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  1. Good lord... you folks talked about Screamscape so much in this forum, someone went out of their way to e-mail me about it, and said I should check it out. Bunch of Tattle Tails around here... reminds me of when I got busted in the 4th grade for saying a few choice words at Four-Square. (the game with the ball, not the damn online service... ) Anyway... I don't think I could have made it more clear on Screamscape, but as I said, the whole Project: 18 business has pretty much gotten out of control... all kinds of people sending in their own ideas and crazy rumors. Bottom line - No way
  2. JTA went through a good number of redesigns before they put in the San Diego version. I was lucky enough to see several of the early ideas, one of which actually even had a more X-Files style theme for some strange reason, alluding that there was an alien force under the water behind the chaos. It just sounded odd... I'm glad that idea died. I think it came up as a quick idea of how to explain the elevator lift... like an Alien Abduction or something. The early designs had more interior sections and featured two traditional lift hills instead of the one lift and one elevator lift that was
  3. No... I don't think Premier was ever in the running for the Orlando Flyer. As far as coaster's go, SeaWorld Orlando's ride was always a B&M Flyer because they wanted to keep it low to the ground and interact with the landscape and water.
  4. Sorry if this is being posted in the wrong place... this is only my 2nd posting here. I didn't see another topic for this, but I wanted to let people know I've posted the layout of the SeaWorld California 2010 coaster on Screamscape.com www.screamscape.com/html/seaworld_california.htm Early rumors have suggested it's a Premier Rides project and it looks like it could share some design elements with Orlando's Revenge of the Mummy coaster from the look of it, including the backwards drop into darkness followed shortly by a LIM launch back to the 'surface'. Enjoy...
  5. I figured what the hell, I had a new idea for the magazine cover. The one credit that Robb will never get...
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