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  1. Louisville Intl' Airport is a lot closer to KK than what you'll find at Carowinds; there is a runway right across the expressway from DWD & T3. KK and the airport do try and work together when it comes to the limits though. Slingshot, which was around 200ft, was allowed to be installed and operated for a season (or two). The capsule "ball" launching past the towers showed up on radar every time it launched so the ride ended up being removed and sent to another SF park. If/when any significant expansion of the park is made, it will be in the area with the highest height limits. The KSFB has that land "set aside" for the park and any new permanent development of the fairgrounds will not utilize that space unless the park is no more.
  2. Or the lady that sued McDonalds for not having a hot label on coffee cups. Then there's somebody who sued a fast food place for only getting one napkin with their meal. The list just goes on and on. If people just used some common sense and follow the rules, there wouldn't be so many restrictions and dollars wasted on safety warnings everywhere. Not to take this super OT but I used to use that coffee lawsuit all the time about frivolous lawsuits.... there's a lot more to the story on that one; watch the documentary "Hot Coffee". It goes a little more in depth about the damaged the "hot coffee" did, it wasn't pretty...and not very frivolous in the end. On Topic....I don't feel sorry for the dude, and I am disappointed the announcement date has been pushed back because of idiocy...boo.
  3. I wonder if any of the materials in that staging area belong to TT? I think the red/blue items are tables...not sure. Too bad it's not a higher res photo. From KK's FB. Source.
  4. ^^^ It's because the quicker that shake and bake opens, the sooner lines for LR thin out...not to mention all the focus will then go to TT and all it's speculations. Personally, In the last car of the train, I found T2 to be "aggressive" more than rough aside from the really intense lateral shuffle on the hill before the sidewinder.....any other seat was a no go, especially the front though. ^I didn't think they'd be able to do 10 cars per train given the original reason they shortened the first trains to 7.
  5. Ill go when the finally open it....maybe it'll draw some of the lines away from Lightning Run.
  6. Yep, it was either Double Trouble or Twisted Sisters, they ended up with Twisted Sisters....too bad they didn't go with the original, then they wouldn't have had to deal with the whole Twisted Sister mess....
  7. My vote goes for Double Trouble....always liked that name versus Twisted Sisters/Twins.
  8. T3 has enough of the red hues to last the park for years. I'm rooting for lime green and teal ala Fury 325. Although I wonder if they'll go with the original train colors....
  9. I thought Hellivator's pad became a smoke zone during the last days of the Six Flags Era?
  10. ^^The RMC rumor has been around since Thunder Run began it's refurb which was done by RMC. At the time I believe they were spotted looking over TT's structure and thus a rumor was born. And yes it would be all steel, which if there was any type of "six flags exclusivity" that could be a potential loophole. Technically it wouldn't be a hybrid coaster at that point.
  11. ^^Those aren't new trains, they are the old ones which SF moved a while back.
  12. WOW.......I always knew El Toro would be no match for that pick. At least they got KY's best ride right....hehe
  13. ^Yes. My picks (I can't have just one) would be Riddler's Revenge and a very close number two of Stinger/Invertigo. I love the hue that RR (or what it faded to) is, and the track color on Invertigo/Stinger.
  14. Don't know of any at this time, I'll check around for you and see what I can find.
  15. Batman the Ride at SFStL....it was actually the very FIRST roller coaster I had ridden period... yeah that was an experience, and the reason I love them now.
  16. Definitely a good move....I could hit LR before work without shelling out $8. I'll buy a funnel cake to help make up for it haha.
  17. How about that THUNDERBIRD? Speaking of Thunderbird, THE Thunderbirds will be in the area April 18th, shortly before Holiday World launches Thunderbird....April is going to be a very fun month! Edit: PM better for that discussion
  18. There is nothing new flats (unless it's something that will catapult you into the Ohio River with no safety harness) and a refurbed SLC can do to steal that Thunder...Unless you're referring to Thunder Over Louisville...which in that case the previous sentence would still apply.
  19. ^ I agree, it made me chuckle a bit actually..... I don't know if it is actually black or not, that's how it looked from where I was.....but FearFall also appears black from there as well so take that into account. It certainly isn't red, yellow, or orange though.
  20. All I could see is black. I don't actually drive past the park. I go I-65 to and get to onto the Watterson East. It pokes up next to the hotel.
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