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  1. Hey theres this new park thats opened up in Euless, Texas. Heres a statement I found from Jack, Russel the owner.


    I thought about making this park by a dream, A dream to let people have a good time, have A smile on their face. I plan to keep this park Family oriented as long as I'm here. We will be continuously building this year, for we had to open 3/4 done. We'd like to find old rides restore them and add them to the park. We plan to become the next Knoebels.


    Wow I hope they can keep that look. Anyway here are some pictures I took today.


    The Mad Mouse coaster.


    The Morgan Carousel.


    Caterpillar A relocated ride from some defunct park.


    On the right corner is Rotor another relocated ride from that same park.


    I'll be back later tomorrow to take more pictures.

  2. I personally don't hate vegetarians, I think of them as normal people. But at my school almost everyone hates them and when I ask why they say "I just do". Which confuses me because you've got to have a reason to dislike something and "I just do" isn't a reason at all. So I don't know why people think vegetarians are bad, I have a vegetarian friend and shes a nice person. So I really don't know how this hate started.

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