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  1. So, I went to haunt last year and Loved it and so This year it was a must! We decided to head over as early as possible to the event and so opening weekend seemed like a good time! I went through all of the mazes except Lost Vegas (Because that one is totally worthless). Also, one of the guys in the group's cousin was a monster that was off duty and walking around with us and telling me all about the haunt all night which was amazing. I Learned soooo much! and it was awesome. heres my rundown of the mazes...


    The Asylum - This was the first thing we did once we got into the park. Last year, I was way to chicken to go into this maze and it wasn't really that bad at all. There were a few disturbing things but it didn't have a real "Scary" factor to it for me. on a scale of 1 being terrible and 10 being absolutely freaky and wonderful, this maze got a 4 out of 10


    Club Blood - you have to get through the Asylum to get to club blood which is unfortunately a strangely boring. The only cool thing about this maze is the pole dancers and the song playing in that room (Does anyone know what it is by the way?) This maze can be skipped if lines are long. 2 out of 10


    The Doll Factory - Twas Next after a quick ride on Silver bullet (20 minute wait!) I absolutely LOVED this maze. It was weird, creepy and just weird. The Dolls inside did a fantastic job and Jill (The lifelike doll girl) was AMAZING. I took a picture with her because the worker that I was with was in the doll factory last year and she knew everyone. It was awesome 9 out of 10 for me (Some people may say it was worse than last year but whatever, I loved it...)


    13 Axe Murder Manor - Whatever is the only thing I have to say. It was cool but we had to move REALLY fast so I didn't really get that scared or intimidated. It did have great scenery though... 7 out of 10 from me...


    Killer Clown College - Lost Vegas was a SKIP and then we went to Killer Clown College which was pretty lame. Definitely not great and missable if you are pressed for time. It was fun though so I give it a 6 out of 10


    After this, Xcelerator began to test and I really wanted to ride it but the other people in my group thought that it was going to be forever until it opened but the phone rang and then they opened up the ride! Me and a friend of mine were the first people in line and so we rode in the front seat with no wait at all!!! It was amazing. After that we did Supreme scream and then it was cornstalkers time


    Cornstalkers - A fun maze, not that scary to though. Everyone else was more freaked out but it didn't scare me at all really. It was intimidating though. It gets and 8 out of 10 because it scared everyone else in my group alot


    Quarantine - This maze was the powerhouse of haunt. Realistic, short and scary beyond belief. Everything was so realistic looking that it felt even scarier. its really awesome and is definitely not to be missed. 10 out of 10 from me


    Slaughterhouse - Disturbing and Disgusting are the two best ways to describe this maze. Its nasty and gruesome and not in a good way. The things hanging down from the ceiling that are supposed to be intestines pull out and on your hair and it hurts really bad. Theres a part where one of the props squirts water on you and it scared the bejesus out of me so watch out. The audio track is what really scared me for this one. It was so disturbing and freaky. I still have some of it running through my head. From a scare perspective, it gets a 9 out of 10, from a quality perspective it gets a 7 out of 10


    Alien Annialation - Looked wimpy but the monsters were trying really hard to scare people and it worked pretty well actually. I liked it and they got a few good scares in on me! It gets a 8 out of 10


    The Labyrinth - Awesome, Picturesque, fun, Awe-inspiring are some of the words I have for this one. I really liked it and it was scary and yet still fun. Definitely dont miss it! 9 out of 10 from me


    I didnt do Pyromaniax or Black widows cavern because the line was huge, but I did Do Cornstalkers, The Doll Factory and Quarantine again because I really liked all of those


    All in all, the night was amazing and I urge everyone to go and check it out! Its an awesome event and really fun. Thanks for reading and I hope to have some pictures up soon!!!

  2. Disneyland:

    First of all... I dunno if this still exists, but check on whether or not you can get into disneyland early because you are staying in a hotel and if you can, make sure to hit the really busy rides before the park actually opens.


    Splash mountain is the best when its hot out, so see if you can get a fastpass for sometime around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. (If you go around 10 or 11, you should be able to get a fastpass for that time)


    Pirate's line rarely goes over an hour (or even 45 minutes for that matter...) so dont worry about pirates early on in the morning, make sure you hit these before the park gets too busy (normally around 10ish):


    Space mountain (Definitely best in the front by the way)


    Finding Nemo (only if there is a wait under 30 minutes)


    Haunted mansion is a must ride in my opinion so make sure to hit that one up at least once


    Buzz Lightyear is an amazing ride and very popular so if you want to ride it, make sure that you get a fastpass for it because the que without one can go upwards of an hour in some instances. (also, even though the line may look short, it has a significant amount of line that extends into the ariels grotto area so dont be fooled by that


    Big thunder never really has a huge line so thats not a big deal. Normally the wait is under 45 minutes (DO NOT get a fastpass for Big Thunder! it is NOT worth using up a fastpass priviledge to get one for big thunder!)


