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  1. One time the train I was in turned into the maintainence shed and we got pulled around back and re loaded onto the main circuit via transfer track. I am thinking this was done so they could of avoided a 101 and relieve some of the build up. Because we went pretty quick right after the train in front of us went. I remember someone asking why we got turned into the shed but I forgot what they said.
  2. I very much like your PTR's Jahan they are so full of info and story telling. You should of got a pic of that tard kid! I was so curious as to what he looked like.
  3. What a load of rubbish. There has been distractions throughout all of life since day one. Myspace is just one of them that happens to be around at this day and age. So all it is, is just a target to hit at! Next it will be Wii!
  4. I own this too and I bought it when I used to be in ACE wayyyyyy back when aswell.
  5. Meh. Not to hyped about this. Now a full solar eclipes would be fun.
  6. Make the damn trams enclosed like the Monorail with automatic opening doors. People been getting in and out of the Monorail just fine without taking up to much time!
  7. Whats up Julie!!! Shaved head for yours truely!! Ok Spread em!!! I look like I just stepped right out of the Matrix
  8. Have fun blowing a bubble out of your arse!
  9. Telepherique is a Lawyers wet dream if that was in the states!! http://www.rcdb.com/ig3148.htm?picture=1 I would concider this a credit. I mean it is reletively no different then Spellbreaker which used to be at Legoland California. It is gravity drivin, its on a track (connected somehow. So alpine slides dont count.) and its at an established amusement park of some kind (carnivals and fairs included)...VOILA credit!!! At least it is to me!
  10. Am I the only one who doesn't think this thing is an "eyesore". I think it looks really neat and would love to see that thing soaring above any park.
  11. She looks god aweful discustingly horrid!! She does not look good at all with a buzzed head. Some women can pull it off, but she cant! She looks exactly like those aliens in Close Encounters of the Third Kind!!! :taikopuke:
  12. If you look forward to TPR to make your day, then you are definetly in bad shape! I suggest you dont come here to get hugs and support!
  13. These guys are still around!? I guess some people dont know when it's time to quit! They pretty much died after their Black album! Even though their Black album was on the line. But if they can bring back the music like Battery or Blackened then I will give them another chance! Because during those times they sounded their best!
  14. Looks like you possibly got hacked or viruses!
  15. In 2057 Disney is charging by the hour to visit its parks. $500.00 an hour with an entrance fee of $1000.00 Anual passes are $40.000 ...and that is just Disneyland alone at DLR! Double everything you see here for two park pass.
  16. Gnome, were you thinkin that this was two girls holding hands? If so, that person in black looks like some emo dude in tight pants. Not another girl. Fantastic photo trip report!! I really enjoyed your captioning skills! But I just couldn't figure out why these 2 were holding hands.... hmmmm
  17. I heard that the word GULLIBLE and its definition is being omitted from all the new dictionaries!!
  18. Thank god I grew up in the 80s. The only rule they had at my school was no hats! Everyone dressed normal during those times! There was no wanabe gangsta, pants down to the bottom of your arse, baggy clown clothes. No thong up your arse, hoochy moma mini skirts showing half your bodonkadonk, boob poping tight tops! We all all dressed normal and knew how to dress normal. So no stupid hardcore dress code needed to be implemented! And #3: Don't dress like a hooker. That pretty much falls under #1 (slore= slutty whore)
  19. This has nothing to do with waterslides. But it has to do with no restraints on a ride. Check this out for stupidity without restraints! Woman seriously injured in fall from log flume (Sunday, October 8, 2006) - At Liseberg amusement park in Goeteborg, Sweden, a woman suffered serious head injuries in an accident on the park's log flume ride. Witnesses say that the woman may have panicked, and that she was seen holding onto a railing in an attempt to stop her boat at the top of the highest point of the ride, before the final drop down the ride's water-filled chute. The boat continued down the chute, leaving her dangling from the railing. She then fell down the chute and was subsequently struck by one or two boats that followed. From RideAccidents.com
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