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  1. In wichita, you are pretty much guilty until proven innocent. Lame stuff.
  2. Really? I rode it on opening weekend in 2004, and the trains were so beat up, it wasn't funny. All 3 of the trains were jackhammering everywhere, and it felt like everytime you went over the top of a hill you went up a few inches off the track because the upstops were so stretched...
  3. Well, the should at least refurbish them.. A coaster train can only take so much abuse before it starts falling apart.
  4. I can guarantee the for at least 330 days of the year, this mega-parking lot will go unused.
  5. Such high demand for parking that will be used SO much! My bet is that the people of tulsa won't want anything to do with the fair, now that they pretty much have no big draw at the fair (zingo) and go to bell's instead.
  6. Will there be rugs placed all around their house, and fireworks?
  7. Just think if they were open this weekend.. They could have made a good chunk of $
  8. [ACE know it all voice] Did you know mantis was supposed to be named banshee? [/ACE know it all voice]
  9. Too bad Bell's had to be removed because of the super high demand for parking. There is a good side to this move, because bell's won't be so shoehorned, and be able to expand even more.
  10. I heard from a bird outside the window I will be going to Joyland tomorrow.
  11. Why don't they take the back car off it the train that had the front end damage, and put it on the train that was damaged in back? That way, they could have 2 trains running, and only have to repair one.
  12. Yeah.. So my grandfather died this morning. How appropriate that it is pouring down rain.
  13. If they pull through, they sure as hell better make it to 2008 so I can ride blue streak!
  14. It probably hit another train at a low speed.. Typical arrow.
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