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  1. Nice report. I went to Europapark a few days before (see my photo report of blue fire). Since its not that far for me as you i still like the park a lot. Its the best park out there from what i did this far (and thats a lot including the USA). Epcot is my second one. Did you sleep in one of the hotels ? They really themed well. Anyway thanks for the fun report. And next time: push the pedal to the metal when you're on the Autobahn
  2. Sure the TUV is one of the best in controling rides so don't even believe that this ride comes trough the test without them They are solid and give you a good seat. Next to that you also have a lot of freedom during the ride what gives it a big plus.
  3. Last week was my first time on this new Launch coaster made by Mack. Since Europapark is my favorite park out there (Epcot is second) my wife told me we could go there a day during our holiday. Now the news is that you people can go there when you take next years Europe trip, so let me introduce you this new coaster and my honest opinion about it. The ride: When you see the queue line you can notice that its just to damn wide. A lot of (mostly French) people use the space to skip the queue. They where send back into the queue and not allowed on the ride for the rest of the day. The whole queue liked it that the need to use the row to exit the ride, what was a hard lesson hopefully. Now i sure hope that the first part will be used as a picnic area or something in the next year when they build the new entrance of the ride and the splash battle. The theming is awesome and has a lot of nice details to watch. When you're near the station the line splits in 2 rows. One for the front and one for the other rows. A few feet more there is a single riders row so even the poor guy's like me got a row for there own. After boarding (they really work hard and fast) you pull the lapbar over your head down to its position. There is on-board audio and a pulse display so you can see how exiting your ride for your neighbor is The ride starts and you drive into the "darkride" part which is nice but not more thats it. You go trough it to fast to see the most of it. Just before the launch the train stops and smoke makes its way into the room. The alarm sounds and the doors opens ..... and there we go. In just 2.5 seconds were on our way to its highest point which is a strange curve that does not make any sense at all. After this you're on your way to one of the biggest loops out there with a lapbar and that is a climax trust me You can hang into your lapbar what gives you that free feeling. After this a short curve and up to the mid-course. This one does hardly brake you down so the rest of the ride follows. A few humps and inversion but no airtime at all Sure the hang time is great but i would like to see some airtime. Anyway the last inversion trows you out of your seat and that also gives you a great ending. A smooth break brings you back to your reality. The ride also has a load and unload station that gives it a hugh capacity during peak days. (5 trains on track ) I really like the ride and its the best Roller coaster in Europapark what sure gives the ride a good credit. Hope my English is understandable The pics: All pics are made by a Canon 40D DSLR with a 17-40 F-4 L and 70-200 F4-L lens Hope you enjoy them as much as i liked the ride.
  4. Rob says: Can someone please remove that flag out of my head? Thank you! My response: Sure i can But nice report, will be there in two weeks for the first time. Enjoy your trip.
  5. Thanks again for the comments. It seems that lots of people reed this post since my data is above 2.5Gb a day and thats a lot. I made the pictures a bit smaller what reducts my traffic but that results a bit in noise into the pictures. If anyone needs something in larger format then let me know by mail or pm and I'll send it over without noise in raw or jpeg format. Its just that 150Kb is a bit to less to bring great colorful pictures and thats the max size on TPR Next weekend Phantasialand is the victim and then i'll try to make them a bit smaller so it fits in to the tpr standards. Hope you still like the pictures, Anton
  6. A great thing about europapark (you would know i think) is that there are a lot places to warm your self up and have some good "milch cafe" with amaretto The shows itself are also a good way to stay warm and outside they made a lot of fires to warm yourself up a bit. They also sell "gluhwein" almost everywhere in the park but i just don't like that stuff. Next time just go and enjoy the park
  7. Thanks i try to learn more and more about my DSLR and a few new lenses made it a bit more easy to do
  8. No most of the rides where open except the water rides and silver star.
  9. Hi there, Me, my wife and two of our friends went on to Europapark winterwochen last weekend. We had a great time even when it was freezing -9 degrees celcius. We get to my favorite park every year including the winter so it was a blast to be there again This was however the first year that we could make pictures during the shows so i took some nice shots for your pleasure. The most pictures will be from shows and not from attractions since the most will know them by now. The upcomming coaster looks BIG and should be a lot of fun but no pictures where taken from that one. No more comments just some pictures Enjoy: Our look from the room we rented (150 euro for 2 nights for 4 persons) and you walk to the hotels in 5 minutes for a drink The place inside: some nice painting on the bedroom And the place from the outside (garage below the building for your car) : Did i notice they imported snow ? Santa should be my new friend Some nice views (closed however ) Cold ?? nah why do you think so ? One great ride and alway's fun the shooter: The first show was a great winter circus Great they got women and i got my tele lens Kneel for your master I asked my wife if se could make me happy by doing this but ..... No idea what that dog was thinking ? Here comes santa Even when its cold this thing is a hit A late night show with euromaus: The next day we did the ice show What ? New doll for sharktums ? And the last show we hit these day's Nice view from up here Oh it was winter before we forget And a walk trough the zauberwelt der diamanten The most don't even notice this Norway church in the park: My diner that evening the background audio The inside of the spanish hotel Pictures that the most should know by now I was the only one with alcohol in it....... Hope you did enjoy them ?
