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  1. No there arnt alot of strait parts on the ride but they are banked Downwards altogether i would think there is about 15 secs of airtime and it is about 60-70 mph altogether the best coaster in the world and i dont know many people that have ridden it that dont agree
  2. Thanks Man Its Really Awsome Now but how did you stop the red g's on the first iddleman But i have proof of a coaster that hits 6.3g's Just look at this link And this thing looks insane http://www.rcdb.com/id1481.htm
  3. Hey There All you guys out there well it took me all day to build its Superman Mega Exeleration I Imagin You Can Guess what type of coaster it is [You Need The track Packeger Whitch i will post on this board] Oh Yeah this is a v.2 because the original i releaced on wee wee slap was way too rough Superman Exeleration 2.nlpack
  4. X-Scream And Inssanity Look like the most awsome flat rides ever and i am well into insane flat rides as anyone going to thorpe park on the england trip next year will find out very quickly
  5. Um yeah i would like to know what advise you can give me to help me update this intamin rocket coaster Its my first coaster called superman mega exeleration comments please Superman Mega Exeleration v.2.nlpack
  6. Could I Try To Do An Expedition Everest Recreation Instead Of Big Thunder Mountain Or not even a expedition everest just a coaster around a mountain
  7. Well i just popped a coaster together for a video just to show you how to do it To Do it you press ctrl,Shift And F11 All at the same time to video but it takes a hell of a long time because it runs at only 1FPS I Am editing the video at this time but i will have it on in about 1hour
  8. I Would love to help whith this i can email yo a speciel disney coaster park if you want because it has some real nice theaming anyway can i help
  9. This looks very good i am still wondering is this the same track design an the One at SFMM and Titan
  10. hi i just wanted to know what other peoples favourate flat ride is mine has got to be these two[Cant level them out like both the best]The Slammer And Rush Both at thorpe park Open to anyone Please post
  11. Sorry i spelt Gearmany Wrong My Keyboard Is crap sorry
  12. 13 in one day on a trip to Gearmany my favourate coaster
  13. My favourate district isnt there im not impressed and i agree pishiy brewer where is the green[Thats just me ]
  14. Next Year i am going to the stealth opening day at thorpe anyone want to meat up on the day
  15. Battle In England [East Sussex] Closest park is thorpe and i can get to brighton pier in 1hour
  16. OMG I Have only had this board up for 10 mins and the response has been overwealming thanks
  17. OMFG :shock: That Would Be Awsome And i agree this would be awsome whith the Voyage around that area
  18. Hey this thread is for you to put up your top 10 coaster list heres mine 1.Expedition G-Force 2.Goliath [WW] 3.Nemesis Inferno 4.Nemesis 5.Colousus[Heide Park] 6.Coulossus[Thorpe Park] 7.Rock N Rollercoaster 8.Shockwave[Drayton Manour] 9.Deuling Dragons 10.X:/No Way Out[Eww] Well theres mine i would appretiate everyone to do this
  19. I cant hack i have tryed severl hundred times but i can exeed the lift hill speed to make launches
  20. Well it is coming out tomorrow in england so i will say when i get it
  21. Hey anyone want to help i want to do a colousus recreation [Thorpe Park]but i dont just want the track i want help whith 3d object making but if you want to help please could you know this coastser well i have ridden it 35 times since it opened but i do only live 90mins away so if you want to help please could you post and say Thanks
  22. Could You please chnge mine to Fully Fleaged G-Force Enthuiast
  23. He Really Looks like A Cast Member in that photo actualy Robb Were You A Cast member because you are waring Matterhorn Cast Member Clothes
  24. Most Darkrides i hate darkrides but i love Burg Falkenstein though but the reson i hate darkrides was when i was about 3 i was on the Ghost Train on brighton Pier but it broke down in one of the really Dark Parts and i think it was a skelington kept jumping out at us i am a woos but i will go on any coaster [Exept the mummy] my favourate is G-Force and i will go on any flat rides my first real flat ride was the slammer at thorpe park and that is a really awsome ride but the restrents are so uncomfortable [Damn You S&S] Mind You Drop rides scare me Sh*#less espesshaly Apokalipse stand up
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