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  1. I recorded this show on a VHS tape; I used to watch that serious over and over when I couldn't get to any amusement parks. For some reason I liked the music that was used in that Travel Channel Series (back in the day). Almost watched this one two nights ago but opted for the one with V2 at SFMW featured. Sneaky Six Flags ftw! On topic, this most embarrassing thing that's happened (and it's happened multiple times) has been me slobbering all over myself when riding coasters when it's cold....I still don't know how I managed to do it. Also the first time I rode Skycoaster at SFKK. I had a panic attack and lost the strength to pull the ripcord so we stayed up there for a minute or two before I finally got it. They were talking through the speakers asking if we were ok, or if I peed myself etc.
  2. ^ I think it has more to do with the (up until very recently) original colors for the logo. I personally think the colors of the original logo would work better with the red than the yellow and blue in that picture. My vote goes to a new slide for HB.
  3. ^ If it were a B&M, it'd be over engineered into no force.....A graceful flight from point A to B though..... /sarcasm because I know it would escape someone's radar.
  4. If you're referring to the update pictures like this one, those were all user generated. If you're not, disregard this post lol. Source From KI Thread
  5. Yeah I caught what he was talking about right after I posted. To me it seemed normal when I drove by the other day, but there's not a lot of time to judge when you're behind the wheel. Maybe Midgetman82 can chime in since he got a good look? This looks absolutely bonkers!
  6. There's no real air hill in that spot, just a very abrupt rise and rotation into the element. I'm probably misunderstanding what you're referring to but on the chance that I'm actually on the right track, I think the horizontal beam is what is giving that impression. It's not actually a separate support but apart of the inclined one. Any opportunity to draw colored lines on a photo in paint....gotta take it! Edit: After looking at my handy colored line work I see what you're talking about. Great photo update by the way Midgetman82, thanks!
  7. I drove by accidentally the other day (got lost, so I guess I gravitate to coasters?) the station just looked red like T3..... There hadn't been any new track added. There were some guys working on the barrel roll.
  8. I don't want to drive past this ride; there's a good chance I'd break into the park and caress that hill.
  9. It just caught my eye after four views....had to make an unfunny post to bring attention to it.
  10. Uh oh, a plane got stuck in SC....looks like the airport was right about those original height limits.
  11. Technically. Stupid work internet doesn't show the FB pictures. I'll have to wait till I get home.
  12. I'm really digging that color red.....I guess it really "pop" with the steel structure, almost like the rails are just hovering. I'm pumped to see the barrel roll drop go in!
  13. After the first drop.....so much YESSS. That first inversion/turn is beautifully designed.
  14. The Joker.....loving the purple and green, the teaser is so.....teasing. I want MOAR. This is a preview for all the rides. The Joker preview starts around the 2 minute mark. Preview Link Edit: YAY for the Official post below!
  15. The unnamed, unknown, possible new element should be called "Laser Snake Horse on Fire." Yeah....
  16. Woah, I never knew IB was larger (acreage wise) than Cedar Point. I've wanted to visit this park but some of the drama has held me back. Hopefully this change will be a positive one for the park.
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