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  1. I went last Saturday....spent an inadvertent hour waiting for Invertigo, and directly after, went for Fastlane Plus.... I rode every coaster but FOF, and the Bat (mainly because of me being blown away from my first night ride of the Beast, and my first ride of Mystic Timbers ever was so phenomenal, that my partner and I could not stand walking past them, without one more ride, on our way to Vortex after riding DIamondback.


    I held us up because I needed to process my pass. So the first 1 1/2 hours were spent "outside" of the park.

  2. ^Half of it is a gift shop and the other half is the 5d cinema.


    Hold up playa, we need to get on the same page. What are you considering the "front" of the park? Because when I think of the "front of the park" I'm thinking of the area closest to the gate, on the fairground's side of the walkway. I consider the Hurricane Bay, Wheel area the back because as you walk through the gate, you're going from front to back...


    Anyhow, there's area around where Chang was where the park could easily expand and build something. Admittedly, I don't know the precise height restrictions on that parcel of land...


    The front zone (everything before the wave pool) has the highest allowances. The portion before the road can build up to around 200ft. Right past the road the limit is around 160ft (Chang's highest spot was in that strip). The rest of the park is a bit of a mess. The height limit used to be capped at 100 ft by T3, and 80 ft where SC is. That has changed though, with the T3 area now around 120ft and SC around 100. You won't see anything over 150ft built in the back portion of the park....stupid airport.


    Fun fact: The old slingshot ride had to be taken out because every time it launched, the "ball" went over 160 ft and showed on radar at the airport.

  3. Thanks guys, yeah I actually deal with some pretty severe ones, this was low-grade on my scale. It's a funny thing though, riding SC actually had it go away for about half an hour (I'm chalking it up to the adrenaline and the fact it'd been two years since I last rode a coaster). Hoping to go back this weekend and really experience the park. I was very happy to see grass under Lightning Run though...

  4. Even though I had a terribly bad headache I decided I needed to get to the park to finally ride SC. I got a front seat ride with a friend who isn't an enthusiast but enjoys roller coasters. After watching the videos and hearing the reviews, I was expecting it to be a great ride that putters out at the end, but that was really not the case at all; this ride doesn't let up! Here's a little ride review from someone who was dealing with a splitting headache.


    It could've been the headache messing with my perception but I swear after the bit of hang time at the beginning of the barrel roll drop there was a strong pop of air right before the finish. That first airtime hill is absolutely insane, and WTF, did we just get air entering that overbank turn? The bandana on my head certainly thought so. From there, none of my original perceptions panned out for this ride. The pops of air at the tops of the twisty hills were almost as intense as the first hill and I literally had to hold on to my head scarf to keep it from being ejected from the ride. The smaller overbank was nice and there was a nicer, less intense bit of air on the second normal hill. My friend loved the corked roll and I thought it was a nice change of pace from the previous elements, but what really stuck out for me was the ending. From the POV videos I was prepared for a tamer, slower ending with some mediocre to decent air time....I quickly learned hitting the first hill of the double up. My bandana detached itself from my cranium, and I had just enough time to grab it (my hands were already at the bandana's vertical destination). The top of the second hill provided a very nice pop of air, but the second hill of the double down almost forced the soul from my body. There was a very small dead spot right before entering the last overbank but it seemed like the train noticed the error and corrected itself to finish the overbank with quite a bit of steam and it flew up that last incline to deliver, gasp, airtime flying into the brakes!


    Storm Chaser exceeded my expectations, and I cannot wait to get back there and spend a full day at the park. From the visit it seemed Kentucky Kingdom was very healthy in the attendance department. Storm Chaser, like Twisted Twins, really is in a dead spot. I think it'd be a good idea to focus on that area with a couple new additions to really pull people to that area.


    Sorry for the wall of text.

  5. That's a great promo for sure but does it seem to anyone else like they are "begging" for people to come with these promotions (maybe not that drastic but it get's the point across best). Also season passes were supposed to go up months ago and they are still the same. It just gives me an uneasy feeling. I will be all over the park this year though, doing my part to keep the dream alive!

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