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  1. Did anybody go this past weekend?, how were the crowds for FT? and did it run consistently. Heading up this weekend with the kids and they are excited to ride it. JEFF
  2. here is a pic that I took from later on that year of anaconda's construction. JEFF Anaconda construction in Sept. 1990
  3. To answer the questions about Rebel Yells Q line, it was changed to its current state in 1994. The old Q house was razed to make way for the entrance to Waynes World. Rebel yell received a complete renovation that year including fin brakes, individual lap bars, and computer control system along with the redesigned Q line which allowed us to choose where we sit. Kings Dominion built long Q's to cut down on line jumping. here are some pics of the way it used to be. JEFF old Q house, with a funnel cake stand on one side. (very similar to Racer's Q) this aerial pic from 1990 shows where the line entered the middle of the station and the exits are where the entrance is now.
  4. Elissa- Her Favorite was the Sooper Dooper Looper but she thought Phoenix was the best wooden coaster. Erik- yea funny thing is Aidan hates riding Taxi Jam now cause it is a "baby" coaster Jeff
  5. Day 3 had us at Knoebels which is my wifes favorite park and home to 2 new credits for me. The park is still full of great atmosphere and stuff for the whole family to do. Black Diamond is a nice dark ride but I expected more "coaster" parts to it, but still fun. The kids loved the coasters and Phoenix is running better and smoother than ever full of Airtime and good laterals. Twister did get some new track too and sadly was reprofiled a little going into the double helix. there used to be a good pop of air entering the helix but was smoothed out recently with more banking in the track entering the helix eliminating the airtime from that spot but still a fun fast ride. onto the pics JEFF Phoenix is Phlying! Aidan patiently awaiting his first ride on a classic! Everybody is excited to ride My hair did look good before Phoenix & Twister! a classic ride my kids had never been on, they loved it me and my brave girl I love this ride!! Abby does not like scary rides but she said she wanted to go on when it isn't flooded the park is very pretty Yay new credit! that is Abby in the front with her hands up as usual! Aidan thought it was good for a baby coaster this was his 47th credit (my 335th) Never did the skyride here before, here we go amazing view...well worth the $3 Twister from high up Phoenix from high up! The awesome train ride deep into the woods to visit the morbidly obese squirrels. Twister upskirt Abby in her usual pose we had to make her hold on she loves big wooden coasters We will certainly be back
  6. Onto Skyrush. Me and a buddy came up 2 weeks after it opened in case they decided to slow it down after the numerous complaints about the harness and it was a very good ride but very painful as was reported. I had faith that HP would make the ride more comfortable and they did. The Harness is much more foamy than the hard rubber material that was originally used and makes for a much better and less painful ride. The ride is a loose articles eater though, stuff flying everywhere, amazing nobody has been seriously hurt yet. The ride is a serious top ten contender and will have you speaking french before the ride is over. here are some of my pics JEFF great first drop don't know why but I like this pic love the huge gap of supports across the creek the new path is awesome love having a new coaster roar overhead twisty! my new background Airtime hill from hell! See that speck above the 7th row? that is a dudes wallet that ended up landing right at my feet. (I turned it in) The Station- although impractical is nice looking. Amazing how all these coasters are crammed into a small space and it still looks good some night/blur pics fountain/first drop love Airtime with the Cresent moon behind it we need more lights on this Stunning ride! both physically and visually
  7. August 20-22, 2012 This was pretty much our first coaster trip as a whole family since Abby was now 44in. and able to ride much more at certain parks so I specifically choose HP and Knoebels due to low height requirements on some good rides (Comet,looper,Phoenix etc.). After a nice drive up from Richmond, VA to Harrisburg, PA on Monday we checked into the hotel, went swimming and had dinner before our preview night a Hershey started. it had poured rain from about 4pm to 7:30 so we were hopeful that the crowds would be light from 8-10 and they were for the most part but brought many coasters down to one train ops. First up was Abby's first looping coaster, Sooper Dooper Looper, she was kinda scared and intimidated by going upside down but one ride cured all that and she said it was the best ride ever. We hit everything at the front of the park with little to no wait with the exception of the Comet. Day 2 at Hershey was a full one, got there at opening and took Aidan to the back of the park first thing (Sadly he is only 52in. so he could not ride the big 4 yet) We did Sidewinder (he loves boomerangs) I got a quick front seat ride on Storm runner (still a great ride) then onto some GCI goodness. Wildcat was running pretty good but really needs some new track at the bottom of the first drop and last curve but still a fun ride and layout, but I still miss the PTC's on this, IMO much more airtime and seemed much faster with the PTC's. Did the Wild Mouse which Aidan scoffed at first and said this is just like Ricochet but quickly changed his tune after one ride. Still one of the best mice in the country. Next was Lightning Racer which Aidan was all about the racing aspect, he thought it was really cool. Met back up with the wife and daughter and