  10. I get there every year with a group of themepark fans. We enjoy it a lot, also this year we had a blast. There was a lot of rain but we also had a lot of sunshine so here are some clear photos. how do you mean "crowds" ? Entrance of the flume My favorite ride (made in holland rules) It took us 5 hours to get around and have a beer and some food. (it really is big)
  11. Good to read that a lot of people like the park. It's you like it or not and nothing really between it. About the donkey i'm not sure that there is one exactly the same one since Anton Pieck designed the most among years ago including this "shitting donkey". No ERT on vogel rok ?
  12. That would be 18 in Europe! Nope 16 for beer and 18 for stronger stuff We where there today and like your pictures showes its a lot of fun in Toverland. Time to build a new indoor part what should be starting next year What do the most think about troy in opinion when you compare it to other GCI's ?
  13. If you don't care to drive in europe you could do this: Fly in to germany or Holland and take a hotel and a rental car. When you stay near the german and dutch border you can do the following parks in short time(within 2 hours drive): Phantasialand, Efteling, Moviepark germany, Walibi world, Walibi Belgium and Bobbejaanland and Toverland. A bit more far away are: Heidepark (4 hours drive) Europapark (4,5 hours drive) Tripsdrill (3.5 hours drive) So if you take a hotel near Venlo in the Netherlands or somewhere nearby in Germany then you could do a lot of parks. Hope this helps you out. I can't answer again till monday since i'll be in europapark this weekend
  14. Nice report And we are complaining if we need to pay 8 euro (about 14$ ) to park a car nearby a themepark
  15. 1 Nemesis 2 Batman (sfmm or wbmwm) 3 Katun 4 Raptor 5 fire 6 ice 7 montu 8 Black mamba 9 Nemesis inferno
  16. The train can not be adjusted and will ride as fast as you wind it up (don't know how to say it in english). If you do not wind it up that hard then it will nog go that fast so thats how it works. Never had a pull back car when you where young ? They work the same because when you do not pull it back that far, it will not go that fast.
  17. Was there 2 years ago but didn't see it. A well i have one now
  18. Since my girlfriends father likes to collect stuff he got a bit to much in his room. So there was a old coaster there which he would like to give me but it needed some work. I like to collect stuff like that so i was very happy with it and since its more then 50 years old its also a collectors item I've fixed the most of it and got one train back running again but it still needs some work on the track en a second train that needs some work. Looks like my next winter will have some homework The trains helps them self onto the lifthill by using a mechanism that is pretty simple. See the vids for some details in how it works. I'm at least very happy with it. How the train works The train on track
  19. I believe its from intamin and there are a few of them wich i know: Efteling netherlands Gardaland Italy Cypress Gardens USA Parque Espana Spain the one in Israel i believe is a different model from a other Manufactory.
  20. When reading your post i think you want to go next year ? Anyway make sure to get there like posted before in may or june when there is nothing to do over there. Its a great park and one of the better kinds that i've seen. I've been there 2 months ago and liked it a lot. Unfortionally The Voyage was not my kind of thing but the Raven was a hell of a ride. If the weather is ok you should bring some swimming clothes to cool down in there swimming pool with great slides. One thing...make sure you bring a pepsican for reduction
  21. Clair haines: my fault GCII: check their site USA GCII P.O. Box 119 Sunbury, PA 17801 Thunderbird: i did to much coasters already so don't blame me...
  22. I rode it a few times now and will be back there today Clair Haines (president of GCII) stands on the exit watching people coming out of the ride with a huge smile. Its a pleasure to see a man enjoying that. According to him this is the best GCII he build so far. Chris still doesn't know for sure since its a lot like thunderbird. Anyway its a great ride
  23. You also gotta remember these are the FIRST trains they've dropped. And from the looks of it they had no water dummies in them. So there was no weight in the train. I'd say it's a pretty unfair comment to make given those conditions. --Robb they used sand bags so thats why you don't see anything.... But its still a pretty fast ride and the vid does not give the feeling like the ride itself.
  24. I did the ride yesterday also and its really a great ride with some good suprises like a bit airtime and good speed After the flytrough the ride becomes really hard to follow with al the curves but it sure gives you a lot of fun
  25. I'm afraid not They told us that the theming stay's like this and that's something nobody likes A well in a few years they should look fine also There will be some more add ons like lamps and stuff so we'll see what happens.
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