    Make sure you see both "Remember: Dreams Come true" (the fireworks show) and fantasmic if you can catch both. Fantasmic is a great show and is not to be missed!


    Disney's California Adventure:

    California Screamin' and Toy Story Midway Mania are both in the same area of the park and are the busiest rides so make sure that you hit up those two first (Start with Midway Mania and then head to California screamin)


    When you go to California Adventure, make sure that you start out your day there. (I would say go to DCA on Thursday) and be some of the first ones at the gate. When you enter the park, don't turn and go through the Condor flats area but go straight and you will pass a bugs land before you get to the Paradise pier area. Take the bridge to your left that heads up buy the resturaunt. DO NOT GO ALL THE WAY AROUND the pier! if you do, you will lose A LOT of time hit up Midway mania because it will build a huge line and then go to California screamin. If there is more than a 30 minute wait for CS, get a fastpass and wait for the time. It shouldnt be too long.


    Make sure that you get a fastpass for Soarin over California. Its a great ride, but unless theres less than a 30 minute line, dont wait. The fastpass is extremely useful for Soarin.


    ToT is a fun ride, not as great as some of the other ones, but it is really fun so make sure you dont miss it. If you can, I advise you to ride it during the day and at night because while the ride isnt different, its creepyer (IMHO) at night


    Mullholand Madness isnt that great. Its just your basic wild mouse. Ride it if you have time.


    Maliboomer is really fun (the screamshields suck but whatever), dont ride if the wait is more than 15 minutes


    Grizzly River run is fun so try to ride it at least once. The drops are cool and different for a river rafting ride.


    Knotts Berry Farm:

    (Side note: despite some peoples belief, I love Knotts and definitely think its worth some time so check it out if you dont have anything to do.


    Xcelerator is great so make sure to ride it (dont wait longer than 30-45 minutes though. Sitting in the back is just as fun as sitting in the front and has much less of a wait so try that.


    Sierra Sidewinder and Silver Bullet are alot of fun so if you have time, ride both of those. I wouldnt waste my time on the new pony express because it looks rather boring.


    Ghostrider apparently is very tempermental and is not a great ride anymore according to a lot of people so be careful when going on it. It's not smooth whatsoever. It is a fun ride, but be foreworned, it will beat the tar out of you.


    If you want a more fun ride but still somewhat intense, try Montezooma's revenge. its really fun in my opinion and worth looking into. As long as you dont have to wait, its alot of fun.


    I would say, spend the early part of a day (Maybe go really early on saturday and ride all you can before the park starts getting really really full (HEAD TO XCELERATOR FIRST) via the passing by silver bullet and supreme scream. The entrance for Xcelerator is all the way at the back of the park so make sure you keep on heading back there. Then hit up the other rides that look fun/cool to you. I would definitely not go to Knotts for the whole day, but definitely catch Xcelerator, its worth riding


    Thats my huge speal and I doubt you'll read it all, but if it helps even remotely, that would be good! Hope you have a great time at Disneyland, California Adventure and Knotts and I hope I could help a little bit!

  3. to tell you the truth, I was actually rather let down by X2. Some people thought it was amazing but I was somewhat disappointed with the whole thing. I only took one ride on it (I went the same weekend it opened) and, while the line wasn't too bad (an hour and a half wait after a breakdown), The only thing that was really that great was the fire. The sound was a bummer because it didn't really work very much and the sound was barely distinguishable while the ride was going and the new trains were not any smoother than the older ones. (actually, come to think of it, they were rougher than the last ride I had on the old trains) I think the red paint is a nice touch, but its really not that great. Would have rather had them use some of the money for the ride (say, about half of it) and save the rest for other things, like the new 2009 ride or to make improvements on other coasters.


    Nice to see revolution get some love! are the trains any smoother or do they just look sexy?

  4. I don't think anyone's mentioned this yet which is a surprise but lets not forget the infamous "rollercoaster" thriller and the Revolution crash scene.


    Also there was an episode of King of Queens I think is the show were they were at Magic Mountain riding Goliath.


    In my opinion the best episode of Full house was when they all went to disneyworld. that show was really cool!

  5. Strangely enough, your trip report sounded alot like mine from last week as well. I never posted it on the site here, but I did share alot of your opinions. The only one I disagree with is in regards to one thing that you said concerning the sound on the train and in the station. Personally, the new speakers on the ride did absolutely nothing for me and the "music" on the inside of the station (if you can even call it that) was useless. The guy saying "Are you in yet? Are you ready?" over and over again was unbelievably annoying, and the best song they could have played on the onboard speakers during the ride was played while I was sitting in the block brake at the end. That was very frustrating. (the fire made up for it significantly though:)


    I was suprised by how rough scream was as well! It definitley is not getting older gracefully by any means...

