i get home tonight.
  25. I do not know if there is any interest in european maps ? I've got a lot of them and would like to swap them with usa/canadian maps. If there is any interest please let me know by E-mail me. anton@turbolaaf.nl
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