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  1. Tommorow is actually much easier to achieve than people think.



    I think Disney should consult Daft Punk's people when redesigning the land.



    But on the most part.


    Rocket Jets needs to return to the top of the peoplemover station.

    The peoplemover needs to be revived. Nothing fancy just a good people eater like the WDW version is.


    From what I understand, the arcade needs to be completely redesigned and use both floors. If not, then one of the floors should be used as part of a replacement attraction to the Pizza Port. Alien Encounter was a great idea and would have worked better at Disneyland as the attraction would have no been at the front of the area. But that ride is probably dead.


    Innoventions needs to become a new carousal theater attraction. Yet another people eater. I think an interplanetary convention theater show could be really awesome. The upper floor should be some sort of "tech based" walk-through. I would love to see the city of the future revived, but all done with 3D holograms. (technology is getting there...) (plus, it would be a really cool use of the interactivity Disney is pushing these days.)


    Space Mountain is fine. Star Tours is something. I dunno. Autopia should be updated to electronic.



    I've never been to Disneyland though.

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