  6. Being a student in LA, I can offer some insight into the whole situation your in. Truthfully, X is amazing and should not be missed, however, going on a saturday in May is quite possibly the worst mistake you can make. Even though X2 will be opening up and because of the crowds it could draw, it would be a good idea to go on friday or even go to the overnight sleepover if you really want to go on saturday, but dont go on saturday unless you are with the sleepover because its sure to be crowded.


    Most schools dont get out until May 23 and if they do get out before that, they are very small private schools so you should have very light crowds on a weekday.

  7. Although some opinions say otherwise, I actually enjoy Knotts alot and like the ride lineup they have going. Xcellerator is simply an amazing coaster with a launch that could make any grown man scream like a little girl, Silver Bullet is, while not as intense as Inverts like Batman and Raptor, still a worthwile coaster that caters to families and kids. Ghostrider has seen better days however, it is still alot of fun. (remember: ghostrider is a wooden coaster and not meant to be smooth, it shouldnt be bone-jarring either, but it should be rough to some degree) and Sierra Sidewinder gives a ride that people of all ages can enjoy.


    When you think about Knotts, you need to remember that its not a "thrill seeker" kind of park. It has been and always will be a park that caters to families above all else and they do a wonderful job in my opinion. As part of that "family mindset", rides like Silver Bullet were constructed not to be intense, but to be fun for the whole family. (height requirements aside) Rides like Xcellerator and Ghostrider were added to cater to the older crowd so that people of all ages could enjoy the park, which they still do every day.

  8. I dont know about Knotts right now but I had a pass for several years at knotts and the way it worked was that the day you bought the pass was the day that it expired the next year. For example, one of my passes I bought May 22, 2003 and it expired May 22, 2004, it didn't expire at the end of the year. Your best bet is to call the park before you go because I dont know about the whole valleyfair thing involved but that was my experience. However, I think, unless your pass has an expiration date for December 31st on it they should honor it. Hope it helps!

  9. I personally hate the new color scheme on X. I dont know why but it Just doesnt appeal to me. Of course, Ive always liked the old colors on the track, for some reason. (A big part of this is probably that there is another one with the same colors). Now, if they painted the chair-turning assembly rails a different color, say, black I think it would look MUCH better.


    Great Update Jahan, I only have one question though... With those crazy divider things inbetween the two sides of the road, how are they going to get the Northbound (?) side to go through there, are they just going to Demolish the divider?

  10. Hey, You guys... If you want to analyze both parks, look at whats happening now for both and what they look like now. Taking a trip last January in no way qualifies you to make a statement such as "Great adventure is better than Magic Mountain." I actually went there the day before thanksgiving and had one of the best times of my life. Minimal crowds, NO trash, NO sticky things, EXTREMELY kind staff and decent food (however, some is definitely not so good). Every ride except Viper was open but that was because it was getting painted. So please, dont look a year back, look now and see what its like.


    Personally, I've never been to Great Adventure but I'm not really interested in going either. Why? it looks even worse than MM! trashy terrain, unreliable coasters (Yes I am pointing at the Intamin i-Sore), grumpy staff. I havent heard anything better about Great Adventure than whats happening at Magic Mountain.

  11. So... when can I ride this? Just Kidding but I really wish I could. I've never really liked the emv vehicles for some wierd reason but this makes me want to ride one REALLY REALLY REALLY bad!


    Also... If you needed more capacity, you could always do like ToT's all over the world and add MORE THAN ONE LIFT?

  12. Worst time on a roller coaster... well... its hard to think of one but here are a few: (there are more but I can't think of them right now)

    1. Revolution. Headache.

    2. Psyclone. Concussion. (seriously)


    Id don't understand the hatred for X. You had a bad ride on it but it is in my opinion probably the most worthy ride of the entire park. It offers an awesome ride most of the time and is really really fun. This is just my opinion but I still don't understand the hatred for it. I've never had a terrible ride on it like the rest of you have. I've been on it about 20 times and every single time its been really fun. A little jerky but nothing like the rest of you make it sound like.

  13. I would have to say that I agree with Jahan. I still love the ride and even though its no where near to the top of my list, I know that the public in general still loves the ride even though it may be a little jerky or rough in some parts.


    This is what I think needs to happen if Shapiro really wants to do whats best for this park. He needs to experience a day at the park like a normal person. No exit entrance, no special perks in order to see what's truely happening at parks like SFMM. From my view point of the day I had this last wendsday, everyone was loving the park. I didnt hear one complaint the entire day or a breakdown of any rides. I was unhappy with how many trains they were running on certain rides (see my uber-superduper quick report a few pages before... I think is 195) but other than that I loved it! I think Shapiro needs to think popularity (Viper, Scream, Ninja) as well as importantance and size (X, Tatsu, Goliath, Riddlers, Etc)

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