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  1. OMFG :shock: The theaming is coming along nicely its nearly time for it and has the opening day been set yet because i am going up for it and hoping to meet up whith some other members that day to
  2. They seriously Arn't as bad as everyone says they are besause you do get some forces off them i have been on 5 because i make it so that i ride it to see if one is smooth.Like Rock N Rollercoaster is smoother than other Vekoma rides so i just like to see if there is one
  3. I dont know but when we had a litter of puppies this never happened so i dont understand but i am very sorry
  4. I just finished GTA San Andreas Best Game Ever
  5. Mine are here 1.GTA San Andreas 2.GUN 3.Call of duty 2 Big red one 4.Tony hawks american wasteland 5.No limits coaster 6.GTA Liberty city stories 7.RCT[All of them] 8.GTA Vice City 9.GTA3 10.Legend of Zelda Ocorina Of Time
  6. Ok but i will call this one early so this doesnt happen again WIP
  7. I have loads here Admin Edit: Removed a few inappropriate pictures. Also, YOU don't have loads, you're just taking them from other sites. Let's try not to post this many please. Hands up Looks like i just farted in there LOL CRAP! HE HE HE HE Hot buns Bulls Eye! Someone's been playing to much GTA Its warm in here BANG! Spray Paint isnt as bad But EEEEWWWW
  8. I Have a guinne pig called GP But i never saw haes as little as these. They are very cute
  9. I agree because i would love to do this but i have NL But i am crap at it But i can do it on RCT3/2
  10. Ok this is how to do it No1.Download the file No2.Cut all of them Out of the file No3.Go to my computer No4.click on HDD(C:) No5.Click on Program Files No6 Click on infograms then click on rollercoaster tycoon 2 in the file No6.Paste Them into the ObjData Then Go to scenario editor and you should be able to chose them in the ride selsction Have fun
  11. When i was scrolling down i saw ''A lovely pair of boobies'' It instantly caught my attention
  12. Thats Really bad but it sounded rather phony when they said ''They believed their son was,going to the happiest,place on earth'' I'm Sorry i just think thats sounds phony
  13. I was on the Big One At BPB and it broke down at the top of the lifthill and everyone had to get off and be strapped to the catwalk and then they had to let he train go and it makde the whole catwalk wobble like crazy and it was very windy that day so it was freeky when wh had to walk down the catwalk and the whole thing was wobbeling i have also been stuck on space mountain at DLRP but that was only for about 2mins and the coaster just went
  14. Horray I just finished GTA San andreas and the end mission i recomend buying the game just for that But in a bit of the end mission i was very dissapointed Big Smoke only takes about 50secs to kill I was hoping the finally boss was going to be really hard but after that you have to get out of the burning crack factory quite easy. But then officer Tenpeny gets in a fire truck and sweet jumps on the ladder at the back then you have to chase him for about 2 mins [really hard because i am crap at driving on the game]then you get out onto the seafront and you have to catch up to them and let sweet fall into the sports car you're driving then he takes over driving and gives you a gun and you have to get some motorbikes behind[Easy] then you just shoot random things and then the finally comes then................. You have to play the game to find out
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