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  1. Yeah I know i rode it the first time when i was 8 and if i remember there where fire affects in it whitch got me eally exited but when we dropped i cryed when we hit the bottom probarbly because you get airtime on the return and that really freaked me out because i have been on loads of log flumes but that had never happened to me before
  2. Well when i went to ceder point last year ttd had a 3 hour line an MF had a 2hourline but we did them anyway [ihate Ceder Point ]
  3. That Its Toatall BS That it could kill you Esquesemoir La Francis Excuse My French In French
  4. Ha Ha Ha Joey I Cant Upload it can i just put a rapidshare link on the site
  5. ^I downloaded that episode I am a bad boy But Heres My Favourate In The FCC Episode ''They Make You Take A Tinkle when You Want To Take A Piss''
  6. Expedition G-Force whith out a doubt the 2nd Camel Back has the most insane airtime of any coaster But i have a feeling that stealth next year whith the camelack on the return will ave insane airtime but only time will tell
  7. Well not a serious injury i got 4 bruses on the left side of myhead from the turbo at brighton pier
  8. High i have been looking for A Duddley Do Rights Ripsaw Falls POV For ages does anyone know where i can find a full ride through one No Just the last drop Please post links
  9. Duddley Do Rights Ripsaw Falls When i wenton it about 4 years ago i was just tall enough for it and i was so scared of the dark ride part and if i remember right there where fire effects on it but that last drop had me crying
  10. Doesnt Look alot diffrent from the real one [Ceder Point Sucks]
  11. Well my first technical lopping ride was virtual space mountain at DLP Studios its like disney quest [Or more like ultimate ride] But my first looping coaster was Rock N Rollercoaster i have a funny story about it that sometime i will tell
  12. Thorpe Park And Chessington I am so lukey i have 2 of the best parks around loacally i am espeshaly thankful for Nemesis inferno and Tomb Blaster
  13. Well i Have Just Finished Space Mountain Have Fun Heres The Screenie http://img374.imageshack.us/img374/2861/scr16cs.th.jpg Heres The Download http://rapidshare.de/files/8331889/disney_park_for_tpr_107.SV6.html
  14. Or you could buy coaster season 1
  15. Trust me this is total BS i have been on it 13 times it is my favourate coaster ever and if your heart is going crazy it is because of how intense it is the airtime is inreadible and there are very high g's hense he name but as i say this is total BS
  16. Hey robb have you ever thought of doing a podcast like coaster radio i think this would be really awsome personally
  17. Looks Like You had aa great time i really want to ride desparado,Insanity And Xscream And that space shot looks pretty awsome
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