had lunch and did some of the family stuff that I usually never do like the Zoo, kissing tower,Monorail, Speedway,skyride and the Sea lion/diving show which was really good. and another round on the family coasters together and before you know it a full day had passed but both kids loved the place and are already bugging us to go back. Here are some pics from day 2, Part 2 will be dedicated to skyrush and is coming soon After our first win together on Lightning Racer on the Kissing tower Hersheypark's newest coaster will be covered much more in depth in the next post However HP's first Intamin is still kicking Ass as well Abby Finally getting to drive a car from the drivers seat! Aidan appreciated the fact that the sports cars are faster than the antique cars Everyone agrees that this drop is awesome Storm Runner The Awesome Sea Lion Very Smart Animal What do you think "Splash zone" means? After the dynamite went off in the water Boom Gorgeous eagle at the Zoo the Polar bear is 9 feet tall Me and my wife in the Zoo Earlier we had a duck face now we have a duck butt! Abby with her new #1 coaster (she now has 18 credits) My kids Great bear doing its thing over the midway Creek flyby Abby loved the Comet and held her hands up the whole time! hey!, I know you two Last time me and my wife were here together was 2 weeks after this ride opened. Vertical loop love IMO the best part of the Bear. love the themeing good timing HP has the most Beautiful wooden coasters at night! wish more parks put lights on their coasters
  8. "Removing Mach Tower from service benefits guests by reducing the amount of time Mach Tower is down for maintenance and related issues" Quote of the year!! That ride is the biggest POS and one of the worst drop towers I have been on....it would be better as an observation tower. The only good thing about it is the view. JEFF
  9. Just got back from the park and Verbolten AND Mach Tower down all day!! No facebook post, no web page post. just a sheet of paper saying Verbolten closed AFTER you pay for parking. I would not care so much but my parents and my wife made the trip out today to ride it for the first time. Mach tower is the biggest piece of crap. I have been about 8 times since it opened in LATE August last year and it has been down all day 5 out of 8 times. If a new ride is down thats fine, but the least you can do is the absolute best to inform your customers. Jeff
  10. /\ Everything in that building/ride has been total crap since Questor. I wish they would bring back Questor and haunts of the old country. Pirates is just getting really old and the simulator rides have not been good at all. It has been a whole generation since these rides/shows were introduced. They could easily pass them off as a new experience. JEFF
  11. Bat - Canada's Wonderland (Operating 1987) Boomerang - Knott's Berry Farm (Operating 4/6/1990) Boomerang - Worlds of Fun (Operating 4/8/2000) Boomerang Coast to Coaster - Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom (Operating 5/23/1997) Boomerang Coast to Coaster - Darien Lake (Operating 5/16/1998) Carolina Cobra - Carowinds (Operating 3/28/2009) Flashback - Six Flags Over Texas (Operating 1989) Flashback - Six Flags New England (Operating 5/5/2000) Head Spin - Geauga Lake & Wildwater Kingdom (- 1996) Sea Serpent - Morey's Piers (Operating 1984) Sidewinder - Hersheypark (Operating 5/11/1991) Tidal Wave - Trimper's Rides (Operating 1986) Vampire - Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom (- 1990) First one was Flashback at SFOT in 1992, I thought it was one of the best rides ever back then I still think they are fun rides as long as you know how to ride them. 2 Invertigos (SFA & KI) and Deja Vu at SFOG JEFF
  12. Anybody know where you can get coupons for HP? I know in the past years Wendys used to have some. Thanks, Jeff
  13. Why is it people have this expectation of perfect landscaping and a huge lush forests when 3 months ago it was a mound of dirt with concrete here and there. It takes TIME to grow stuff (even at Busch Gardens!) look at this video from Busch Gardens media day at Big Bad Wolf in 1984. DIRT everywhere, but in a few years time it grows in very nicely. BBW final years had it going through a jungle practically. Give nature some time. JEFF [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=ArrowBigBadWolf[/coastertube]
  14. Chuck, Griffon did have a soft opening on Mothers day 2007. Do not remember the exact day it was on but I do remember it being mothers day since I had family functions all day and being really mad about not being able to go. Jeff
  15. VERY busy, even during the week with the exception being Easter Sunday usually that day is pretty light. JEFF
  16. I am very curious to how the whole covered bridge scene will play out. Is it a MCBR? There are definitely brakes or Lims in there. but will it be trimmed to a crawl then come out or stop for a scene then launch. or just get an extra boost when it goes in there. I know if I was on a rickety old bridge like that I would floor it at the first sound of wood cracking. JEFF
  17. Yea the drop is not steep at all it just has that appearance from the bridge, here is the best shot I took of the angle of decent. and It looks like 50 degrees tops. JEFF
  18. Sorry we missed you Chuck, the park was packed but the lines for the big 3 coasters were surprisingly short (Mostly all families at the park) Great pics, here are some I snagged from the cruise. I really hope they get the waterfall going again but it looks like it is just gonna be for drainage. JEFF From the Rhine River
  19. Back seat used to be better before that lift brake was applied especially back far left. and the train did not hang and chug on the immelman. JEFF
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