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  1. It is really way to bad you didn't do Lore or Lost Vegas. They both got WAY better. Lost Vegas I'd give, easily, 8/10 or better, I actually was frightened and screamed once or twice, which is better than just walking through neon lights for 5 minutes like last year. Lore got WAY WAY WAY better, I think it might be up to the standards it had on it's first year. REALLY good maze, and amazing work. The Vampire Queen is a real hero of Haunt. If you go again, you HAVE TO do those mazes.
  2. I saw Flyleaf at Magic Mountain I think a year ago. It was incredible!
  3. I guess because I like Vampires. They were there. Most people like Ghost Town, they have Chainsaws, and EXCELLENT actors, but I really don't get why chainsaws and demented cowboys are scary, so it doesn't scare me. I just personally like the Gauntlet.
  4. Most definitely Horror Nights at Knotts. It is the original, and the actors are always so into it. It is a bit of a smaller budget than other ones, namely Universal Studios, but I always have more fun at Knotts. Universal was good, but it seemed that it had a few kinks it HAD to work out. My favorite house is always the Asylum, with Feary Tales a clsoe 2nd. The Gauntlet is my favorite scare zone.
  5. 16 here, and I'm nearly positive my first coaster was Matterhorn Bobsleds!
  6. Yes, but you can unfreeze it if you want that realism. To me, having to wait for a coaster would be boring and lame. I think having a less laggy game would be good, as well as more scenery options. I think that of all the things, the lack of any real "jungle" scenery was totally ridiculus. I mean, there aren't even any trees other than the Palms that could pose for rainforest trees. They really skimped out on the natural scenery, and I think that every water ride except maybe the water slide should be able to have a splashdown into a lake, like the Giant Flume, except also have water on the track, like real log flumes. That I think would be amazing, to have realistic log flumes.
  7. I'm glad that you're working on more "real" parks, not only doing Deeo Valley. I'm not too fond of Deep Valley, but I think your park making skills are unbelieveable.
  8. Wario Ware is GREAT. It will feel short, but the game isn't for story. It can get really really hard, especially in the "elephant" levels. Not the form "elephant", but the character. It makes little sense when you read it, but if you play it it will. Also, it will make you laugh. Will. The funniest game since... well.. the lsat Wario Ware...
  9. There seems to be a LOT more buildings around the water, and maybe a mall? I see a clear building, that could be it.
  10. hmmm... San Diego? San Juan Capistrano? Santa Claus? Well the only other gay town I can think of in California is San Diego, and thats not even that gay. They just have Sea World.
  11. Steel 1] Xcelerator 2] Goliath 3] Deja Vu Wooden 1] Ghostrider 2] Colossus (BACKWARDS) 3] Great American Scream Machine
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